3 Workable SVG Compression Methods to Reduce the Sizes for SVG Photos

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Should you reduce the size of SVG by converting it to PNG? Definitely no. Since SVG contains more data compared to PNG, including the paths and nodes. Different from the image formats, such as JPEG or PNG, SVG is a vector file that uses uncompressed, human-readable text to describe. Can you compress SVG files? Are SVG files lossy or lossless? Just learn more details from the article as well as the best SVG compressors.

SVG Compression

Part 1: Are SVG Files Lossy or Lossless?

Will SVG compression affect the file quality? If you have the same question, you should know whether the SVG files are lossy or lossless. The two terms are used to describe the compression methods for the image files.

SVG is short for scalable vector graphics. In mathematics, a vector refers to a quantity that has both a direction and a size. Vector graphics are files that are composed in a computer to display image quality according to the equations of mathematics. Compared to image file formats, which are composed of multiple pixels. When you zoom in on an image made up of pixel dots, the more you zoom in, the more blurred the image becomes. However, vector graphics do not affect the clarity, no matter how you zoom in.

SVG is a vector graphics file format that is losslessly compressed. As the most frequently used vector graphics, it has excellent features for retaining the resolution of the original product, allowing animation and design to be displayed with excellent results.

Just in one word, SVG compression is lossless compression.

Part 2: 3 Online Methods for SVG Compression

When you need to compress some SVG files only, you can simply use online SVG compressors to shrink the file size. Here are 3 frequently used methods you should know.

Method 1: Compress or Die

Compress or Die is a popular online photo compressor that works with JPEG, JPEG XL, PNG, GIF, WebP, SVG, and more. It provides additional features to analyze and repair your photos. Moreover, it can compress SVG to achieve smaller files while retaining the quality to the maximum extent.

Step 1: Go to https://compress-or-die.com/svg on your web browser, you can choose the SVG tab from the online SVG compressor. Click the Select file button to upload the SVG files.

Step 2: Paste the URL of the image and the Base64 data URI into the website. After that, it will compress the SVG file automatically. When the compression is done, click the Copy button.

Step 3: It will convert SVG vector files into SVGs with the smallest file size possible using Photoshop JSX-Script. You can use the script to compress the SVG image online.

SVG Compressor Compress or Die

Method 2: Ocompress

Ocompress is another versatile online SVG compressor, which enables you to compress photos, videos, and documents, including the SVG file format. It enables you to reduce the sizes of SVG images without losing the original quality of the images by removing metadata and more.

Step 1: Copy the URL https://ocompress.com/svg and open the online SVG compressor to reduce the file size. Select an application from the 3 icons and upload it online.

Step 2: When you uploaded the SVG icon, you can determine the required settings independently according to your needs. Click the Compress button after the settings are completed.

Step 3: Once the SVG compression process is complete, you can choose to download it to your device. After that, you can check the compressed file if it is the desired file you need.

Ocompress SVG Compress

Method 3: Compress Online

Compress Online is a simple SVG compressor to quality compress vector images without losing quality. It enables you to upload SVG files from multiple cloud services, including Dropbox, links, and more. It always enables you to get a smooth and beautiful image without pixilation.

Step 1: Head to https://compress-online.com/compress-svg on your web browser, you can click the UPLOAD.SVG button to upload the SVG image to compress the file online.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the SVG files, click the COMPRESS SVG button to reduce the size of the SVG. It will automatically compress the SVG file and present the details.

Step 3: Click the DOWNLOAD button to save the compressed SVG files to your hard drive. It enables you to save the converted files to Dropbox and other cloud services.

Compress Online SVG

Part 3: Best Photo Compressor to Reduce Photo Size

Whether you need to compress RAW files, JPEG, PNG, AVIF, and more file formats, or set up presets to apply multiple editing processes in a simple click, WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile solution convert, resize, rotate, add a watermark, and manage the photos. Moreover, it also provides AI super-resolution to enhance the photo quality.

1. Compress the photos via file size, quality percentage, and other settings.

2. Enhance photo quality up to 4X the original with the AI super-resolution.

3. Provide multiple editing features to resize, rotate, crop, add watermarks, etc.

4. Tweak and adjust the photo compression presets to apply the processes.

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SVG as a new era can deliver lossless compression for vector graphics. It is frequently used for icons on your websites. When you need to reduce the file size, here are 3 online SVG compression methods you should know. If you need to manage, convert, and edit the photos with a batch process, WidsMob ImageConvert is always the initial choice.