3 Simple Methods to Make Live 3D GIFs for Different Scenarios [Ultimate Guide]

Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Peter Wood

Since the 3D GIFs playback automatically, they can trick your eye and make an effect that something will jump out of your screen. But how do you create 3D animated GIFs from photos or videos? Is it possible to export some high-quality GIFs as wallpapers? Whether you need to turn an image into a 3D GIF with a special effect or convert videos to the desired one, here are 3 simple methods you should follow from the article.

Make Live 3D GIFs

Part 1: How to Create 3D GIFs from Photos with Paint 3D

Paint 3D is the built-in program for Windows to create 3D scenes, you can simply export them as 3D GIFs. It enables you to convert an ordinary image into a 3D photo or even start from scratch. Moreover, you can use 3D doodles, 3D objects, and 3D models to create special 3D GIFs.

Step 1: Select the 3MF file you need to make a 3D GIF, you can use the right mouse button to stimulate the shortcut menu. Select the Edit with Paint 3D option to enter Paint 3D. Click the 3D views button to convert the edited view to a 3D view.

Open 3D Project

Step 2: Edit the 3D file by clicking on the shapes and text. Here you can add 3D scribbles and 3D objects. To highlight the 3D feeling of the GIF animation, you can import some special stickers and other elements from the 3D library to the 3D GIF animation.

Add Texts and Animation Paint

Step 3: After you finish editing, click the Menu button to choose the Save as option from the left menu. Click the Video button in the tab after switching to the saving window. Click the Save as type button and choose the GIF (video) button to save the file as a 3D GIF animation.

Save GIF Video Paint

Step 4: When you save a 3D GIF, you can only save it to a maximum of up to 640px. As for the videos, you can tweak the width and height. Adjust the 3D GIF animation angle and framing, such as the Hover animation and the speed multiplier before clicking the Save button.

Change Animation Paint

Part 2: How to Make 2D Images to 3D Animated GIF Online

If you just need to turn an image into a 3D GIF with some basic effects, such as 360 spin, clockwise spin, front flip, glitch, and more. 3D GIF Maker Online is a versatile choice to apply the effect. You can customize the size, number of loops, speeds, and total frames for the 3D GIF animation.

Step 1: Go to 3dgifmaker.com with your web browser. Click the Upload Image button to import the desired photo into the program. After that, you can select the color of the background or check the Transparent option to make a GIF animation with transparent background.

Step 2: Choose the desired animation effect, such as Rotating Donut, Blink, Squishy, Spiral and Vanish, and others. Switch to the desired one from the drop-down list. Just preview the instant effect within the upper right corner of the window for the 3D GIF.

Step 3: Customize the size of the animation, set up the number of loops, adjust the animation speed, and choose the animation frame before clicking the Download Gif button. It only supports GIF animation to 130, which is relatively small.

3D GIF Maker Online

Part 3: How to Convert a 2D Video to a 3D GIF as a Profession

How about some complicated 3D GIFs from videos? Adobe After Effects is one of the most professional solutions to make 2D videos to 3D GIFs. You can also create and customize virtual lights and cameras for some interesting and dynamic results with advanced 3D rendering.

Step 1: When working with After Effects 3D, import the GIF animation that needs to be 3Ded. Click the Layer button in the Timeline panel and choose the 3D Layer button in the options from the drop-down list that appear to 3D-edit the 2D flat GIF.

After Effect 3D Layer

Step 2: Use a different perspective to view the 3D GIF animation. Click the Select View Layout button at the bottom of the compositing panel. Choose a different viewpoint to have a 3D view. Select a different viewpoint for viewing the GIF animation in the drop-down menu that appears.

3D Popup View After Effect

Step 3: Choose different camera settings to edit different views. You can click the Layer button and choose the New button. After that, click the Camera button in the shortcut menu and adjust the focus and aperture in the text box or just select a preset before saving the edits.

Camera Settings After Effects

Step 4: Save the edited animation. Preview the playback of 3D GIF animation, confirm the editing, and make some corrections. After that, click the File button and choose the Save button in the drop-down menu. You can choose the Animated GIF button to render the 3D GIF.

Rendering GIF 3D After Effect

Note: Make sure the animated GIF is much larger than the videos, you need to have more resources when you save 3D animated GIFs. You’d better split the files into different clips for rendering. Of course, you can save them as a video and use some professional GIF maker afterward.

Part 4: How to Convert 3D Videos to 3D GIFs in High-Quality

Just as the information mentioned above, you cannot save high-quality GIFs with Paint 3D, or export large animated 3D GIFs with low-end configuration. When you are looking for the optimal method to convert the exported 3D videos to 3D GIFs, WidsMob GIF enables you to export the videos to GIFs with 50FPS and save animated GIFs with a maximum resolution of 320 pixels and 10 frames per second. Moreover, there are multiple editing features to cut out the desired part, add text and stickers, customize the HSL settings, and even tweak the GIF size.

1. Preview and cut out the desired part of the 3D video before conversion.

2. Adjust the saturation, contrast, brightness, background color, and others.

3. Choose social media presets, scale proportionally, and tweak file sizes.

4. Export up to 50FPS, adjust the video quality, and save files with 320px.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob GIF and started the program. Click the Video to GIF button, and select the 3D video you need to create a 3D GIF in the pop-up dialog box. When you import the video into the program, you will enter the editing window.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Select the video clip to make a 3D GIF. Click the Play button under the video and preview the video playing. After that, select the clip you need. Select the clips by dragging the selection boxes on both sides of the timeline to capture the desired video clip.

Cut Out GIF Part

Step 3: Click the GIF Size menu and choose the Options button in the drop-down menu. Select the Facebook button in the drop-down presets and click the shortcut to modify. It enables you to export 3D GIFs with thousands of colors per frame.

Tweak GIF Size

Step 4: Go to the GIF Settings menu and choose the Frame Rate button. Select the Frame Rate up to 50FPS and adjust the slider of Quality. When you have finished the editing, click the Export GIF button to export the 3D video to 3D GIF animation.

Export the 3D GIF Win Download Mac Download


In daily life, it is already very common to express 3D stereoscopic feelings through a flat surface. Of course, 3D GIF animation cannot be left behind. The above methods can add a sense of three-dimensional animation. When you need to export or render some high-quality 3D videos to 3D GIFs, WidsMob GIF should always be the initial choice.