6 Efficient Methods to Transfer Photos from iPad to PC

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iPad not only enables you to take high quality photos and videos directly, but also has advanced photo editing apps. But there is one major restriction of your iPad, the limited storage space. When you need to release more space of your iPad, you have to backup and transfer photos from iPad to PC.

Since the differences in the operating systems, transferring photos from iPad to PC is much more difficult than Mac, especially when you need to transfer the HEIC files. The article explains 6 different methods to transfer the files within clicks. Just read the article to choose the desired solution to copy the desired photos accordingly.


Part 1: Best Method to Transfer and Backup Photos from iPad to PC

When you need to transfer some photos from iPad to PC only, iPhone Data Transfer is the versatile way to sync the photos among iOS, iTunes and computers. It not only enables you select the desired photos to transfer, but also manage them within clicks. You can create new albums, remove the unwanted ones, and even convert HEIC to JPEG.

  1. Transfer the desired photos from iPad to computer, and vice versa.
  2. Select the photos from the automatically detected albums from iPad.
  3. Preview the HEIC photos from iPad, or convert to JPEG/PNG for PC.
  4. View and check the photo info from iPad, like date, size, format, etc.
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Step 1: Once you have installed iPhone Data Transfer on your computer, you can launch the program. Connect the iPad with your computer via a USB cable to detect the photos and videos from your iPad.

iOS Transfer

Step 2: Click the Photos icon on the left sidebar menu. Preview the detected images, which have been classified into different albums as your iPad. It is easy to select the desired photos you want to transfer.

Backup Photos to iPhone

Step 3: When you get all the photos, you can select the Export button and choose the Export to PC option to transfer photos from iPad to computer. You can check the transferred photos from your computer.

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Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from iPad to PC via iCloud

Once you have enabled the iCloud auto-sync features on your iPad, it will upload the photos from iPad automatically. Just log in to the same iCloud account online or enable the iCloud Photo Library on your computer to transfer photos from iPad to your computer. But there is a major restriction for the free storage space of iCloud.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPad and turn on the Photos option of the iCloud Photo Library. It will automatically add the latest photos to the iCloud Photo Library and sync them across all your devices.

Step 2: Download the iCloud for Windows and install it on your PC. Sign in with the same iCloud account. Choose the photos you want to transfer from iPad to PC, and check Photos. Click the Options button.

Step 3: Enable the iCloud Photo Library option. Select the Done button and choose the Apply option. Open a File Explorer window. Select the iCloud Photos option to display all the photos from iPad.

Step 4: Click the Download Photos button and choose the photos you want to copy from the iPad to your PC Windows and select the Download button. Find your extracted photos a file to store on the PC.


Part 3: How to Move Photos from iPad to PC with USB Cable

Connect your iPad to a PC with the USB cable, the iPad will be recognized as a hard drive on your computer. You can locate all the files from the iPad, including the photos. Transferring photos from iPad to PC is just a matter of copying and pasting from one file to another. After that, you can choose the Windows Explorer of PC to complete the task.

Step 1: Connect iPad to PC with a USB cable. Make sure you have unlocked the screen of your iPad. If it is the first time to connect the iPad to your PC, tap the Allow option to allow the PC to detect your iPad.

Step 2: It will show you a pop-up that allows you to import the pictures and videos using Windows or Windows Live Photo Gallery. Go to My Computer to find your iPad if you cannot find the pop-up auto-play window.

Note: The PC can automatically install the drives for your iPad if you are the first time connecting it to the PC.

Step 3: Choose the Import pictures and videos option in the AutoPlay pop-up to copy photos from iPad to PC. Moreover, you can add tags to your photos or specify how the imported pictures should be organized.

Step 4: Select the Open device to view files in the AutoPlay pop-up to open photo files if you prefer to take a look at the photos before uploading them. Select some of the photos from the iPad for transferring.

Step 5: Find the DCIM folder in your PC with a picture folder. All the photos and video are stored in the picture folder. Simply copy and paste the photos to transfer photos from iPad to your PC.


Part 4: How to Copy Photos from iPad to PC with Airtake

Airtake is a phone-based cloud service application that could automatically copy photos from iPad to PC via the cloud without data charge. Since the webpage version of Airtake is available on any kind of PC, you can easily view, download and edit photos there. Moreover, it’s free to download and provide 2048GB of storage space.

