How to Make Animated GIFs on Windows – 3 Easy Ways You Should Know

Last Updated on January 22, 2023 by Peter Wood

Is there a built-in method to make animated GIFs on Windows 11/10/8? When you need to turn photos and videos into animated GIFs, Paint 3D is more than a photo editor but also enables you to make GIFs on Windows via a sequence of photos. But what should you do if you need to convert videos or animation files to GIFs? Just learn more about the 3 easy methods to help you out from the article.

Make Animated GIFs on Windows

Part 1: How to Make GIFs on Windows with Any Media File

Different from Microsoft Paint, WidsMob GIF is an all-in-one GIF maker for Windows to turn most file formats into animated GIFs, including JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF, APNG, MP4, MOV, and more. It not only converts videos to animated GIF, and edit animated GIFs without conversion, but also combine and split APNG and AVIF as well. There are multiple filters, quality settings, and loop counts that you can apply to animated GIFs.

1. Create animated GIFs from photos, videos, and animated files easily.

2. Add stickers, text, filters, HSL adjustments, and background to GIFs.

3. Tweak duration, GIF quality, loop count, frame rate, sequence, etc.

4. Cut out desired parts, combine animated files, and insert files into GIFs.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob GIF, you can open the program and choose the desired GIF-making mode, such as Video to GIF. After that, you can select the desired video you want to make GIF on Windows. Preview the imported video with audio within the program.

Import Video to WidsMob

Step 2: Select the desired video clips from the timeline. You can drag the frame with the timeline on both sides. After that, click the Play button to preview the GIF animation. Just tweak sliders for saturation, contrast, and brightness for the HSL adjustments.

Adjust HSL for Video GIF

Step 3: Go to the GIF Size menu and choose the desired social media preset from the drop-down list from Options, such as the different options from the Instagram option. After that, you can enter the desired size or adjust the background color accordingly.

Choose GIF Size

Step 4: Click the arrow next to Frame Rate from the GIF Settings menu and choose the desired frame rate. It enables you to convert videos up to 50FPS and make animated GIFs on Windows with a maximum resolution of 320 pixels and 10 frames per second.

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Part 2: How to Create GIFs on Windows via Photoshop

Photoshop is a popular method to make animated GIFs on Windows from a series of photos or videos. Instead of converting videos to animated GIFs, it will extract each frame to an image and make an animated GIF afterward, which will affect the output quality. It is difficult to export the animated GIF with the original video quality.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop and import the desired video to make animated GIFs on Windows. Click the File button and choose the Import option in the drop-down menu. Select the Video Frames to Layer button to import the video from the popup window.

Import Video to Photoshop

Step 2: Check the Selected Range Only option and select the desired video clip. Once you have customized the desired frames, you should make sure the Make Frame Animation option is enabled before clicking the OK button to continue the conversion.

Trim Video in Photoshop

Step 3: It will convert the video into a sequence of photos. As for photos, you can simply go to the File menu and choose the Scripts option. Select the Load Files into Stack option and click the Browse button to import photos into Photoshop.

Convert Video to Layers Photoshop

Step 4: Click the Windows button and select the Timeline option in the drop-down menu. It will list all the frames at the bottom of the interface. Click the Play button to preview the animated GIF. You can choose the Make Frames From Layers option to list all frames.

Manage Layers in Timeline Photoshop

Step 5: Preview the GIF animation by clicking the Play button. To reverse the animation, you can click the Settings icon and choose the Reverse Frames button to make the GIF animation back and forth. Moreover, you can click the Repeat button and choose the Forever button to make the GIF animation in Windows play in a permanent loop.

Reverse Frames for GIF Photoshop

Step 6: Click the File button and choose the Export As button from Export. Go to the Export As window, you can choose the GIF option from the drop-down list. Moreover, you can adjust the image size, and canvas size before clicking the Export button.

Export GIF Photoshop

Part 3: How to Generate GIFs on Windows with Paint 3D

Paint 3D is a successor of Paint, which enables you to make animated GIFs on Windows 10/11. Different from other free GIF makers, you can make some GIFs with 3D effects with single-frame animations only. There are brushes, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, stickers, text, effects, Canvas, and 3D libraries to make the animated files.

Step 1: Launch Paint 3D on your Windows 10/11. Click the Open button to import the desired photos into the program. Click the Menu button to choose the Open button in the left menu. Choose the Browse files button and select the image you need.

Open Project on Paint

Step 2: Click the Text button in the upper toolbar to add the desired text to your image. You can add shapes and stickers to the image. Besides, there are multiple features, such as using the brush tool to draw the image or applying 3D shapes.

Add Text and Brushes

Step 3: Save the edited animation as a GIF. Click the Menu button on the top left corner of the window. Choose the Save As button and select the Video button in the right panel. Of course, you can also save it as a Paint 3D project before conversion.

Save as Copy for GIF

Step 4: To make GIF on Windows, you can choose the GIF button in the drop-down menu from Save as type. Adjust the width, height, and quality of your GIF animation in the relevant interface. Choose the desired animation for the GIF animation before clicking the Save button.

Save 3D Paint GIF


Here are 3 different methods to make GIF animation on Windows. Paint 3D is an efficient method to turn a single photo into an animated GIF. But when you need to convert a sequence of photos or videos into animated GIFs, WidsMob GIF and Photoshop are the best choices you can try.

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