Blur Photos in Photoshop

[Guide] How to Blurry Background of Photos with Photoshop in Different Methods

As you know, you can achieve photo blurry effects with Adobe Photoshop in many styles. From the Blur filter, there are dozens of blurry effects, such as Field blur, Iris blur, Lens blur and so on. Thus, if someone told you to blur in Photoshop, you had better distinguish different photo blurry effects. For example, you can get several choices to blur background in Photoshop, whether to blur the whole background or part of them. In order to personalize blurry images, you can view the following Photoshop blur images processes to compare. The article also introduces an excellent alternative method for image blur with easy steps.

Blur Photos in Photoshop

Part 1: How to create a blurry image with Photoshop

Blur filter of Photoshop is an important feature of Photoshop. There are different blur methods for Photoshop to apply for the whole images or part of them. Just check out the 4 frequently used methods in the part now.

Create Lens Blur in Photoshop

Lens photo blur filter in Photoshop can catch people’s focus to your target objects. You are able to create depth images just as DSLR can get. Many photographers often apply the lens effect to blur in Photoshop.

Step 1: Duplicate the background layer. As for Windows users, you can click “Ctrl” and “J”, and Mac users tap “Command” and “J”.

Step 2: Go to the “Channel Palette” of your new background layer. Click the “New Channel” icon to create a new one under the RGB, Red, Green and Blue Channel palette. Use the Brush tool on the right pane, and then adjust opacity to 50%.

Step 3: Go back to your channel and click the eye before the RGB channel to make it visible. Set the Foreground color to white, and then use the brush to draw the area of lens blur in Photoshop. The soft-edged brush can be large at first, later you need to smaller it to paint.

Step 4: Still click the RGB channel, after that go back to layers. Click “Lens Blur” from “Lens” drop-down list. When you see the dialog, choose the name of your new layer for the depth map, do not forget to tick “Invert”.

Step 5: Adjust the Radius slider to set the blur effect area. You will find that the lens blur in Photoshop spread smoothly, which is similar with photographs from DSLRs.

Lens Blur

Design Field Blur in Photoshop

Field blur effect of Photoshop means you can set one focus and then blur others, no matter you want to blur background effect or foreground photos in Photoshop. You need to duplicate the background layer as other blur in Photoshop tutorials.

Step 1: Choose “Field Blur” from “Blur” menu. Use the blur slider in Photoshop CS6. Control the pin to Field blur amount in Photoshop. You can preview during rotate the pin to view blur effect with Photoshop.

Step 2: Click the Pin icon and then choose Add option to create more pins, which you can set field blur in Photoshop.

Step 3: Repeat rotates pins to adjust different blur effects in Photoshop. You can get different sliders on the right panes to move. The blur amounts are easy to adjust.

Step 4: You can add pins to another parts of images to consist the whole field blur effect in Photoshop. Click “OK” icon to apply Field blurry effect in Photoshop.

Step 5: You can press “H” to hide those pins temporarily to preview blur effect. If you want to delete the certain pin, just click it and then tap “Delete” on the keyboard to remove.

Blur Gallery

Part 2: How to blur background of an image in Photoshop

Make Motion Blur in Photoshop

Motion blur in Photoshop aims to help staid objects to be moving. The most frequently use is to add motion blur effect to some points. For instance, you can add motion blur to wheels, which parks near the road to starting.

Step 1: Click “Convert for Smart Filters” from “Filter” to create a new layer. After that choose “Motion Blur” from “Blur” drop-down menu.

Step 2: Set your blur direction and move the slider to adjust blurry amount. You can adjust motion blur angle and distance as well. Choose Guided button on the top of Elements window, and then go to “Zoo Burst Effect” in Elements 12.

Step 3: Choose “Radial blur” if you want to create fast speed moving objects. Set Radial amount and turn Spin to Zoom. Do not forget about image quality, tick “Best”.

Step 4: Hide the motion blur in Photoshop if you want to get blurrier photo effect, you can add a layer mask.

Step 5: The final step is to choose “Save as”, you can save into Tiff file format, or JPEG and so on. The blur in Photoshop tutorial are easy to follow.

Motion Blur

Get Mask Blur in Photoshop

Using mask blur effect is the way to strength focuses slightly by blurring background of image with Photoshop. You can use unsharpened mask to highlight importance with ease. Blur a picture with masks in Photoshop is not the difficult target to achieve. Here are tips to create Mask blur in Photoshop.

Step 1: Duplicate a new layer, and keep originals as backgrounds as usual.

Step 2: Click the new layer and then choose “Filter”, “”Sharpen” and “Unsharpen”. Adjust blur amount and blur radius sliders to move.

Step 3: Choose “Layer”, and then “Layer Mask” and “Hide All”, to get a black square on the new background layer.

Step 4: Paint the background color from white to reveal, and black to conceal. Use the brush tool to draw the area you want to add mask blur effect in Photoshop.

Step 5: Preview your blurred photos, after that choose “Save as” to finish blurring images in Photoshop.

Mask Blur

The change of mask blurring in Photoshop is not obvious. It is similar with markers, you can use blur effect to emphasis photos. Though the blur effects may not be evidently, it may be a mild way to touch up and blur photos with Photoshop.

Part 3: The alternative method to blur image of Photoshop

What should be the alternative method to blur images of Photoshop? WidsMob Retoucher should be an excellent photo filter to apply blurring and other effects with easy steps. Besides blurring photos, here are more features you should know about WidsMob Retoucher.

1. Eliminate image noise; minimize image grain, JPEG artifacts and other imperfections.

2. Remove some selfie imperfections; such as minimize freckles, and smooth skins.

3. Provides dozens of revolutionary camera profiles to rediscover the magic of stunning film effects.

4. Add additional artistic photo effects, retouch photos with color opacity.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of WidsMob Retoucher. After that you can import photos into the program, or even drag and drop the files into the program.


Step 2: After that you can choose the “LOMO” menu, which you can add “Vignetting” filter to blur photo background with different colors.

Vignetting Retoucher

Step 3: Of course, choose the “Film Pack” menu and select the “Color Rendition Profile”, “Color Modes”, especially “Film Grain” to blur photos.

Retouch with Film Pack Effect



When you need to blur photos in Photoshop, you can learn 4 methods to blur part of the images as well as the background. Besides the blur features of Photoshop, you can also learn more alternative features from the article. If you have any other query about photo blurring in Photoshop, you can share more information in the article.

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