Aesthetic Black and White Background – Here are the Methods to Get the Desired Photos

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When you need some aesthetic black and white background as the wallpaper of iPhone or the banner of Tumblr, how to download or design the B/W photos? Just learn more about the best methods to acquire the desired photos from the article now.

You might take it for granted that you can download a satisfying black and white background design with ease. Most of the images are not for free, especially for the aesthetic or interesting ones. Just learn more about how to design a satisfied one from the article now.

Black and White Background

Part 1: Top 5 Websites to Download Black and White Backgrounds

Where can you download some black and white background designs, vectors, and patterns? Just learn more about the 5 best websites to download the desired photos with ease.

Website NameBlack and White Background Photos
FreepikMore than 200,000 black and white background graphics, vectors, PSD files as well as icons. Limited files provided for the free account only.
PixabayAbout 2,000 free black and white background photos, vector graphics, illustrations and even videos. Choose the Transparent to get PNG files.
Gettyimages50,000 black and white background stock pictures and images. Need USD499 to get the full license to get the full resolution photos online.
UnsplashHundreds of HD black & white wallpapers for your mobile and desktop screen. All the HD photos within Unsplash are free.
PexelsMore than 10,000 black and white photos, backgrounds, and even videos. All the B/W files are free to use without any limitation.

Part 2: Best Method to Design Aesthetic Black and White Backgrounds

To take full advantage of the free stock images, how do you turn the color background into an aesthetic black and white one as desired? WidsMob Retoucher is the best method to apply B/W filters to any photo with stunning effects. It not only applies black and white analog film effects but also tweaks the color parameters to get the desired photos.

  1. Provide aesthetic black and white analog film effects with different cameras.
  2. Apply the black and white color toning effects with special effects with ease.
  3. Adjust the color parameters, such as saturation, brightness, tint, and more.
  4. Get the color opacity, color filter, vignetting, and other LOMO effects.
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Step 1: Import photos into the program

Once you have installed the program, launch the program and click the Import button to load the photos, or simply drag-n-drop the photos to turn them into black-and-white ones.

Import WidsMob Retoucher

Step 2: Apply Black and white film analog

Choose the FILM PACK option and select the Color Rendition Profile as the Black and White Film option. There are 9 different analog film effects you can apply to make aesthetic black and white background.

Kodak BW 400CN Kodak Tri X 400 Kodak T Max 3200 Fuji Neopan Acros 100 Illford Pan F Plus 500 Illford XP2 IIllford Delta 400 Illford HP5 Plus 400 Illford HPS 800

Step 3: Tweak the other parameters

To get a satisfying black and white background image, you can also adjust the contrast, saturation, tone color, film grain, brightness, temperature, tint, color filter, vignette, and more.

Vignette Black White

Step 4: Export the black and white background

After that, you can click the Save button to save the output image to your computer, or click the Share button to share the files to social media websites directly.

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Part 3: Make Stunning Black and White Backgrounds via Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most professional photo editors. You can always turn a color photo into a black and white background image without a problem. Of course, there are many methods to acquire the desired one. Just learn more details as below.

Step 1: Import the photo in Photoshop. You have to make a selection around the subject with the Quick Selection option. Press Alt and Quick Selection tool to adjust the area. It needs some patience at this time.

Step 2: Located to the Select menu on the ribbon and select Inverse to inverse the selection area.

Step 3: Navigate to the Layers panel and select the Black and White adjustment layer option on the bottom.

Step 4: Then you can use the Maximum Black preset to darken the background. Hue/Saturation adjustment could also produce a similar effect.

Step 5: Enlarge the photo to check the details; you will discover that the border area of the subject is unnatural.

Step 6: So select the mask icon in the Layer panel and open Properties to make some adjustments.

Step 7: Click on the Mask Edge… option in the Properties box to open the Refine Mask option.

Step 8: Select the Smart Radius option in the Edge Detection panel. And adjust the value of Radius to make the subject blend well with the black and back background.

Step 9: Finally, click the OK button if you get a satisfactory result.

Black and White with Photoshop

Part 4: How to Make a Satisfied Black and White Background Online

If you do not want to download programs to design a black and white background, you can also use the online tools. Just take as an example. You can learn more details about how to make a satisfying black and white photo online as below.

Step 1: Go to online with any of your browsers and select the Editor on the top menu bar. You can click on the Get started button in the middle of the page to go to the editing page.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the file, select the Effects option on the left menu bar. It shows as a magic stick icon. Choose the Black & White effect, the whole photo will change to a black and white background.

Step 3: Then check Paint mode in the Black & White effect section to open the setting box. Choose the Eraser option and adjust the value of Brush size depending on the size of the subject.

Step 4: Use the brush to wipe the subject; it will become colorful again. Click the Save button or the Share button to apply the changes. You can save the output on your computer or share it online directly. B/W


To get a black and white background image, vector, or other files, you can search for the free images online beforehand. If you were not able to locate the files, you can turn a color image into the desired one with 3 easy and excellent methods.

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