iPiccy Photo Editor – Here is Everything You Should Know About

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iPiccy photo editor is a popular photo editor that is available to smartphones, computers, online, and Chrome. Can it be an alternative to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom? How to use the online iPiccy photo editor to touch up the images with ease? Is there any limitation for the online photo editor?

To learn more about the iPiccy photo editor, you can learn more about the review and usage of the online tool from the article. Moreover, you can also find the best alternative to touch-up photos with stunning effects. Just read the article to get the desired information.

iPiccy Photo Editor

Part 1: A Brief Review of iPiccy Photo Editor

iPiccy photo editor is a Flash-player based online photo editor, which you can use on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. It has 3 major functions, Edit a Photo, Make a Collage, and Create a Design. Just choose the desired function to edit the photos online.

  1. Import pictures from a folder or website into the online photo editor.
  2. Basic editing features to crop, rotate, flip a picture, or adjust exposure.
  3. Provide plentiful filters and effects to create special effects online.
  4. The built-in photo collage toolprovides various layouts.
  5. Advanced retouch tools to polish your portraits and selfies.
  6. Add stickers, text, and others to decorate your photos with ease.


  1. iPiccy photo editor online is free, without ads or watermark.
  2. The interface is concise and easy to find what you want.


  1. Lack of some necessary editing features, such as cut and paste.
  2. Need to install the Flash player to edit the photosonline.
  3. Does not work with RAW photosfrom DSLR cameras.
  4. Difficult to use the zoom features and full-screen mode.
iPiccy Photo Editor

Part 2: How to Use iPiccy Photo Editor Online

To use the iPiccy photo editor online, you have to enable the Flash player within the browser beforehand. Just take Chrome 76 for example, it will block Flash by default and it requires two steps to run iPicccy online.

Step 1: Choose the edit mode

Just click the blue Edit a Photo with the iPiccy photo editor, import the photos into the online tool or add the files from the Photo LIBRARY option. Once you have imported the photos, you can find the photo editing features available in the left menu.

Edit a Photo iPiccy

Step 2: Touch up the photos

Just choose the desired editing tools, such as the Auto Fix, Exposure, Colors, Blemish Fixer, Sunny Tan, Black and White, and more others. It only provides a comparison in click, you cannot compare the original photo with the edited one side-by-side.

Apply Effect iPiccy

Step 3: Save the edited photos

It is recommended to save the photos directly to your computer. You can name the photo and choose the desired quality. Click the Save to my computer button and choose the destination. You can also share to Facebook or Photo Library instead.

Save Photo iPiccy

Part 3: Best Alternative to iPiccy Photo Editor

When you need an iPiccy photo editor alternative to edit the RAW files with a fast speed or lack of the Flash in the latest Chrome, WidsMob Retoucher is the best option you should take into consideration. It is a versatile photo editor to remove the image noise, add analog film effects, apply LOMO effects, correct the color, touch up portraits, and more.

  1. Tweak and adjust the color parameters, like tint, contrast, saturation, etc.
  2. Remove the image noise, fix JPEG artifactsand sharpen the images.
  3. Touch-up portrait images with basic skin smoothingand skin whitening.
  4. Apply LOMO effects and analog film effects to make stunning photos.
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Step 1: Add photos to the photo retoucher

Click the Import button to add the photos, or drag-n-drop the photos into the photo editor. Once you have imported the photos, you can preview them before clicking the Next option.

Import Photo Retoucher

Step 2: Edit and enhance the photos

Just take advantage of the noise reduction features, portrait touchup algorithm, or color correction features to get the desired result. Moreover, there is a B/A mode as iPiccy photo editor that you can compare the effect easily.

Portrait Touchup Retoucher

Step 3: Apply LOMO effects on photos

Different from the LOMO effects of iPiccy photo editor, you can adjust the color opacity, vignetting, and other parameters to get a satisfactory result with ease. Of course, you can apply a vintage style with analog film effects.

LOMO Retoucher

Step 4: Export the photos in a high quality

Click the Restore button to undo the actions. If you are satisfied with the result, you can click the Save button to save the edited photos to your computer. You can also share to the social media sites directly from the program.

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What is iPiccy photo editor? How to use the Flash player-based photo editor online? Just learn more details about the information from the brief review of the article. Of course, there are lots of restrictions for online photo editors. You can choose WidsMob Retoucher is the best alternative to iPiccy photo editor to edit and enhance photos.

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