How to Restore Old Photos with Basic Windows/Mac Tools, Professional Online Services or Photo Restoration Apps

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How to restore or repair an old photo? It is a professional skill for photo restoration, which you have to fix staining, rips, scratches, water damage, discoloration, crayon marks, torn photos, and more. When you need to bring back memories in the old life, the article lists the method to restore your old pictures on Windows and macOS, the top 5 professional photo restoration services, and the photo restoration apps you should know.

Everyone has some old photographs, which have suffered from stain, rips, water damage, creases, and similar damaged part, with the unrestricted influence of past times. Especially the old portrait images of the past family members, with which you can only recall past time.

The premise of photo retouching is digitalizing the old photograph.

Scan your old photograph to the computer, and change it into a frequently used image format. In my opinion, the JPEG photo format will be your first choice to convert damaged images.

Professional Old Photo Restoration

Part 1. How to Restore Old Photos on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS with Basic Photo Restoration

If your old photos are not badly damaged, you can restore your old photos on your Windows PC or Mac computer with WidsMob Retoucher. WidsMob Retoucher is an easy-to-use program to help you restore and polish your old photos with easy operations. Here you can follow the below steps to enhance your old photos.

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Step 1. Scan your old photos into digital copies.

In order to digitalize old photos, you can use a regular photo scanner, take a photo with a digital camera, or use a scanner app on your smartphone.

Step 2. Import your old photos into the program.

After digitalizing the old photos, you can import them into WidsMob Retoucher by clicking the Import button or dragging your photos directly.

Import Old Photos to WidsMob Retoucher

Step 3. Make adjustments to your old photos for photo restoration.

You can do basic adjustments such as Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Temperature, and Tint to the old photos.

Old Photo Basic Adjustment on WisMob Retoucher

If there is an image noise on your old photos, you can use the DE-NOISE function to remove the noise from your images. You can adjust Luminance, Chrominance, and Sharpness to do noise reduction.

Old Photos De-noise with WidsMob Retoucher

In the LOMO section, you can adjust the color of the old photo to make the color more vivid. Then in the FILM PACK section, you can adjust the color modes to change the Contrast and Saturation of the images. You can also add a special film effect to your old photos.

Restore Old Photo with FilmPack Effect on WidsMob Retoucher

Then click the B/A button on the bottom of the Preview window to compare the before and after edited old photo.

Step 4. Save the restored old photos.

When you feel satisfied, you can click the Save button to save the restored old photos to your computer.

Save Restored Old Photos with WidsMob Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

How to Restore Your Old Portrait Image with WidsMob Portrait Pro

If you try to enhance your old portrait image, you can try WidsMob Portrait Pro, which is a professional portrait editor to beautify your digital portrait image. Just import your portrait photo into the program and adjust your portrait with the Preset option or adjust every detail in the Edit function. You can adjust the portrait skin, do enhancement to your eyes, nose, lips, etc., and do makeup to your portrait image. You will be surprised by the output of the portrait image. You can also be shining even in the old time!

Old Portrait Photo Restoration with Portrait Pro Win Download Mac Download

Part 2. Top 5 Professional Online Photo Restoration Services to Fix Damaged Old Photos

1. Online Photo Restoration Service – Fix-Your-Pix

Fix-Your-Pix is a professional photo restoration service provider for old and damaged images. You do not have to sign up for an account before making an order for retouching photos by experts. There are three main restore categories, Basic, Medium, and Complex. The online image restoration site promises that they can restore all damaged photographs, no matter they have been faded overtime under the sun or rain.

1. Photo restoration and photo repair from original photos and digital images.

2. Repair damaged photographs or digital images.

3. Restore photographs to their original color quality, or even better.

4. Remove blemishes, tears, worn parts after digitalizing the photograph.

5. Special effects added to photos, such as pop art or painting effects.

6. Convert from black and white to color.

7. Create special effects, such as watercolor painting, chalk drawing, and montage.

Online Photo Restoration Service – Fix-Your-Pix

2. Online Photo Restoration Service – Phojoe

Phojoe handles many kinds of imperfection images, such as a tear, crease, water or mode damage, fading, or even photos in pieces. Different from the other services, you can get the photo restoration service with US$39.00 for most of the photographs. The service has been on CNN, Fox, ABC, New York Times, and more. Send you badly damaged pictures to Phojoe, and you can get a high-quality image in return.