Step 1: Search and download Airtake in App Store. Register the program with an email address or phone number. Register with a phone number since it is to get the account back if you forget the password.

Step 2: Choose the photos you want to copy from iPad to PC and tap the Upload option. The default settings promise not to upload photos via data traffic environment, but you could change the options.

Step 3: Go to page p.tuya.com and log in with the account you register on your iPad. Then the photos you uploaded from the iPad show in lines on your PC. Photos in webpage arranged in a timeline.

Note: You need to tap the period you want to view on the left of the webpage. Moreover, you can also download, share or delete them on the webpage free of charge.

Step 4: The webpage displays the actual sizes of your picture copied from the iPad that allow you to check them clearly before you downloading to your local storage. You can transfer photos from iPad to PC.


Part 5: How to Transfer Photos from iPad to PC Wirelessly via WiFi

If you are looking for a photo transfer app with an easy process, WiFi Photo Transfer is one of the best choices. As a free app with fast transmission, it enables you to transfer photos from iPad to PC wirelessly. You do not need to connect your iPad to a PC with a USB cable. Just run the app and get the desired photos accordingly.

Step 1: Download and install the WiFi Photo Transfer app. After that, you can connect your iPad and PC with the same network. Open the WiFi Photo Transfer app on your iPad. Accept the request to access images.

Step 2: Go to your PC. Type the URL address and open a web browser. Click the Camera Roll. After that, choose images you want to sync. You can select the sizes of images to download, full size, large, medium, or small.

Step 3: Click the Download Selected button to start transferring photos from iPad to PC. Once connected, you can transfer the photos from your iPad to the PC freely during a wireless environment.


Part 6: How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Windows via Bluetooth

Most of the digital devices have Bluetooth by default settings. However, in not all situations can you use Bluetooth to sync images. To transfer photos from iPad to PC Windows, you should install some Photo Transfer app first. The process of syncing via Bluetooth is easy. Just pair two devices to sync photos between devices.

Step 1: Click the Start button of Windows 10. Choose the Control Panel and access the Add a Device option in the Hardware and Sound section to add iPad as a Bluetooth device to transfer photos.

Step 2: After that, you can go to the Settings app on your iPad home screen. Touch the Bluetooth and switch on the option. You can discover an iPad device and tap the Add a Device window on your computer.

Step 3: Double click the iPad option to connect the iPad with Windows 10 with Bluetooth. After that, the Windows will attempt to pair with the iPad. A code appears on the computer and iPad screens.

Step 4: Once you compare the code on each screen to ensure they match. Select the Yes on the computer and click the Next button to continue. Tap the Pair on the iPad to transfer pictures from iPad to computer.


Part 7: FAQs about How to Transfer Photos from iPad to PC

1How do I know whether the iPad is connected to a PC?

Once you have connected the iPad to a computer, Windows will recognize the iPad as a hard drive and AutoPlay may prompt you with Device Options. You can also check whether the iPad is charged and a pop up asks for permission to allow your PC to browse all photos.

2How to import photos from iPad to computer with Photos?

Connect your iPad to the Windows 10/11 and click the Allow option on your iPad to trust the computer. Open the Photos app and click the Import button. Click the From a USB device from the drop-down menu and the app will look for a device to import photos from automatically.

3Why the DCIM folders of iPad empty on Windows PC?

The DCIM folder is created automatically on the iPad by the Camera app. Locate the Settings app on iPad and tap it. Scroll down to look for the Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode to enter your passcode. Scroll down to find the ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED section and turn on the USB Accessories to find whether it works.


iCloud stands as the typical method to transfer photos from iPad to Mac. But for Windows, the Windows Explorer is the initial choice. You can also use the third-party application, such as Airtake as the best alternative and possibility for photo transferring. WiFi Photo Transfer aims at transferring photos from iPad to PC wirelessly. You can choose it if your Wi-Fi condition is good. If your want to sync pictures in bulk without a wireless connection, you should turn to use a USB cable. Bluetooth is another method to transfer pictures between devices. If you need to backup and transfer photos from iPad easily, iPhone Data Transfer is the best choice you should never miss.

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