Download PicsArt Photo Studio and Best Alternatives

PicsArt Photo Studio is one of best photo edit app for iOS and Android. It offers wide range of image editing tools and helps you to polish pictures on smartphone. Today, almost every smartphone users need a photo edit app, partly because we are accustomed to using photos to record, express and communicate. If you search for photo app in App Store or Google Play store, you will get a long list. How to find out the most appropriate one? Is PicsArt Photo Studio worth to use? We are going to answer these questions and help you identify the best photo edit app in this post.


PicsArt Photo Studio introduction and review

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a comprehensive photo editor with plentiful editing tools. You can find almost all necessary picture editing features within this app.

1. Edit image: PicsArt Photo Studio offers basic image editing functions, including resize, crop, flip, rotate, tilt, distort and more.

2. Adjust image: users could alter color, contrast, brightness and more parameters.

3. Photo collage: it supports to create photo collage with various layouts.

4. Draw photo: this photo app has plentiful photo effects and filters.

5. Share image: users could share pictures to PicsArt community and other social network.

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1. It has a wider range of editing features.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio is available to both iOS and Android.

3. All these features are free to use.


1. Too many features make its interface cluttered.

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Best PicsArt Photo Studio alternatives

1. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is a cross-platform photo editor that has both web app and mobile app. Similar to PicsArt Photo Studio, Pixlr Editor is an all-in-one solution to edit photos on smartphones. Pixlr app’s features include:

1. It has millions of photo effects and filters.

2. Pixlr Editor offers plentiful backgrounds, layouts and spaces for photo collage making.

3. You can use the Auto Fix feature to balance out color of pictures easily.

4. It supports to post outputs to social media or save them on smartphones.


1. It offers a wider array of photo effects and filter than other photo editors.

2. All these features are free of charge.

3. Users could use Pixlr on Android, iOS and website.


1. App support is poor.

Pixlr App

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is another photo editor app available to both iOS and Android. And you can get similar features to PicsArt Photo Studio within Snapseed.

1. Adjust exposure, color, brightness and other photo parameters.

2. Sharpen and enhance images with dedicated tools.

3. Apply various photo effects and filters on your pictures.

4. The brush tool could apply effects or filters on certain area of the picture.


1. All the features and filters are free to use within Snapseed.

2. Snapseed is able to edit photos without quality loss.

3. It supports to upload outputs to social media directly.


1. For ordinary people, this photo editor is a little complicated without tutorial.


3. PhotoDirector

Similar to PicsArt Photo Studio, PhotoDirector is a versatile photo solution for both Android and iOS users. Its features include:

1. PhotoDirector offers all basic photo editing and adjustment tools, such as crop, resize, rotate, flip, collage, color, brightness and more.

2. HDR effect allows users to create HDR picture with ordinary photos.

3. Skin Smoother is a dedicated tool for portrait enhancement.

4. It also provides dozens of image effects.


1. The built-in camera option could help users to take photos easily. And the face auto-detect technology is awesome.

2. PhotoDirector integrates almost all photo editing features. And these features are distributed on an intuitive interface.


1. While PhotoDirector is able to deal with pictures in full resolution, you may face some performance and speed issues.


4. BeFunky

Unlike PicsArt Photo Studio, BeFunky is a light photo editor. Its features include:

1. It provides various tools to polish or enhance portrait photos and selfies, such as stickers and overlays.

2. Users could add funny words on their photos and customize fonts, colors and styles.

3. BeFunky provides plentiful templates to help you create photo collage with personal photos on smartphone.

4. After editing, users could post their pictures to social networks within BeFunky.


1. All the features are free of charge without viewing ads.

2. Compared to PicsArt Photo Studio, BeFunky is easier to use.

3. The latest version is compatible both Android and iOS.


1. BeFunky does not support to saving edited pictures in full resolution.

Befunky Screenshot

5. FotoRus Photo Editor

FotoRus Photo Editor is another all-in-one photo app. In addition to basic photo editing tools, this PicsArt Photo Studio alternative has some awesome features as well.

1. FotoRus has hundreds of stickers that allow users to express personality.

2. The InstaBeauty feature is a built-in beauty camera, helping users to take and beautify selfies.

3. Users could use the Secret Album feature to protect pictures and prevent others view secret photos.

4. It offers more than 100 templates to create photo collage with personal pictures.


1. FotoRus Photo Editor works well on both Android and iOS.

2. It is a free-of-charge photo editor.

3. FotoRus Photo Editor has an intuitive interface.


1. It does not support save the pictures in high resolution.



In this article, we have introduced PicsArt Photo Studio, one of the best picture editor apps on smartphones. Today, people share billions of photos and images to social networks on handsets. Compared to text, we are more likely to express ourselves with pictures. So, we need an excellent photo editor, such as PicsArt Photo Studio. If you are looking for more options, you can read the best alternative list. We recommended top 5 alternatives of PicsArt Photo Studio, as well. You can read the introductions and choose a photo editor based on your requirements and situations.