When to Take Maternity Photos as Profession

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Pregnancy and newborn preparation are amazing things. Many moms want to record these moments. Maternity will produce some stress as well. A good maternity photo is helpful to ease such stress and lead to a confident mom. Considering maternity photos are a record of the beginning of a mother’s life, every mother wants to aknow when to take maternity photographs. Therefore, this article will offer suggestions for when and how to take perfect maternity pictures. Although the situations are different for different mothers, we find some common grounds.

How to Take Maternity Photos

Part 1: When to Take Maternity Pictures

You’d better plan your maternity photographs at the beginning of the last trimester, about the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. At that time, your belly will display a round shape. So you can take maternity photos from different angles and perspectives. Some mothers prefer to count pregnancy by weeks. They should shoot maternity photo sessions at around 30 weeks pregnant.

If you shoot maternity photo sessions much earlier, your belly will be too small and not easy to see. After the eighth month pregnant, your body might become uncomfortable. Your tummy will become too heavy to take maternity photographs. You may not want to show unhappiness in your maternity pictures. But when your body is uncomfortable, you cannot display happiness naturally.

Some mothers schedule to take multiple maternity photos. Then the best time to begin is 24 weeks pregnant. At this moment, your belly becomes big during the second trimester. But you are still agile and able to walk in the garden. And you already know that your baby is a girl or a boy. On the other hand, if you prepare to use your maternity photos to create baby shower invitations, the sixth month of pregnancy is a perfect time.

Take Maternity Photo Time

Part 2: How to Take Good Maternity Photographs

Besides time, there are also some tips related to good maternity pictures. Here are some aspects you should consider when you take good maternity photos.

Angles and perspectives

If you have viewed the beautiful maternity photos on Pinterest, you will discover that most maternity photos from the side or have 45-degree angles. That is because this is the best angle to display your beautiful belly. If you want to take some unique maternity photos, you can choose other shooting angles like straight or downward. And we suggest that you should put your hands on your belly when taking maternity photos.

Maternity Photo Angle

Natural light

Light is everything to photography. So is the maternity photo. A maternity photo usually expresses happiness feelings. We can use natural light, the sun, to take perfect maternity photos. The basic rule is to shoot maternity photos when the sunlight is soft, like before the sunset. You can utilize natural light to create a silhouette effect. If you want to take images at home comfortably, you can stand or sit next to the window.

Maternity Photo Nature Light


Utilizing a beautiful background could make your maternity photos impressive. So before shooting maternity photos, you can walk around to search for some beautiful scenes. Or you can shoot an upward photo that takes the sky as the background. Even you decide to take maternity photos at home, you can use furniture as background. We believe that no place is as happy as home.

Maternity Photo Background


It is hard to say whether you should take maternity photographs with professional cameras or your smartphone. They all have unique benefits. Professional cameras are good at shooting high-quality photos; however, they are not portable. Many high-end smartphones have equipped with an advanced lenses. Moreover, we can take maternity photographs with smartphones at any time. You can choose the appropriate hardware according to your situation.

Canon DSLR Camera

A powerful photo editor

Even though your maternity pictures are good enough, you can use a powerful photo enhancer to polish them, like WidsMob Retoucher. This maternity photo enhancer could detect maternity photographs and minimize noise automatically. Moreover, Photo Denoise will not damage the details in your maternity files. And Photo Denoise could handle your maternity photos in batch. After several steps, you can get perfect images.

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This article has offered some suggestions about maternity photos, like when and how to take good photographs. The beginning of the last trimester is a good time to take maternity photos. And if you prepare to take a series of maternity photos, you can start in the second trimester.

In the second part, we recommended some tips when taking maternity photos. Although maternity pictures are similar to portrait photos, there are some differences in light, angle, and perspective. If you want to take a beautiful maternity photo, you can follow the suggestions above. Finally, you can polish your maternity photographs at home. WidsMob Retoucher is a photo enhancer. It can deal with all the photos in a batch automatically. Then you can get your perfect maternity photos.

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