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How to Take A Photo Online with Webcam Effects

It is fun to take a photo online with webcam effects. Webcam is one of the handiest accessories on your computers. We usually use it to Skype and Hangouts. Actually, webcam can do a lot of amazing things. In the past, we do not like to use the built-in webcam since its performance was really disappointed. However, as technology development, brands are improving the performance of webcams. Moreover, there are many online photo services begin to support webcam and provide some awesome webcam effects. That makes taking photo online with webcam interesting. Therefore, this article will introduce some good ways to make a photo online with webcam effects.

Webcam Effect


Pixect is an interesting webcam effects website. It supports Internet users to apply photos online with their webcam. You can add some wonderful effects on the photos and make selfies special. Besides webcam effects, Pixect offers some photo editing features, like brightness, contrast, hue and saturation adjustments.

1. Access in your browser. Press Get start now! Button in the home page.

2. When the authorization message will pop up, click on Permit to open your webcam.

3. In shooting page, you can set webcam effect before taking photo.

4. Pixect allows users to flip the webcam to take a photo Horizontally or Vertically. You can set it on the top ribbon.

5. Located to bottom, press the triangle icons to adjust webcam effect, like black and white, sepia, ecru and more.

6. After settings, click on the camera icon to take photo.

7. If you want to a photo collage, you can select a layout in the four cameras icon.

After shooting, you can save the photo take online with webcam effects to your computer or post it to social media directly.


FotoFriend is popular among young people, since it provides more than 55 webcam effects. If you register an account, you can save the photos take online with webcam effects in your photo library and edit later. This webcam effect service also provides photo-editing tools. Another useful feature is making video with webcam video booth.

1. Visit fotofriend website on your computer and sign in your account.

2. Tap on the red Start button to continue.

3. In the authorization box, choose Permit to open your webcam and press Close to back to fotofriend.

4. Tap on the triangle icon to search for your favorite webcam effects.

5. After you select a webcam effect, you can click on the Combine Effects button on the bottom and select another effect. Then Fotofriend will combine the two effects together.

6. Click on the camera icon in the middle to take a photo.

7. If you are satisfied with the photo, you can click on Save to My Library to store it. The arrow icon is used to delete the unsatisfactory one.

After taking photos online with webcam effects, you can navigate to Fotofriend’s photo editor and polish your photo.


iPiccy is a dedicated online photo editor. So the benefit of iPiccy is to provide extensive photo editing features. Unlike other webcam effects services, iPiccy will take a normal photo and then add webcam effects on it. So you can try more effects to polish your photos.

1. Access iPiccy website and press Click Here To Start! to continue. iPiccy is totally a free service without registration.

2. In photo library, drop down the MORE icon and select webcam.

3. Select Permit to open your webcam.

4. When you are ready, click on Take Photo button to take selfies online with webcam effects.

5. Then iPiccy will take you to photo editing page.

6. Firstly, you can use the photo editing tools on the left ribbon to polish your photo, like crop, resize, exposure, colors, and so on.

7. Then select the magic wand icon on top menu area to open webcam effects window.

8. In webcam effects window, you can choose any effects and add it on your photo, like Henry, Robert, William and more.

9. Finally, press the disk icon on the top menu area to save the output to your computer.

iPiccy has more features, like painter, frames, retouch and blender. If you have time, you can explore these features.

iPiccy Photo Editor


ComicWebCam is another webcam effect website. Users could use it to take photo online with plentiful webcam effects for free. Some Comic Webcam effects are really funny. If you want to take an interesting photo online, you can try Comic Webcam.

1. After the home page of ComicWebCam loaded, press Get Start Now button to go to webcam effect page.

2. Tap on Permit to open your webcam online.

3. Then you can tap on Back button and Next button to search for your favorite webcam effect.

4. After selecting an effect, you can locate to top menu area and adjust Contrast, Brightness and Saturation until you are satisfied.

5. Then click on the camera icon on the bottom right corner to shoot.

ComicWebCam permits users to share the photo to Facebook directly or save it to local drive.

WidsMob Retoucher

WidsMob Retoucher applies to your digital images the saturation, the contrast, and the grain of the most legendary grain of analog films to give your photo unique feel. With various color rendition and film grain, you can mix up splendid photo.

When detecting faces, you can use "Portrait" to do skin smoothing and skin whitening to beautify your portrait image. With these useful tools, you can make your photo look more energetic.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


This article has introduced several ways to take photo online with webcam effects. These webcam effects websites are safe ones, so you can enjoy their service without concerns. Pixect is an easy-to-use way to take photo online with webcam effects. FotoFriend provides plentiful webcam effects for everyone. iPiccy allows users to try multiple webcam effects after taking a photo. ComicWebCam is lightweight webcam effect service with fast loading speed.