What is Jing Screen Recorder and Whether It is the Desired Screen Recorder Worth to Use

When you want to record screen video on your computer for free, Jing Screen Recorder is one of them that enable you to take screenshots and short videos of your onscreen activities. Screenshots and screen recordings are useful to share funny conversations, ask for troubleshooting, capture gameplay, etc. It will be much easy as long as you choose the right tool. Compared to other screen recorders, Jing Screen Recorder is a good starting point for beginners, though it is not 100% perfect. This is a comprehensive review for you to make the best decision.


Part 1: Jing Screen Recorder Review

Jing Screen Recorder is a screen recorder developed by TechSmith to take screenshot, record screen and edit images. Snagit is the well-known screen recorder from TechSmith. Jing Screen Recorder is more likely the lite version of Snagit. Just learn more about the features as below.

Features of Jing Screen Recorder

1. Take photos of your computer screen.

2. Record videos of actions taking place on PC and Mac screen.

3. Share images and videos with others directly.

4. Offer several custom options, like audio input source.

5. Use hotkey to control the screen capture.

6. It is available on Windows and Mac OS X.

Jing Free Screen Recorder

A Simple Review of Jing Screen Recorder


1. The basic version is completely free to use, and a paid version is available for advanced users.

2. It is pretty easy to use, even though you do not have technical skills.

3. Jing Screen Recorder makes sharing simple.

4. There is customer support for both free and paid versions.


1. It is too simple if you need more advanced functionalities.

2. The free version can only save screen recordings as SWF.

3. You have to view ads to exchange free features.

4. There is time limit in free version and you can record screen up to 5 minutes.

In short, Jing Screen Recorder is a good option for beginners to quickly start recording and capturing, but not suitable to advanced users.

Jing Setting

Part 2: Best Jing Screen Recorder Alternative

Is there a more flexible alternative to Jing Screen Recorder? When you need to record some videos for social media websites, WidsMob Capture is an all-in-one screen recorder that enables you to capture video, record audio, add webcam files and even take snapshots. Moreover, it has the video editing features as well as the annotation filters for the output files.

1. Record everything on your screen without any limitation.

2. Make screenshots for gameplay, screen, online video, etc.

3. Draw on screen recording or add text and shapes on it.

4. Overlay your reaction to recording via webcam and microphone.

5. Offer extensive custom options for advanced users.

Download for Mac Version

How to Record Screen with the Best Alternative to Jing

Step 1: Launch the best alternative to Jing Screen Recorder after you install the program to your computer. After that, you can select the “Record Screen” option from the home interface to start screen recording the desired onscreen activities.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Turn on the “Display” option and click the three-line icon to set the recording area. It is able to record full screen or you can set custom region manually.

The Microphone icon is used to capture your voice and add it to the screen recording, and Webcam can overlay your face to the recording. Turn on or disable them based on your need.

Customize Capture

Step 3: Moreover, open the “Preferences” dialog and go to the “Recording” tab. Decide to show mouse cursor and clicks or not. Check Count down before recording and set the timing. Then customize video and audio quality. Go to the “General” tab and set the recording output path. You can also customize the hotkeys based on your preference.

Recording Capture

Step 4: Click the “REC” button on the alternative to Jing Screen Recorder and start the activity you want to record. During the process, click the “Pen” tool and you can draw on the recording or even take some screenshots with the Camera icon.

Annotation Capture

Step 5: When screen recording is done, click the “Stop” icon and it will be saved based on your settings. You can view the screen recording video within the media library. Of course, you can also share the recording files to Vimeo, YouTube and other online streaming sites.

Media Library Capture

How to Take Screenshots with the Best Alternative to Jing

Step 1: Make sure you have installed the best alternative to Jing Screen Recorder. Open the screen you want to capture, and then select the “Capture Screen” option from the home interface.

Take Screenshot Capture

Step 2: Click the top left point of the recording area and drag your mouse to cover the whole area. Once you release your mouse, the screenshot will be saved to Media Library. Select it and click the Share icon at the bottom left side to share it to social media.

Media Library Capture

Download for Mac Version

Part 3: Comparison between Jing Screen Recorder and the Best Alternative

Jing Screen Recorder is free of charge, so everyone can use it without paying a penny. WidsMob Capture, on the other hand, offers a free trial and the price is pretty affordable.

Compared to Jing Screen Recorder, the alternative offers more benefits, such as:

1. Unlimited recording times or the size limitation.

2. More custom options to create unique effect.

3. Support extensive output formats, such as JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, etc.

4. Produce the best output quality, including 4K videos.

5. Control all actions with hotkeys.

All in all, Jing Screen Recorder is the best choice for beginners while the best alternative is available to both average people and tech savvy.


Based on the guide above, you should understand what Jing Screen Recorder is and whether it is worth to use. First of all, as freeware, Jing Screen Recorder can help you make screenshots and screen recordings for free. However, you cannot get any advanced features. WidsMob Capture is the best alternative solution to capture screen on Windows and Mac OS X. It is not only easy to use, but also offer a full set of features.

Download for Mac Version