How to Edit a PDF Online, Here are 5 Free Methods You Should Know

What are the best PDF editors to polish the PDF without downloading an extra program? Whether you need to compress the PDF documents, add some annotations, convert PDF to another file format, or even create PDF from scratch, here are the 5 best methods to edit a PDF online for free. Just learn more details about these programs as well as the best alternative.

How to Edit a PDF Online

Part 1: 5 Best Methods to Edit PDF Online

Method 1: Sejda

When you need to edit a PDF online, Sejda is one of the most reliable and versatile online PDF editors, including editing, converting, securing, and other features. But there are some time limitations for editing the PDF files online, especially for the text editing.

Step 1: Go to Sejda with any web browser, you can choose the desired tool from the list to edit the PDF, such as the PDF Editor option. After that, press the Upload button and choose the PDF files from your computer. You can also drag and drop files.

Step 2: Choose the Text tool in the top menu. It enables you to adjust the text to bold or italic, change font size, font family and text color. Moreover, you can add images to PDF, fill out PDF forms, add links to PDF, and even edit the existing hyperlink accordingly.

Step 3: Once you have edited the PDF document, you can click the Apply changes button to apply the changes and then click the Download button to save your edited PDF document. After processing, the uploaded PDF will be deleted permanently.

Sejda PDF Editor Online

Method 2: Smallpdf

Smallpdf is another frequently used PDF editor to polish PDF files. It is a collection of PDF tools to process digital PDF documents and streamline your workflow seamlessly. Moreover, you can also add text, shapes, images, and freehand annotations to your PDF.

Step 1: Head to Smallpdf on your web browser and click the Tools button to select the Edit PDF option. After that, you can import the PDF files you want to edit from your device, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Moreover, you can upload the PDF from SmallPDF with the Pro version.

Step 2: Once you have imported the PDF file, you can click the Pencil icon to add some texts to the PDF file, choose the Highlighter icon to mark up the PDF document, apply some basic shapes to PDFs, or even insert an image to the PDF accordingly.

Step 3: Once you have finished editing the PDF online, you only need to click the Download button to export the PDF. It enables you to save the PDF files to Dropbox or Google Drive. Moreover, you can print the PDFs or share them within a few clicks.


Method 3: PDF Buddy

To edit the PDF online for free, PDF Buddy is a simple PDF editor with text, transform, pen, whiteout, highlight, image, and signature. Moreover, there are few shapes and symbols. It enables you to tweak the fonts, sizes, and colors of the texts for the PDF documents.

Step 1: Go to the online PDF editor and click the Choose PDF to Edit button to upload the desired PDF you want to edit or drag-n-drop the PDF into the program to the program. Before editing the PDF file online, you can simply preview the uploaded PDF.

Step 2: Choose the desired edit feature, such as the Text option to edit the PDF online. Hover to the PDF in the preview window, you can choose the desired area to add the text. Enter the words, adjust the fonts and sizes, and tweak the colors accordingly.

Step 3: Click the Save changes button in the top menu to save the edited PDF on your computer. The PDF file will be sent over to your email and from there you save it to your computer. Of course, you can click the Download button to download the PDF directly.

PDF Buddy

Method 4: ScanWritr

Is there an easy method to edit PDFs online via your Android phone or iPhone? ScanWritr is a frequently used PDF converter and editor to edit and open any PDF document online. You can easily edit a document that you captured with your smartphone, or scanned with your scanner. It also enables you to open the PDF files from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Step 1: Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet to fully access ScanWritr online. Go to the ScanWritr online, and click the Import from Dropbox button to import the PDF. It supports PDF, Microsoft Office, Apple Numbers, Apple Keynote, and more.

Step 2: Simply fill in the text, sign the PDF document, preview your file, and export it to your desired location on your Mac or computer. There are multiple tools, such as Text, Pen, Marker, Eraser, Insert Image, Signature, and even adjust the different parameters.

Step 3: Once you have edited the PDF online, you can click the Download button to save the PDF. It provides different options to save the PDF files, Download PDF, Download editable ScanWritr document, Perform OCR and download.


Method 5: PDF2GO

PDF2Go is other online PDF editor that allows you to directly edit PDF online and convert other files to PDF. It is a full-featured PDF toolkit to edit PDF files online, add or delete text, mark sentences, upload images, and many more PDF editor features. Moreover, you can also sort, rotate, split, and delete PDF pages.

Step 1: Go to a web browser and choose the Edit PDF option. You can click the Choose File button to upload the PDF document. Moreover, you can get the desired PDF from URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive. It provides an option to optimize the scanned preview.

Step 2: Similar to other PDF editor online, you can edit the PDF online with text, pencil, whiteout, highlight, line, dash line, and others. When you click the Option button, you can also make use of the magnifying glass to zoom in and zoom out the PDF.

Step 3: Click the Save as button to save the PDF directly. You can name the output PDF document directly or check the Advanced security option to save the PDF with a password. It enables you to download PDF directly, download the ZIP file, or upload it to the Cloud service.


Part 2: The Best Alternative to Edit PDF Online

When you are looking for a better alternative to edit the PDF files online, PDFelement should be the advanced PDF editor that enables you to edit the PDF as Word. There are some advanced features to add texts, shapes, and images to PDFs, edit different elements by size, color, and fonts, insert links to PDFs and add watermark to your file.

1. Add, edit, remove, link, watermark, header, and bates numbers on PDFs.

2. Edit and adjust the different sizes, fonts, and colors of the added content.

3. Move an item forward or back, and the front or back of the stacking order.

4. Easy to sort, add, rotate, move, split, crop, and delete PDF pages.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program and import the PDF file you wish to edit. Press the Open files button from the Home window. After that, you can choose and upload the PDF file to start the editing process.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2: From the top menu, click the Edit button then click the Edit switch icon. It allows you to switch from editing or reading mode. Click the text you wish to change and then start typing to replace the text. You can change the size, font type, and color through the editing bar.

Edit Text with PDF PDFElement

Step 3: To draw a box for your text, simply press the Add Text button then drag your mouse. You can choose the text you wish to delete and click the Backspace button or the Delete button key on your keyboard to delete that text before saving the PDF document.

Remove Adjust Text PDFElement Win Download Mac Download


Just learn more about the 5 frequently used methods to edit a PDF online. If you just need to add some text to a PDF, sign a PDF document, or make some basic editing, you can take advantage of the PDF editors online. But when you need to find an all-in-one PDF editor, choosing PDFelement will provide you with great benefits that would enhance your documents.