Free PDF Editors for Windows and Mac – Here is the Ultimate Review You Should Know

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If you have just downloaded a form in PDF, you need to add some texts, split the file, or even add a signature. What are the best free PDF editors to edit the PDF files? Of course, there are dozens of simple PDF editors. But there might be some limitations, such as the add texts to PDF, add a signature, and remove the protection. Just learn more about the 7 best free PDF editors for Windows and Mac from the article.

Free PDF Editors for Windows and Mac

Part 1: 6 Best PDF Editors for Windows and Mac

Top 1: PDF BOB

PDF BOB is a free online PDF editor to edit the texts on PDF, delete pages from PDF, select the custom color and fonts, or even upload, modify, and export PDF files with ease. Moreover, you do not need to create an account to manage the PDFs.

  • Annotate PDF documents with text tools, sticky notes, highlight tools, etc.
  • Place images of JPG, PNG, SVG, and other formats on the PDF files.
  • Change the page order in a PDF document or add blank pages to PDF.
  • Store files on PDF Bob servers or upload to Dropbox and Google Drive.
Free PDF Editor PDF BOB

Top 2: Sejda PDF Desktop

Sejda PDF Desktop is another free productive PDF editor for Windows and Mac. It enables you to merge, split, convert, compress, edit and even set passwords. But there are some limitations for the trial period, number of pages, or the OCR features.

  • Add, edit, change, reorder, delete, or move pages within the PDF files.
  • Apply the desired image or text watermark to PDF documents easily.
  • Trim PDF margins, adjust visible page area and change PDF page size.
  • Split documents by pages, extract separate documents and more others.
Free PDF Editor Sejda PDF Desktop

Top 3: LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a professional PDF editor and a part of LibreOffice to process text documents, drawings, spreadsheets, presentations, and formula editing. It enables you to modify, edit, save and even create PDF for free on Windows and Mac.

  • Add some simple edits, changes, add texts, add images, text boxes, etc.
  • Free Edit non-text objects, such as image, title, color, and more.
  • Create the different objects, save the project files and save to PDF files.
  • Draw rectangles/shapes with the background color white to redact the sections.
Free PDF Editor LibreOffice Draw

Top 4: PDFescape

PDFescape is a PDF editor freeware that both available online and on desktop. It has a free version with some basic edits. Of course, you can also use online PDFescape to add texts, images, and even forms. There are some limitations that you need to upgrade to Premium.

  • Create and save some PDF forms besides filling out the PDF forms.
  • There is no logo, watermark, or other tag added to the PDF file for free.
  • Upgrade to the Premium account to explore more functionalities as desired.
  • Allow you to add boxes, geometrical shapes, and other elements in clicks.
Free PDF Editor PDFescape

Top 5: Smallpdf

Smallpdf is an easy-to-use online PDF editor. You can add images, texts, shapes, or add a signature to a PDF without registration with it. Moreover, you can change the color and line color, and thickness of the edge.

  • Add the desired pictures, texts, shapes, or even signatures to PDF.
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, and more other file formats.
  • Provide multiple online PDF tools, such as reduce, compress, and more.
  • Quick and Automatic Synchronization of PDF between different devices.
Free PDF Editor Smallpdf

Top 6: PDF expert

PDF expert is easy to use, fast, and light PDF editor for Mac. It is featured to read, annotate, and edit PDFs, change text and images. Moreover, you can also fill forms, sign contracts, and even save relevant discoveries into search history to make them more convenient to recall.

  • Annotate PDF file, edit text, add photos, fill in forms, and sign contracts.
  • Compatible with Apple devices and transfer documents between devices.
  • Input and apply signatures by hand on the touchpad are available.
  • 3 different methods to input signatures: keyboard, Trackpad, and image.
Free PDF Editor PDF expert

Part 2: The Professional All-in-One PDF Editor

When you need to edit the PDF files frequently or load the PDF quickly, you can choose WidsMob PDFEdit. It is an excellent and professional PDF editor to edit and manage the PDF with ease. It enables you to create, convert, edit, perform OCR, manage pages, apply signatures, set up a password, and add comments to the PDF files.

  • Advanced PDF editing features to edit and manage the PDF file.
  • Provide fast loading speed to process multiple editing features.
  • Different setting parameters to apply the images, texts, and links.
  • Easy to use interface and lightweight PDF editor for Windows/Mac.
Open Image File PDFEdit Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQ about PDF Editor

1What are The Alternative PDF Editors for Windows and Mac?
Besides the above PDF editors, you can also take advantage of the Office programs, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Once you have edited the files within Word or Excel, you can convert the files to PDF.
2Which is A Better Choice, Online PDF Editor or PDF Editor Freeware?
When you need to edit some simple PDF files, you can choose the online PDF editors. But when you want to apply multiple PDF editing features, you can use the PDF editor freeware to edit the files.
3Why Do You Need A-PDF Editor for Editing Forms?
To prevent others from revising the content, you can find most of the forms are available in PDF files. It should be hard to convert PDF files into Word or other files, even with the most advanced OCR technology.


If you need to edit the PDF forms frequently, a suitable PDF editor is an essential tool you can consider. Here are 7 excellent PDF editors to edit the PDF files. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and also has a lot of powerful functions. You can choose the desired PDF editor according to your situation.

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