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PortraitPro 17 – the Professional Portrait Makeup App

Just back to school from the lovely holiday, you might need to take some new certification photos. Touchup the portrait images with Photoshop should be a nice choice, but too professional and complicated to amateurs. PortraitPro is a well-selling professional portrait makeup app. Portrait Professional 17 works in a completely different way to ordinary airbrushing and photo editing software.

When you free download Portrait Professional 17, the pricing is one major issue for the retouching program. You can get some Portrait Professional coupons from RetailMeNot or other websites. In order to use the Studio Max version, you might look for methods to crack Portrait Professional as well. Is Portrait Professional worth the price? What should be the best alternative? Find out the answer from the article now.

Portrait Professional Banner

Overview of Portrait Professional 17

Portrait Professional 17 (PortraitPro) is fast and intuitive to use, and this professional portrait makeup app intelligently enhances every aspect of a portrait for beautiful results. It comes in three editions to meet different users’ needs.

PortraitPro Standard is suitable for those people who just deal with some portraits not often and don’t need much demand of professional portrait makeup effects.

PortraitPro Studio handles RAW files directly and supports different color spaces, which is suitable for keen amateur users.

PortraitPro Studio Max can run as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in, and it has a full batch mode to process a full photo shoot with one click.

Of course, the pricing of each version of PortraitPro differs from tens of dollars to more than one hundred dollars, according to the features that each version provides. See the differences in the table below:

FeaturesPortraitPro StandardPortraitPro StudioPortraitPro Studio Max
Advanced Protrait RetouchingYESYESYES
Full Batch ModeNONOYES
Photoshop Plug-inNONOYES

3 Key Features of Portrait Professional 17

Auto detects the face, age and gender

Just as the name of the professional portrait makeup app, PortraitPro 17 applies the advanced facial feature recognition algorithm. PortraitPro can automatically analyze the face in a photo, and detect the facial outline, mouth, nose, eyes, lips and eyebrows to apply various processing enhancements at each area.

After opening a photo, PortraitPro pops up a dialog box, asking you to choose if the face is female, male or a child. And the key facial features are marked on the left pane, which means the marked places can be retouched up with PortraitPro.

Portrait Professional 17

After you select the gender, PortraitPro will upload and apply the corresponding professional makeup features for you to retouch the photo. You can view the makeup result effect in the Before and After pane.

Whether the face occupies most of the photo or a small part of the photo, PortraitPro will detect the face accurately. This automatic face detection works not only on one face in one photo, but also works in multiple faces in one photo. You can edit each face one by one.

Multiple Faces

Rich facial enhancement options

PortraitPro provides versatile makeup options. In the right pane of the software interface, you can make face sculpted, skin blemishes magically removed, wrinkles softened, eyes brightened, mouth widened, teeth whitened and even hair color changed.

PortraitPro Process Options

After importing a photo, the face is automatically retouched up, but if you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust the facial enhancement options by dragging the sliders or applying the preset options that PortraitPro provides.

PortraitPro Auto Optimize

PortraitPro processes not only the facial of a person in the photo, but also can change the background or foreground of the person. It also enables you to adjust the exposure, brightness, and contrast of the whole picture, add a vignette onto the picture. And you can even crop the picture to get part of it that you want.

PortraitPro Chang Background

Touchup portrait images in batch process

This feature is developed for professionals or those who need to process a large number of portraits at the same time. The feature is only available with PortraitPro Studio Max. The following steps indicate you how to batch process photos with PortraitPro Studio Max.

Step 1: Import as many portrait photos as you want. The PortraitPro Studio Mac version support both JPEG and RAW formats.

Step 2: Select a preset enhancement in the pop-up dialog box. PortraitPro Studio Max will automatically find the faces in your photos and apply the preset enhancement.

Step 3: Check the results and save the processed photos. As for the case, you can apply the similar effect to the other portraits.

PortraitPro Batch Processing

Pros and Cons of PortraitPro


  • Ease-to-use: auto apply facial enhancement, no manual operation needed.
  • Rich editing options: you can manual adjust specific effect with provided enhancement options.
  • Timesaving: support for profile shots and multiple faces, and batch process.


  • The auto enhancement application is not always satisfying.
  • Only PortraitPro Studio Max supports batch process, and the price is not adorable.

Best Alternative for Portrait Professional

Is there any alternative for Portrait Professional to touch up faces with ease? If you are still searching for the cracking solution for Portrait Professional, WidsMob Portrait should be the alternative you need to take into consideration. It is an easy, efficient portrait editing software to redefine portrait touchup.

1. Full Makeup Controls: Comprehensive and intuitive controls over face, eye, cheek, noise, teeth, shine, skin and more makeup aspects.

2. Skin Color Management: Enable people of different colors adjust skin color tone according to their own requirements with an advanced algorithm.

3. Support Batch Process: Customize option to define presets with combined effects, which you can achieve the result within one click.

4. Compatible RAW Files: Support photo beautify for both the JPEG and RAW format. Whether you take portrait images with DSLR or Smartphone.

5. Intuitive and Fast: Besides the easy interface to touchup portrait images, it has an excellent algorithm provides the wonderful effects in 4X speed.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to batch process with WidsMob Portrait

Step 1: Add a number of portrait images into the program. Similar to Portrait Professional Studio Max version, you can add the JPEG files as well as the RAW formats.

Import Photo to Portrait

Step 2: Adjust the parameters for skin, eye, teeth, shine, noise and other aspects of face. There are some presets to remove blemish and pouch within one click.

Skin Soften on Portrait

Step 3: Save as a preset for the program, which you can apply the combined effects for the other portraits within one click in batch. Just within one click, you can touch up the portrait with different effects with ease.

Before/After on Portrait



When you have difficulties to purchase Portrait Professional service, it should be an ultimate Portrait Professional 17 Review. You can get everything in detail about the program, features, tutorial and pricing. If you want to find some alternatives, WidsMob Portrait should be the one you need to take into consideration.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version