Make a Black and White GIF from Videos or Animated Files – Here are 3 Solutions [2024]

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When you need to make a black-and-white GIF from videos or even animated files that bring out the texture of the characters, what are the best choices? If you just need to turn some videos into a black-and-white GIF animation, you can simply use some online GIF makers with HSL adjustments. But how to avoid any damage to the original file? Is there a method to present the optimal quality of the B/W GIFs? Just learn more about the best methods from the article now.

Make a Black and White GIF

Part 1: 2 Online Methods to Make Black and White GIFs

Method 1: EZGIF

EZGIF is a popular GIF maker that enables you to apply the grayscale effect to a colorful GIF. It enables you to convert multiple animated files, including GIF, AVIF, WebP, and more. Of course, you can also convert color videos to black-and-white GIFs easily.

Step 1: Enter the EZGIF directly in the search bar to enter the official website. Click the Effects menu to apply the effect to the animated GIFs. After that, click the Color Filter button before selecting the colorful GIF animation. Just click on the Upload button to upload the desired GIF online.

EZGIF Online GIF Maker

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the desired GIF, scroll down to adjust the parameters. To make a black and white GIF, you can check the Grayscale button. Of course, you can tweak the hue, saturation, and lightness to make the B/W GIF before clicking the Apply effect! button.

EZGIF Grayscale

Step 3: Preview the output file at the bottom of the web page. You can apply more effects or further edit the animated GIF, such as crop, resize, rotate, speed, and more before clicking the convert button to save the black and white GIF on your computer.



Whether you need to make a color GIF or a black-and-white GIF online, you can simply choose OnlineGIFTools, which offers a collection of useful GIF utilities. Besides converting colorful GIFs into grayscale ones, it also enables you to add white noise and other effects.

Step 1: Go to OnlineGIFTools with any web browser. Scroll down the list to find the Convert a GIF to Grayscale button. It enables you to quickly remove colors from a GIF and leave only gray shades. After that, you can upload the desired GIF online via the Import from file button.

OnlineGIFTools Convert a GIF to Grayscale

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the desired files, it will convert them into a black-and-white GIF automatically. After that, it will present the effect with a frame-to-frame comparison. Moreover, select the desired Grayscale conversions and you can make a special B/W effect easily.

OnlineGIFTools Import from File

Step 3: Click the Chain with option, you can explore more functions of the online toolset to the B/W GIF, including converting it to a Sprite Sheet and more. If you are satisfied with the B/W GIF, you can click the Save as button in the Grayscale area.

OnlineGIFTools Download

Part 2: The Best Alternative Way to Make GIF Animations Online Style

Since both GIF makers have restrictions for both the imported GIFs and the output B/W GIF animation. It means that you can only save them in a low definition and obvious noise. What should you do to make an animation file or a video into a black-and-white GIF with high quality?

WidsMob GIF is a versatile GIF maker and editor that not only enables you to adjust saturation, contrast, and brightness, but also saves the animated GIF with original quality. It enables you to tweak the GIF size, GIF quality, frame rate, loop count, and more easily. There is no restriction for the uploaded videos, the GIF animation, or the output B/W GIF. Moreover, you can also export up to 50FPS with a maximum resolution of 320 pixels and 10 frames per second. Besides, you can also apply multiple GIF effects within the same editing window easily.

1. Adjust saturation, contrast, and brightness to make different B/W GIFs.

2. Custom GIF size, background color, GIF quality, frame rate, and more.

3. Convert a series of photos, videos, and even animated files to B/W GIFs.

4. Edit animated GIF, like cutting out the desired part, adding text/stickers, etc.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob GIF, start the program and click the GIF Editor button. Select and import the desired GIF animation. Preview the GIF within the timeline, in which you can cut out the desired part, rotate the GIF, or even add stickers.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Go to the GIF Adjustment menu, you can make a black and white GIF with the slider of Saturation only. When you need to get an optimal B/W effect, you can also adjust the sliders of Contrast and Brightness with an instant preview.

WidsMob GIF Adjustment

Step 3: Click the GIF Settings menu, you can adjust the quality slider of the output B/W GIF animation in the drop-down menu. Choose the desired frame rate from the drop-down list to save it in optimal quality. After that, you can click the Export GIF button.

WidsMob GIF Settings

Note: When you need to make a B/W GIF from videos or photos, you can find the same HSL adjustment within the GIF maker. Moreover, you can combine them together to get the desired effect.

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When you need to extract the colors from a video or an animated GIF, here are the workable methods you should know. Online GIF makers are very convenient to turn videos or animation files into grayscale GIFs. But when you need to get files with high quality, WidsMob GIF is the best choice for a good quality black and white GIF animation.