Use Magic Wand Tool to Erase Backgrounds – by Photoshop/ iPhone/ Android APP

Last Updated on December 5, 2021 by Peter Wood

If you have watched films about Harry Potter, you may wonder to get a magic wand to experience the magic power. Though there is no wood for you to handle, you can get in touch with it in photo editing processes. Adobe Photoshop raises the magic wand tool definition. It is the filter to select objects according to tolerance and pixels and the most frequent place to use magic wand effects in Photoshop. Before Photoshop CS2, you can choose the magic wand directly by selecting the icon. However, for Photoshop CS3 or later users, you need to click the quick selection tool. After that, choose between Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool. The quick selection tool is rough. You can only use it to select something with shapes.

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Part 1. Edit with Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop

Being one part of Photoshop elements, a magic wand is a tool to select objects and change the background and something else. The wand magic toolbar contains tolerance, Anti-alias, contiguous, and sample all layers. You can get magic wand effects by adjusting editing tools in Adobe Photoshop.

Remove background

In many photo-editing cases, portraits in one picture are more attractive than the background. As a result, removing backgrounds with a magic wand in Photoshop is an essential skill. There are two main styles of magic wand tool backgrounds. If the photo backgrounds are easy to remove, using a magic wand is enough. As for complex image backgrounds, you need to apply the background eraser tool for help.

1. Import an image to Photoshop. Choose Background Eraser tool from the toolbox.

2. Select the brush, and then adjust hardness and roundness to make it be round and hard.

3. Set Sampling to Continuous, limits to Find Edges and Tolerance varies from 20 to 25.

4. Brush the area you want to remove. Reset Limits into Discontinue, and higher Tolerance a little. And then brush the area near the body again.

5. Use Pen to draw the left background color, and then delete.

Magic Wand Tool Photoshop

The tolerance number means the degree of similarity of the original color. The higher tolerance, the more different the magic wand tool color is.

Change color

If you need to use the magic wand tool to change background color, you can achieve it. Moreover, it is also available to replace the object color. Thus, to edit pictures more professionally, there is necessary to use the magic wand toolbar in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Choose Color Replacement Tool from Brush.

2. Choose the foreground and background icon and then click the background color you prefer. Tap OK to finish.

3. Select a round brush, and set it into Color. Do not forget to adjust Limits to Contiguous and lower tolerance.

Change color Photoshop

Or you can also choose Selective Color from New Adjustment Layer or get Replace Color from Adjustments in the Image menu. The magic wand tool to change color is a cake in the image editor name Adobe Photoshop.

Part 2. Apply Magic Wand Tool APP

To delete background by magic wand tool, you need to handle magic wand editors, which works on iPhone and Android. The requirement for the magic wand tool app is easy to use. Users can erase background color with the magic wand tool after effects.

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser is the magic wand tool app to create transparent background images. You can erase backgrounds automatically with the magic wand iOS app. It is a reverse tool, level accuracy, erase or restore area you select. Moreover, all magic-wand photos are out of watermark.

1. Import pictures, and then choose an eraser to brush the place you want to delete.

2. Adjust the magic wand tool's transparent background, and use the magic wand filter to remove a similar color area.

3. Save edited pictured in JPEG or PNG image formats.

Magic Eraser

You can crop pictures before using a magic wand add selection tools. The whole process to create magic wand effects are free. Moreover, you can erase the background by zooming in at high resolutions. The only thing you need is to pay is $2.99, which can remove ads during erasing background colors.

Toolwiz Photos

Toolwiz Photos is the magic wand tool Android app, which can do other picture editing processes. There are many filters you can use except the magic wand tool. You can get over 40 Prisma style filters, 50 fast filters, 80 feeling tone filters, 20 blurs, 10 painting styles, and many other toolbars you can use. Moreover, the Android magic wand tool has many online resources. You can experience different magic power on the picture editor.

1. Upload images to the Toolwiz Photos.

2. Use the magic cut and magic wand filters with one click.

3. Save or share pictures on the social platform.

Toolwiz Photos

The all-in-one pro picture editor offers over 200 professional tools. Some of their charges were from $0.99 to $1.99. You can get enough tools from the magic wand editor on Android.


If the magic wand tool does not work, or there is something about the magic wand tool error in Photoshop, you can try the magic wand app to delete the background or change colors. As the name has shown, the magic wand tool can work with real magic power in photo editing. Therefore, muggles can process well-edited pictured with magic wand effects as well.

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