Icecream Screen Recorder Review – Everything You Need to Know About

Last Updated on November 13, 2021 by Jane Joe

Is Icecream Screen Recorder a worthwhile video recorder? When you want to record the screen of your Windows or Mac, you might find an Icecream Screen Recorder. It is a free one that records any area of your screen or saves it as a screenshot. What should be the limitations of the screen recorder? How to take full advantage of the program? It is an ultimate review of Icecream Screen Recorder, in which you can learn the details about the program before a final decision.

Icecream Screen Recorder Review

Part 1: A Brief Review of Icecream Screen Recorder

As a free screen recording application, Icecream Screen Recorder enables you to capture any area of your screen to produce a still screenshot or a video recording. You can record online webinars, gameplay, video tutorial, video calls, and more. What should be the features of the screen recorder? Is there any limitation for the app?

What Icecream Screen Recorder Can Do?

1. Record any part of your screen as a video file or take screenshots.

2. Capture a computer screen, any window, or a specific area of the screen.

3. Draw different shapes with the drawing function while recording.

4. Record your face and add it to your screen recording via webcam.

5. Zoom in to view details of the screen recording while capturing.

6. Highlight mouse movements and clicks within the recording files.

7. Add a watermark to your screen recording for sharing on social media.

8. Trim and remove redundant parts and further edit the recording.

Icecream Screen Recorder Interface

The Brief Review of Icecream Screen Recorder

When you want to use the Icecream Screen Recorder, you should know the limitations of the video recorder. The free version only provides a 5-minute demo recording. Moreover, the system sound recording is not always working with the program.


1. Record your whole activity on your PC/Mac without missing anything.

2. Work smoothly and do not interrupt your activity while recording.

3. Trim, edit and share the recording files on the dashboard.

4. It allows you to capture anything and any area on your screen.


1. The free version has too many restrictions, such as a watermark and 5 minutes limit.

2. The audio quality is not smooth sometimes.

3. The video editing tools are limited.

4. It only outputs video recording in WebM if you do not purchase the premium.

Icecream Screen Recorder App

Part 2: How to Record Screen with Icecream Screen Recorder

Since Icecream Screen Recorder free version has too many limitations, you can learn more about the usage of the program with the Pro version as the following process.

Step 1: Launch the Icecream Screen Recorder on your computer. And there are two main features, Capture Video and Screenshot. Make a still screenshot and choose the Screenshot option. Or you can select the Capture Video option to record the screen of your computer.

Icecream Screen Recorder Launch

Step 2: If you want to tweak the settings and change the custom options, click the Settings menu on the main screen. You can choose the desired photo and video formats, use the hotkeys and tweak the system settings for the recording files on your computer accordingly.

Icecream Screen Recorder Settings

Step 3: Once the Record Video window pops up, adjust the recording area by dragging the control points. Set the aspect ratio of the screen recording, and adjust the volume. Moreover, you can turn on the Webcam, Volume, and Microphone based on your need.

Icecream Screen Recorder Recording

Step 4: After settings the parameters, you can click the Rec button to start recording your screen. You can also use the Draw tool on the window within the Icecream Screen Recorder to add shape, text, and even Graffiti to the recording.

Icecream Screen Recorder Preview

Step 5: When you finish recording, click the Stop icon to take the video to the dashboard. Here you can trim, save or share the recording quickly. Of course, you can also share the recording files to YouTube, Vimeo, and other social media websites.

Part 3: Best Icecream Screen Recorder Alternative for Windows and Mac

Is there an alternative for Icecream Screen Recorder to record screen and capture audio with high quality? Especially when you need to record the system audio of your computer? WidsMob Capture is a versatile screen recorder to record video, capture audio, and take snapshots. Moreover, it has some advanced custom options and editing tools.

1. Record all onscreen activities and capture the desired parts of the screen.

2. Capture audio files from a computer, including system sound and microphone.

3. Provide extensive custom options and multiple editing features for records.

4. Control the screen recording with customizable hotkeys and settings.

Win Download Mac Download

How to Record Screen with Icecream Screen Recorder Alternative

Step 1: Download and install the Icecream Screen Recorder alternative, launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Capture Screen option and custom the region you want to record. Of course, you can directly click the moving window to capture the window.

Fixed Region Capture

Step 2: To record the desired files, you can click the Audio Recorder option, which you can choose the record the System audio, Microphone, or even both of them on your computer. Moreover, you can also add the videos from the webcam into the recording.

Customize Capture

Step 3: If you need to customize the output files, you can go to the WidsMob Capture menu and choose the Preferences option to tweak the Frame Rate, Bitrate, Sample Rate, Mouse click, Recording parameters, and more others according to your need.

Recording Capture

Step 4: After that, you can click the REC button to record the onscreen activities as the Icecream Screen Recorder. It also enables you to add some annotations and drawing into the recording. You can also tweak the color, shape, and more others.

Take Screenshot Capture

Step 5: When you click the Stop button, you can save the recording video into the desired format. After that, you can trim the video or share them with social media websites directly.

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When you want to learn more about Icecream Screen Recorder, you can find the details about the program, such as how to make a screen recording, the reviews, and even the features. But there are many restrictions, such as the audio recording, 5 minutes limitation, add a watermark and more. WidsMob Capture is always a good Icecream Screen Recorder alternative you can take into consideration.