Remove Background from Photos

[Tutorial] 4 Easy Ways to Remove Background from Photos

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- “How do I get rid of the white background the image is on or make it only as big as the image?”

- “Which is the best app for changing photo background?”

It is quite common to remove background from photos to get your target object. In another word, you can remove an unwanted background from a photo. Actually, there are many background eraser software you can get, such as Adobe Photoshop and more. However, many people hesitate to remove background from photos with Photoshop because of its hassle layers and operations.

If you have the same question, then you are lucky here. This article introduces how to remove the background of a picture online and offline easily. Thus, both beginners and professionals can get the satisfying result here.

Remove Background from Photos

Part 1: How Do I Remove Background from Photos with PowerPoint

Note: You can remove background from photos that have high contrast with PowerPoint easily.

Step 1: Import a picture into PowerPoint

Run PowerPoint software on your computer, then insert a picture from your local folder. For Windows users, find and click “File” option on the top left corner of the window. If you are running a Mac computer, then you need to choose “Adjust” instead. Later, click “Remove Background” option below.

Request to Remove Background in Powerpoint

Step 2: Remove background from image PowerPoint

Well, PowerPoint can help you remove most of the background automatically. However, it is not the final step. You can cut off the part of a photo in a customizable way by using options in toolbars on the top. Choose “Mark Areas to Remove” option. Then highlight the area you want to remove manually. Be aware that the highlighted place in purple will be removed.

Remove Background from Photos in Powerpoint

Step 3: Save the background-removed picture as PNG format

You can zoom in the picture to cut it carefully. Just click anywhere outside the image to save your change. At last, do not forget to export your artwork as PNG format. Otherwise, you will fail to make the background of a picture transparent.

Save Photo as PNG Format with Transparent Background

Part 2: How Can I Remove the White Background from My Logo by Using Photoshop

Note: There are 3 main methods to remove background from photos in Photoshop with straight, round or causal edges. Consequently, you can use polygonal lasso, quick selection or brush tools to erase the background. Well, this article will take the third one as an example.

Step 1: Add photo into Adobe Photoshop

Drag and drop your pictures into Adobe Photoshop. Choose “Smart Objects” in the drop-down “Layer” menu. Then click “Convert to Smart Object” option. Now, go back to “Layer” menu to choose “Rasterize” and “Smart Object”.

Set to Convert to Smart Object in Photoshop

Step 2: Manage with the built-in background eraser tool

Find and click “Brush” tool on the left toolbar, which locates under the Red Eye tools exactly. Later, you can customize the brush mode and hardness freely with sliders and related options.

Adjust Brush Mode and Hardness Settings

Step 3: Remove background from image Photoshop

Now you can move the brush tool to draw on the area you want to remove. If you want to remove the photo background with more precision, you can zoom in your image or adjust the right brush size manually. Finally, do not forget to save the edited photo as PNG format.

Remove Background from Photos in Photoshop

Part 3: Get Online Photo Editor to Change Background Color to White

Note: PhotoScissors is a background eraser tool online free. You can remove background from still images in easy ways. However, you can import photos in JPG and PNG format only, and the maximum file size ups to 5MB.

Step 1: Search and open PhotoScissors site on your web browser.

Step 2: Choose “Upload Image” to import an image no more than 5MB.

Step 3: Highlight the foreground and background manually.

Step 4: Click “Download” icon on the top right corner to download as PNG format.


Part 4: How to Remove Background from Photos via MS Office 2017

Note: By using Microsoft Word, you can remove a background from a picture by simple removal lines. Moreover, there are no such limitations about your imported pictures.

Step 1: Request to remove the background in Word

Open Microsoft Word program and add a picture into it. Head to “Picture Tools” category. Choose “Format” and then click “Remove Background” in the “Adjust” group. Be aware that you need to select your picture in advance. Otherwise, you may fail to see those options.

Step 2: Remove background from image for free in Word

If Word remove the wrong part that you want to keep, you can click “Mark Areas to Keep” option and then use drawing pencil to recover. What’s more, you can choose “Mark Areas to Remove” and drag with drawing pencil tool to mark the unremoved background as well.

After that, you can choose “Keep Changes” or “Discard All Changes” in the “Close” group. Right click this picture and then choose “Save as Picture” to finish the process.

Remove Background from Photos in Microsoft Word

Part 5: Recommendation: Touch Up Portrait Photos after Removing Background

If you need to remove background from portrait photos, then you had better use WidsMob Retoucher to remove some selfies imperfections on your face. You do not need to be an expert of Photoshop, because Retoucher can help you minimize freckles, whiten teeth and smooth skins in easy ways. What’s more, there are also many adjustment tools and artistic effects here.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

  • Provide the advanced photo beautifier algorithms to make beautify portraits with ease.
  • Fix blurry photos by eliminating image noise while remaining image detail.
  • Offer dozens of built-in revolutionary camera profiles and classic film analog effects.
  • Get various parameters to adjust color opacity, vignette, fisheye and other photo effects.

Selfie Photo Beautifier with Retoucher

All in all, you can remove background from photos with more choices by above solutions. What’s more, there is also an easy-to-use and powerful portrait beautifier you can refer to. Please share this post to your friends if it works. Thanks for your reading.

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