Should I Choose PDF ReDirect? Here is the Review and Its Best Alternative

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PDF ReDirect is a free PDF creator without restriction, which also enables you to create, encrypt, and merge PDF files. Moreover, it also enables you to preselect the printing settings and color model along with page rotation. But there are some limitations, especially when you need to edit the PDF files. Is PDF ReDirect worthy to install? What is the best alternative for PDF ReDirect? Learn more about the PDF creator by reading this article.

PDF ReDirect Review

Part 1: The Simple Review of PDF ReDirect

PDF ReDirect is a simple-to-use, quick, and free PDF creator. It is completely free of limitations, watermarks, malware, adware, and pop-up advertising. It includes basic encryption and complete merging features. Moreover, you can also have a live preview of the PDF being made, optimize the PDF file size, view style preferences, and have full compatibility with Windows Terminal Services.
Moreover, PDF ReDirect is robust and convenient software that enables you to quickly produce PDF documents from virtually any Windows application. It produces a virtual printer that enables quick conversion of any type of file to PDF. Simply choose the PDF ReDirect virtual printer from the Print menu, and the application will take care of the rest.

PDF ReDirect Interface

Features of PDF Redirect

1. Provide an integrated previewer that displays the PDF file, which allows you to adjust the PDF files' parameters on the go.

2. Customize the output printer's parameters, including image quality, color model, and page rotation.

3. Combine many documents into a single PDF file and encrypt them using a 40-bit password protection.

4. Choose the file's name, the viewing mode, such as the full screen, window without toolbars, menu bar, etc., and the zoom level.

5. Do not display any intrusive pop-up adverts throughout the PDF conversion process, and the finished PDF file has no watermark.

6. Provide a completely free version and perform admirably features, although the professional edition provides more capabilities.

PDF Redirect Features

Differences between Free and Pro of PDF ReDirect

FeaturesPDF ReDirect FreePDF ReDirect Pro
Live PreviewProvide basic playback features to display PDF files on the go.Provide an enhanced PDF preview with greater details.
PDF CreatingCreate a full-screen presentation just like PowerPoint with navigation controls.Create both full-screen presentations and PDF files optimized for faster web loading and viewing.
Printing FeaturesOnly the basic printing features.Batch PDF printers with your favorite settings to automate and speed up your creation of PDF files.
Adding ElementsNot availableAdd hyperlinks, stamps, font settings, utilities, attachments, and more others.
Protecting PDFProvide the basic PDF features only.Set permissions to lock the PDF file and remove the encryption and/or restrictions imposed on a PDF file.

Part 2: Best Alternative to PDF ReDirect

Should you choose PDF ReDirect as the default PDF creator? If you just need to have a basic PDF toolkit for free, it might be the choice. But when you want to edit the PDF files or explore more features, the outdated user interface and the limited features of the PDF ReDirect Pro might not be worth the money.

PDFelement is the best PDF ReDirect alternative that has all of the typical PDF functionalities to control PDF files. It is the easiest PDF creator for Windows, Mac, mobile, and web to create, edit, convert and sign the PDF documents. Moreover, you can also use the 1GB free cloud storage to sync the PDF files between different devices.

PDFelement OCR Features

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Features of the Best PDF Redirect Alternative

1. Include some PDF document editing tools, such as the standard markup tools, in which you can alter the font family, adjust the file size of text, bold and underline it, highlight sections of the document, and even make structural modifications with ease.

2. The utility can make PDFs from different file types. When combined with its extensive batch operation capability, this makes it an excellent alternative for individuals who frequently need to convert huge quantities of files and are looking for an easy and fast solution.

3. PDF pages may be divided into different ones and password-protected, and the program can extract data from documents that have been scanned and run through its OCR engine. It is much better than PDF ReDirect because of its powerful and dependable OCR technology.

PDFelement Features

User Guide of PDFelement

PDFelement is similar to that of most current office suites, and everything is located precisely where you would expect it to be. The tools are organized into many primary tabs, each with a button that provides access to a certain feature. Users who are experienced with computer-based document editing should have little difficulty navigating the PDFelement menus, especially those who wish to perform more complex adjustments.

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Part 3: FAQs about PDF ReDirect

1Where can I download PDF ReDirect?
EXP Systems is the official website to download the latest version of PDF ReDirect. But you can also get the free PDF creator from the UPTODOWN, CNET, and other download sites.
2What is the image quality of PDF ReDirect?
PDF ReDirect provides 4 different image quality modes, you can view the PDF document at 100% zoom with Low Quality will maintain the original picture quality, but the details will be lost when zooming in.
3Is PDF ReDirect still under maintenance?
No. The latest version of PDF ReDirect Professional 2.5.2 was released more than 10 years ago in Nov. 2010. When you need to find the Mac version or use a professional solution, PDFelement is the best choice.


PDF ReDirect is a well-designed PDF creator that has a variety of functions that should satisfy the majority of users. But when you need to edit the PDF, convert PDF into Office documents, create new PDF files using Office files, and use the OCR features, PDFelement is the best PDF ReDirect is the best alternative you should not miss.

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