How to Add Text to a Picture on Your Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android

Last Updated on November 13, 2021 by Peter Wood

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. But if you add text to a photo, you can convey more feeling and information than a pure picture. There are many situations of adding text to images. For instance, you can add a text watermark to your photo for copyright protection. You can also add captions, notes, comments, and more words to your picture to strengthen the key points. Whatever, you can get the complete tutorial here.

How to Add Text to a Picture

Part 1: How to Add Text to a Picture on Windows and Mac

For most photographers, adding text to pictures is one part of the process. You may also need to resize, rotate and apply other photo editing effects. What if you have various pictures need to be processed? During this time, WidsMob ImageConvert can be your smart choice. You can batch edit hundreds of images on Mac in one stop. Well, it is also supported to place text over a downloaded or captured picture in batch. Let’s see what you can get from the photo editing software.

1. Add text to your photo with the customizable font, style, color, size, angle, and position.

2. Cover an image to your picture with different opacity, scale, angle, and position.

3. Batch rotate, resize, rename and add a border.

4. Super fast processing speed and high-quality output.

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Step 1: Free download and install the photo editor for Mac. Choose Import to browse and add photos to the program.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2: Choose one photo in the main interface. You can move the slider on the top left corner to enlarge this photo. Later, click Text Watermark in the right pane. It is the fifth icon from the top to bottom list of the text to picture generator.

Import Pictures ImageConvert

Step 3: Trigger on the Text Watermark option before adding text to photos. Now you can type text in the Text section. If you want to add yellow subtitles to a picture, you can set the font color and adjust opacity in the Color list below. Moreover, you can customize the font, style, size, angle, and position too.

Add Text to Picture on Mac

Step 4: Click Start Convert on the lower right corner. You can save the picture as JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF, or Microsoft BMP. Then click Export to add text to photos n Mac in bulk. Well, the same text word will put on all the imported pictures at the same time.

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Part 2: How to Add Text on Top of a Photo on Windows 10/8/7

For Windows users, you can use Paint, Word, Adobe Photoshop, or other photo editors to label text to a picture. Microsoft Word seems to be a must-have problem. Thus, this section will show you the detailed steps to place text over a digital picture on Windows with Microsoft Word.

Step 1: Run Microsoft Word on your Windows computer. Head to the Insert section. Choose Shapes in the Illustrations group. Later, click New Drawing Canvas in the list.

Step 2: Add the background picture. Click outside the drawing canvas. Choose Text in the Insert section. Click Text Box followed by Draw Text Box to write on a picture.

Step 3: Write down what you want to say in the text box. You can move the text box to any position over the picture.

Step 4: Highlight the text. Change the text font or style from the shortcut menu. You can add curved text to photo on PC from Drawing Tools.

Step 5: Export the picture as usual. That’s the complete tutorial of adding text to a photo in Word.

Add Text to Picture in Word

Part 3: How to Add Text to Photos on iPhone and Android

There are two main ways to add text to a picture and save it on your smartphone. You can use Fotor, Fotojet, BeFunky, PICFONT, Phonto, and many text editors to add text to a photo online. Of course, you can also use third-party apps to insert text to a picture, like Over, Typic, Typorama, Word Swag, Font Candy, and more. Sometimes you need to pay to unlock certain features.

If you want to put text on a picture quickly, you can use the default photo editor app on your iOS or Android device. Here is the tutorial you can follow.

How to Add Text to a Picture on iPhone with the Photos App

Step 1: Open the Photos app on iPhone. (Update to iOS 11 or later.) Choose the picture you want to label.

Step 2: Tap Edit > Menu > Markup within the iPhone photo text editor.

Step 3: Tap the plus sign to add text to a photo for free on iPhone. You can use its pen, highlighter, or pencil tool to draw a picture on iPhone.

Add Text to Photo in Markup

How to Add Text to a Picture on iPhone with Google Photos

Step 1: Open the picture that you want to add text on the top. (Require Android 8.0 or later.)

Step 2: Choose Edit in from the three-dot Menu list.

Step 3: Tap Markup to get the pen or highlighter.

Step 4: You can write or draw on the picture with a different color.

Android Markup App

You can add text to a picture on your phone or computer freely with the above methods. If you want to resize, rotate, rename and convert images in batch, you can free download WidsMob ImageConvert and have a try. Of course, you can batch add text to photos in any format too. The photo editor can help you save a lot of time on repeating the same work.

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