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How to Take Newborn Photos as Profession

Taking newborn photos is a funny thing. It is one of the best gifts that parents could give their children. Many photographers have shared interesting newborn photos. Parents stay with their children day and night, so they capture a lot of moments. If parents could take newborn photos as professionally as photographers, they can store more memories of their children. On the other hand, it is very expensive to invite a photographer to take newborn photos. If parents are competent to capture newborn photos of their baby, parents could save a lot of money as well. Therefore, this post will tell you how to take newborn photos like a professional photographer.

Take Newborn Photo


Before you take newborn photos, you have to prepare something. A digital camera, memory cards and lenses are necessary. You should choose lenses depending on different situations. If you want to take professional newborn photos, you have to prepare some props, like backdrop stand, some special pillows, clothes, hats, and so on. To attract babies’ attention, you also need some toys that could broadcast music.

Canon DSLR Camera


Unlike the professional photographers, parents could spend the whole day to take newborn photos. But babies have their own biological clock. Babies usually spend most of time to sleep and have milk. So you have to take care of your baby but not just shoot, shoot and shoot. Actually, it is the perfect time to shoot photos when your baby fell asleep. And remember that your baby will not grow up in one day, so you have a lot of time to shoot newborn photos. Take easy and shoot several photos when you and your baby prepared.

Newborn Fall Sleep


To professional photographers, light is everything. It is the same for you. Although ordinary parents may do not have dedicated reflective board in their house, we all have the most natural source of lighting, the sun. The good rule to utilize sunlight is to put your baby in the angle that the natural light flows from the top of your baby’s head at approximately at 45 degree. Then the soft shadows and highlights would be perfect for newborn photos shooting. You do not need the studio equipment at all.

Natural Light Newborn Photo

Angles and perspectives

Compared to change your baby’s position, it is easier that you walk around your baby and find the unique angles to take a good newborn photo. You can turn to behind your baby and capture the images from the shadowed side. And you can take multiple photos from different angles and perspectives before the next pose. And after shooting, you can select the best one from these photos. That is the reason that you should prepare several memory cards.

Newborn Photo Angle

Props and background

You might find that almost all the great newborn photos have used props or backgrounds to set off the babies. So before take newborn photos, you’d better to arrange props and background according to your house. Although most newborn photos were taken in house, outdoor is another good choice. When the weather is good, you can take your baby outdoor and go to the nature. Then you could shoot some unique newborn photos this way. Another benefit to shoot newborn photos outdoor is you camera could capture more nature light. So the quality of newborn photos is usually better.

Newborn Photo Background

A great photo enhancer

Taking newborn photos is not as difficult as you thought. However, amateur photographers are usually limited by the hardware and skills. Sometimes, the newborn photos you took are as great as professionals besides the quality. At this time, you need a powerful program to help you enhance newborn photos. WidsMob Denoise is such a newborn photo enhancer. Photo Denoise not only could minimize noise, but also has the ability to keep the details in newborn photos. Photo Denoise could scan newborn photos and handle the grain, blurry and other problems automatically. The process to enhance newborn pictures with Photo Denoise is easy.

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1. Launch Photo Denoise on your computer and press Import button to import the newborn photos you’d like to enhance. You can load multiple photos in batch.

Open Denoise

2. Photo Denoise could deal with the luminance noise and chrominance noise automatically. And it allows you to adjust these options manually.

3. If you want to highlight details, you can adjust the value of Sharpness.

Denoise Image Process

4. When you are satisfied with the result, press Save button to complete the process.

Then you can enjoy the high quality newborn photos on your computer or share them on social media.


Based on the introductions above, you can take newborn photos by yourself at home. Shooting a baby will take a long time, so you need to prepare before shooting. On the other hand, parents have a lot of time to shoot, so you can take easy and enjoy the shooting time. You can decide to take newborn photos at home or outdoor. During shooting, the most important thing is to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable.

Even though the newborn photos you took are not as clear as professionals, you do not have to worry. WidsMob Denoise could help you to enhance newborn photos quickly and effectively. Photo Denoise could de-noise photos in batch. After taking newborn photos, you can utilize Photo Denoise to enhance them. Then you will discover that the newborn photos you shot are as great as professional photographers.

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