Print PDF on Mac – 4 Easy Methods to Save Files as PDF

Last Updated on April 27, 2022 by Tina Clark

Instead of saving the Office file formats, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can print to PDF on Mac, which is simple to store and share your work with others. Moreover, it can protect the PDF files from revising. Considering it as Printing simplifies the feature's explanation. Actually, you are not printing anything physically. Printing to PDF on Mac creates a file that looks identical to what would have come out of a real printer, instead, it saves the files to PDF file format. What are the best ways to print PDFs on Mac? Just learn more about the 4 easy methods you should not miss.

Print PDF on Mac

Part 1: How to Print Images to PDF on Mac with Built-in Preview

When you need to print an image but lack access to a printer or need to save it in a stable format that will never change, you can print to PDF files on Mac with Preview. It is the built-in PDF viewer for Mac that enables you to open, edit, and save both images and PDF files on Mac.

Step 1: Right-click the image and choose the Open with option, select the Preview app to open the image with the program.

Step 2: Select the File from the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then click the Print option to print to PDF files on Mac.

Step 3: Tweak the presets, pages, paper size, and other parameters. You can also adjust the orientation and scale PDF files.

Tweat the Setting Preview

Step 4: A pop-up window will appear. Click on the icon at the bottom right to get the Save as PDF option.

Preview Save Image to PDF

Part 2: How to Print Documents to PDF on Mac via Microsoft Office

Print to PDF is the frequently used option of Microsoft Office. Whether you need to save the Word documents, Excel worksheets, or even PowerPoint presentations to PDF, you can find the Print to PDF option in Microsoft Office on Mac easily.

Step 1: Open the Word file on your Mac with Microsoft Office. Click the File button on the top menu, and select the Save As button.

Step 2: Select the PDF as the output file format, which enables you to convert a Word document to PDF on Mac with Office.

Step 3: You can also press Command + P to launch the Print window. After that, you can choose the PDF option to print to PDF on Mac.

Print Word to PDF Mac

Part 3: How to Print PDF Online without Extra Software

Smallpdf is the most popular web-based PDF program on the Internet. Its convenient PDF utilities print nearly any document format to PDF on Mac. If you do not want to install extra software to save the PDF files on your Mac, you can print a PDF on Mac online with a few clicks.

Step 1: Go to the SmallPDF online and choose the Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, or other options to convert the documents to PDF. It supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Step 2: Click the CHOOSE FILES button or simply drag and drop the desired files into the online PDF converter. It will initiate the PPT to PDF converting procedure automatically.

Step 3: Once you have printed the PPT to PDF, you can click the Download button to print to PDF to your Mac. It also enables you to save to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Print to PDF Online

Part 4: The Ultimate Method to Print to PDF on Mac

Is there a method to print to PDF on Mac for any document files, including Word documents, images, texts, and more without limitation? PDFElement for Mac is the all-in-one solution to create PDF files for different scenarios. It enables you to generate, modify, save, and even print PDF files. Different from the other PDF files, it is a must-have app when you need to print to PDF on Mac.

1. Generate PDF files with texts, images, annotations, and more directly.

2. Convert Word, PPT, Excel, and more others to a PDF within few clicks.

3. Create PDFs from window capture, selection captures, and screen capture.

4. Combine multiple files in multiple different formats to create a PDF file.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install PDFElement on your MacBook and launch the application.

Step 2. Select the New option from the File drop-down menu. It provides 5 different modes to print to PDF.

Create PDF from file – This option allows you to create a PDF from a file on your computer.

Create PDF from Window Capture – On Mac, you may create a PDF from the window that is now open.

Create PDF from Selection Capture – You may create a PDF by capturing an area of your Mac desktop with this option.

Create a PDF from Screen Capture – You may create a PDF file from a screen capture of your Mac's display.

Blank Document – This option creates a blank PDF file.

Create PDF PDFElement Win Download Mac Download


When you need to print to PDF on Mac, here is the ultimate guide you should follow. Simply choose Preview or Microsoft Office to save documents to PDF files. If you are seeking additional alternatives when it comes to making PDF files, PDFelement may be your best bet. Moreover, you can produce a PDF file by combining many files in multiple distinct formats.