A Brief Review of Snagit Screen Capture and Best Alternative You Should Know

Will you purchase Snagit 2020 with US$49.95 to record the screen or video on Windows and Mac? As one of the most popular screen recorder, Snagit has some advanced features that let you quickly capture a process, add your explanation and create visual instruction. Is it worth the price? What is the best alternative for Snagit for Mac/PC? When you want to find an option to record your screen, online videos, gameplay and more onscreen activities on Windows and Mac computer. You should make the best decision before opening your wallet.


Part 1: A Brief Review of Snagit Screen Capture

What is Snagit? Snagit is screen capture software that allows you to capture screen images, edit and crop images and share them to relevant media. As a rich-feature screen recording program, it is available for both personal and business usage.

Key Features of Snagit

1. Take screenshots and save the files in still or animated images.

2. Screen capture for screen along with audio for both PC and Mac.

3. Record iPhone screen with the TechSmith Capture app easily.

4. Support scrolling screen capture for apps and webpages.

5. Basic trim screen recording features for the recording videos.

6. Add callouts, shapes, text and others to screen recording file.

7. Support webcam recording via Face Cam within Snagit.

Brief Review of Snagit


1. Lightweight and work smoothly on both old and new computers.

2. It is absolutely safe to use and none process interact with your file system.

3. There is a 15 days free trial that has no limitations on usage.

4. It includes an image editor to touch up the screenshots with ease.

5. The mobile companion app makes mobile capture easier.


1. The free trial asks you to sign up for TechSmith account.

2. Priority support is sold separately to get a desired service.

How to Record Screen with Snagit

Step 1: Open the Snagit screen capture on your computer and select the “All-in-One” tab from the Capture window. It enables you to capture the screen directly, or even tweak the settings for the program.

The Capture Window

Step 2: Click the “Capture” button and select an area to capture. You can click the Fullscreen option let you select entire screen. If you drag the cursor over a window, it will be selected. Or click and drag to select the desired area.

Capture Screen Snagit

Step 3: Go to the audio section on the Screen Recording toolbar. Enable System Audio and Microphone if you want to add your voice. When it turns green, it means audio recording is enabled.

Tip: The Webcam icon is used to capture your face. When you want to add a presentation within the Snagit, you can also turn on the feature to capture the desired files.

Video Record Toolbar

Step 4: Now, click the “Record” button or press Shift + F9 to trigger the countdown. When screen recording is done, hit the “Stop” button or press Shift + F10 to save the recording as MP4.

Step 5: It will be saved in AutoSave folder. Then you can view, trim and share it with Snagit Editor, which provides the basic video editing features to touch up the photos and videos.

Part 2: The Best Alternative of Snagit for Mac

Snagit is an excellent screen capture program to take snapshot with the basic screen recording features. Is there a Snagit alternative that is excellent to take screenshot and videos? WidsMob Capture enables you to record screen and video, capture audio and take snapshots. Moreover, it has the basic editing features and enables you to add annotation, shape and others to the recording files with ease.

1. Capture all onscreen activities, screen, audio as well as the images.

2. Make screenshots with onscreen button or hotkeys with ease.

3. Add your reactions and voice to recording via webcam and microphone.

4. Draw on the video, add paintings, shape or text directly while recording.

5. Offer extensive custom options for tweak the codec, formats and more.

Download for Mac Version

How to Capture Screen with the Best Alternative to Snagit

Step 1: Download the alternative to Snagit and follow the onscreen guide to install it on your machine. You can select the “Record Screen” to record videos on your computer.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Turn on the “Display” option and set the recording area based on your need. In order to add your face and voice to the recording, enable both the “Webcam” option and the “Microphone” option.

Fixed Region Capture

Step 3: Go to the “Preferences” dialog and you will get the custom options. Go to the General tab, for example, you can set hotkeys and destination folder. If you want to modify the video quality, go to the Recording tab.

Recording Capture

Tip: If you just want to make screenshots, select Capture Screen from the home interface instead.

Step 4: Once you are ready, click the “REC” button to start recording the screen with Snagit alternative for the online video or app. During the process, you can draw on the video, or even add text, shape and painting.

Annotation Capture

Step 5: After the screen recording, click the “Stop” button to save it to the Media Library. Here you can preview and edit the screen recording video. You can share it to social media or via email.

Customize Capture

Step 6: Click the “Share” icon at the bottom left corner and select the desired channel. Then follow the onscreen instructions to share your videos and screenshots.

Media Library Capture

Note: Most social platforms and email providers have some restrictions on aspect ratio, file size and more. You’d better edit and compress your screen recordings before sharing them.

Download for Mac Version


Based on the sharing above, you should master one of the best screen recording software, TechSmith Snagit. It is a simple video recorder with excellent screen captures features. When you need to record video and take snapshots as a profession, WidsMob Capture is the desired one you can take into consideration. Plus, it is more compact and able to produce the best output quality. If you have other questions, please leave a message.