1. Restore photos from a newspaper, yearbooks, or even magazines.

2. Color correction, red-eye removal, or a total digital makeover.

3. Restoration and manipulation service for businesses and organizations.

4. Advanced effects, video overs, text, and video for a photo slide show.

5. Colorizing photos bring new light to your precious memory.

6. Turn portrait image into oil painting by talented artists.

7. Besides photo restoration, the service also provides document restoration and related services.

Online Photo Restoration Service – Phojoe

3. Online Photo Restoration Service – ScanCafe

If you want to get back your former photo, or even repair the photodamage by fire, light, water, mold, pet, café, or children, you can choose ScanCafe. ScanCafe is another photo restoration service that turns nearly any photo to the original or even better status. You can get the service, which starts at US$1.09 each. Just upload an old digital image online to get a quotation for free now.

1. Repair the ripped or torn photos by putting them together pixel by pixel.

2. Get rid of the water damage, mold damage, or café-damaged photos.

3. Beautify photos and enhance the quality with the best result.

4. Photo restoration service to remove spots and color correction.

5. Enhance the video and photo qualities for different resources.

6. Enjoy a high-quality service in a secure channel.

7. Slide scanning, film and video conversion, photo scanning, and negative scanning services.


4. Online Photo Restoration Service – Photo Fix Restore

Photo Fix Restore provides professional photo restoration services all around the world. When you restore and colorize photos, you can turn them into a poster, book cover, or DVD box design. It also provides a competitive price for the photo editing service, as well you can also get DIY photo scanning and photo resizing. Just make a call to the service; you can solve all your problems for your precious photos.

1. Get rid of the staining, rips, scratches, water damages, and more.

2. Photo restoration for the faded or discolored images to the original.

3. Add colors to the black and white image.

4. Make a poster, book cover, DVD box design with your photos.

5. DIY scanning and resizing online to get the desired effects.

6. Get a restored photo from a news or magazine cutting or yearbook.

7. Advanced photo repair and restoration fills in dust spots, corrects for tears and surface damage, and areas of severe degradation.

Online Photo Restoration Service – Photo Fix Restore

5. Online Photo Restoration Service – Forever Studios

Photo restoration service is one of the photo services of Forever Studio. Just as the other services, you can restore old images, repair torn photos, and get back the water-damaged pictures to the original beauty with US$30.00 for each. It only takes three days to order archived quality photo print reproductions. Besides, you can also get memorized prints for these images to decorate your house.

1. Colorize the old images to get back the original color for the photographs.

2. Repair the torn images by stitching them into the original ones.

3. Enhance the photo quality and get the best results for the photos.

4. Restore photos in the different results and present high quality.

5. Turn the photos into printings to decorate the house.

6. Deliver high-quality photo restoration service within three days.

7. Experts to restore photos for professional museums, universities, and countless families.

Online Photo Restoration Service – Forever Studios

Part 3. How to Use Photo Restoration App to Restore Old Photos on iPhone and Android Phone

Retouch Me Icon

If you want to find a photo restoration app to make your old photos look new on iPhone or Android phone, you can choose RetouchMe. From this old photo to a new photo app, you can recover images in many possibilities. Here are the main features of this app:

  • Convert vintage shots into famous examples of modern art if the faded prints cause color distortions and destroy the overall effect;
  • Remove wrong lights and shadows, tattoos, and acne to correct visual face problems and skin imperfections;
  • Add contrast and tones to fix lost expressiveness with professional techniques;
  • Fulfill empty spots on damaged pictures with necessary colors and tones with colorization tool;
  • Restore old pictures and permit printing of new versions in a high-quality format.
Colorize Old Photo with RetouchMe

If you try to restore your old photos on your smartphone, you can consider RetouchMe as your choice.

Photo Restoration App – Retouch Me


When you have some old photographs, you can repair photos into excellent ones with the above methods. You can do basic photo restoration on Windows and macOS. You can choose professional online photo restoration services to repair your damaged old photos. Or you can use the AI photo restoration app to fix your old photos on your Smartphone. The article provides the top 7 methods to restore old photographs into the best status. When you want to get the best result for portrait images by yourself, you can also use WidsMob Portrait Pro to get the desired result.

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