Crop a Photo on Mac – Here are 4 Workable Methods for macOS Ventura

Last Updated on January 9, 2023 by Peter Wood

What should be the best methods to crop a photo on Mac? Of course, you can simply use the built-in features of your MacBook to resize, crop, and edit photos. When you need to resize photos for passports, websites, and more with a batch process, is there a method to crop photos on Mac with presets? Here are the 4 best methods you should know.

Crop a Photo on Mac

Part 1: How to Crop and Resize Photos on Mac with Presets

Whether you need to batch crop and resize images on Mac or custom presets with a series of actions, WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile way to resize photos, crop images, upscale resolution, rename files, add watermarks, and more. Different from other photo resizers for Mac, you can upload a large number of photos to batch crop and resize them within one click.

1. Select the desired width, height, X, Y, and ratios, such as 2:3, 4:3, or more.

2. Resize pictures with different modes, width, height, free, and percentage.

3. Provide AI super-resolution to upscale images up to 4X with original quality.

4. Customize and apply presets to crop, resize, and add watermarks in batch.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob ImageConvert, you can click the Import button and select the desired photos you need to crop and resize them in the dialog box. Double-click any image to enter it into the editing window for cropping or editing.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: Click the Crop button in the upper left corner to enter the Crop window. Choose the Free option from the Ratio menu to choose the desired area. You can also enter the desired value for width, height, X, and Y to crop the photo on Mac.

Crop Ratio of ImageConvert

Note: If you need to crop the photo in a certain ratio on Mac, you can choose the desired Ratio and adjust the frame to crop the desired area.

Step 3: When you need to resize the photos, you can also enable the Resize menu and choose the desired mode, such as Free. After that, you can enter the desired width, height, percentage, and more. Moreover, there are features to add watermarks and frames.

Resize Image Batch ImageConvert

Step 4: Go to the Preset button and click the + button to enter the name of the preset. Just click the OK button to save the preset. After that, you can click the Save As button to crop a photo on your Mac. Next time click the Preset button, you can apply a series of actions in one click.

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Part 2: How to Crop a Photo on Mac with Preview

If just need to crop a photo on Mac, Preview is the built-in feature you should try. Different from the previous versions, macOS Ventura provides different selections, including rectangular selection, elliptical selection, lasso selection, and smart lasso, which you can crop the desired part easily.

Step 1: Right-click any image and click the Open with button in the pop-up menu. Choose the Preview (default) app from the top of the drop-down list to open the image with Preview. After that, you can preview and edit the photo according to your requirements.

Open with Preview

Step 2: Click the Show Markup Toolbar icon in the upper right corner. You cannot find the Crop icon as in the previous versions. Just click the Selection icon and choose the desired Rectangular Selection button to select the part of the image you want to crop.

Select the Desired Part Preview

Step 3: To crop the photo on your MacBook, you can click the Tools menu to choose the Crop button to cut out the desired part. When you need to get an irregular part, it will crop the desired part into a PNG file format. It will present the selected part in the window.

Cut Out Desired Part Preview

Step 4: Go to the File button and click the Save button in the drop-down list. Of course, you can also choose the Export button or the Share button to send the files to share the cropped image to AirDrop, Mail, Messages, Notes, and Add to Photos.

Share Cropped Image Preview

Part 3: How to Crop a Photo on Mac via Photos

When you need to crop a photo from an iPad or iPhone on your Mac, you can simply use Photos to get the related part. It provides different ratio options to resize photos. Moreover, you can adjust straighten, vertical, and horizontal of the image before saving.

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your MacBook and select the desired image you need to edit from the right menu. Just double-click the image to open it on a full screen. After that, you can click the Edit button in the upper-right corner to enter the editing window.

Open Image via Photos

Step 2: When you go to the editing window, it provides multiple settings to adjust, retouch, red-eye, white balance, curve, level, definition, selective color, noise reduction, sharpen, vignette, and more. Click the Crop menu to select the desired part.

Edit Photos with Photos

Step 3: To crop the photo on Mac, you can adjust the frame of the image to get out the desired part. Check the desired aspect ratio to cut out the desired part. After that, you can click the Done button to save the cropped image to your MacBook with photos.

Crop with Aspect Ratio Photos

Part 4: How to Crop a Photo on Mac Online

Picsart is a versatile online photo editor that enables you to crop a photo on Mac. There are dozens of photo toolsets to touch up them, including the AI features. But you have to create an account and subscribe to the service for exporting cropped photos without a watermark.

Step 1: Head to Picsart on your website and log in to the account. After that, you can click the Upload button to select the desired images you want to crop from your Mac. Moreover, you can drag and drop the photos into the online photo editor.

Upload Image Picsart

Step 2: Choose the desired image you want to edit, you can click the Crop tab in the upper right corner of the toolbar, then the corresponding crop box will appear on the image. You can adjust the frame of the photo to crop the photo on your Mac.

Crop the Image Online Picsart

Step 3: Once you have captured the desired part, you can click the Export button in the upper right corner. It enables you to enter the file name, choose the file type, resize the photos, or even upscale the images before exporting the cropped photo.

Export Cropped Photo Online Picsart


When you need to crop photos on Mac, here are 4 different methods you should know. Of course, you can use the built-in Photos and Preview to cut out the desired part. Picsart is an online method to crop images easily. If you need custom presets for cropping or resizing, WidsMob ImageConvert is the desired choice you should try.

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