Should You Choose PDFFactory? Here is the Ultimate Review You Should Know

Last Updated on June 21, 2022 by Tina Clark

PDFFactory is an excellent PDF creator with a virtual PDF printer that enables you to print double-sided even if your printer can’t. Moreover, it creates PDF documents for websites, emails, or archived folders. Of course, there are some limitations for PDFFactory, such as the rendering, OCR algorithm, and others. Will you purchase the PDF creator for US$50.00? Is PDFFactory worthwhile software to make the PDF file? Learn more about the PDFFactory review and its best alternative from the article.


Part 1: The Concrete Review of PDFFactory

PDFFactory enables you to convert any printed file on Windows to a PDF document in a matter of seconds. It operates by creating a virtual printer on your computer. Rather than printing papers, the virtual peripheral generates PDF files. Since the Adobe Acrobat PDF format is the most frequently used for online document sharing, the utility may be highly useful for sharing a range of files with the globe.

PDFFactory Pro Review

Pros of PDFFactory

1. Create multiple documents and PDFs into a single PDF.

2. Select, copy, delete, save and convert Live URL links.

3. Allow printing only on PDF without double printing.

4. Custom virtual drivers for specific tasks and servers.

5. Include headers, footers, watermark, and pagination.

6. Leverage PDF encryption and access restrictions.

PDFFactory Review

Cons of PDFFactory

When you use the trial version of PDFFactory, each document created by the application will include a watermark bearing the product's name. To remove this mark, you must upgrade to the full version. Even if you upgrade to the Pro version, there are other limitations.

1. Cannot convert PDF documents to other file formats.

2. Lack of editing features for the scanned PDF files.

3. Cannot use the basic editing features, such as merge.

Edit PDF PDFFactory

PDFFactory Easiness to Use

The application has an integrated Help menu with a search option. It will be especially beneficial to novice users in explaining the relevance of font embedding and in outlining all of the program's features. The 30-day trial period is more than enough time for users of all skill levels to enjoy PDFFactory's ease of use and efficacy.

Part 2: How to Fix PDFFactory Not Working

How to Fix PDFFactory Printing Not Starting?

You do not need to load and launch PDFFactory again. Instead, you just click Print from a word processing or spreadsheet application and pick PDFfactory as the printer. Bear in mind that you must obtain more choice tabs. If you select properties when this tool is highlighted as your printer, you must complete the operation when you see the tabs from your application’s preview screen.

PDFFactory Print Feature

How to Fix Sluggish Operation of PDFFactory?

Usually, it can occur as a result of the antivirus software interfering with the operation of PDFFactory. This can be remedied by adjusting your antivirus software to whitelist the program's executable files. Just close the program as well as others to make sure a better performance.

How to Solve the Poor Graphics Quality of PDFFactory?

Increase the visual quality by disabling image downsampling and even JPEG compression on the graphics tab of the PDFFactory printing preferences tool located in the Faxes folder or Windows printers.

PDFFactory Preferences

Part 3: The Best Alternative of PDFFactory

Is there a PDFFactory alternative to edit the PDF files, such as converting Word to PDF, performing OCR for the scanned PDF, and even spliting and merging the PDF files? PDFElement is a PDF editor that has all of the typical functionality you'd expect from a contemporary PDF editor, as well as some additional features for those who want a little more control over their documents. Regular users as well as those with more complex requirements should find the interface simple to navigate.

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Pros of PDFElement

PDFelement includes many document editing tools. Standard markup tools are accessible, you can alter the font family and size of text, bold/underline it, highlight sections of the document, and even make structural modifications. Moreover, the utility can make PDFs from different file types, such as Word, Excel, Image, Text, and more.

When combined with its extensive batch operation capability, this makes it an excellent alternative for individuals who frequently need to convert huge quantities of files and are looking for an easy and fast solution. Additionally, papers may be divided into different ones and password-protected, and the program can extract data from documents that have been scanned and run through its OCR engine.

Edit PDF before Conversion PDFElement

Cons of PDFElement

The only criticism that you may encounter is that the UI might occasionally appear too large, particularly on smaller displays. There are few choices for customizing the application's design, and if you're not a fan of the application's style of using giant buttons for everything, you may be disappointed. Apart from that, there are no significant concerns with the interface or appearance of PDFelement.

PDFelement OCR Features Win Download Mac Download


PDFFactory is a well-designed PDF editor that has a slew of features that should satisfy the majority of users, including some sophisticated ones. While the application lacks several functionalities seen in other editors, it does not leave much to be desired. Generally, it's a more than an acceptable program with sufficient features to please the ordinary user. However, if you are looking for an alternative PDF viewer, you can never go wrong with PDFelement.