How to Take Product Photos

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Peter Wood

As e-commerce develops, many people realize that taking product photos is as important as the product. That is the process to display the value of your products and make your product trustworthy. Digital buyers usually make purchase decisions through searching and comparing products online. You may have many competitors. And the seller who can showcase his products with high-quality pictures could win the competition and lead to conversions. So it seems that the right way to take product photos determines your survival in the marketplace. You may be wondering whether we could take awesome product photos with smartphones. The answer is yes. And we will tell you how to take perfect product photos with smartphones in detail.

How to Take Product Photos

Step One: Preparation


High-end smartphones are usually embedded HD cameras. If the smartphone's built-in camera has a good performance, you can use it to take product photos. Otherwise, you can buy an external lens, like a fish-eye lens, zoom lens, or macro lens. Remember that when you take product photos with your smartphone, you should treat the handset as a camera but not a mobile phone.

Canon DSLR Camera


Another necessary hardware is a tripod. A jittery product photo cannot attract customers’ attention. On the contrary, a blurry photo shot by an unstable smartphone will make your product untrustworthy. A tripod could help you to take a clear product picture. That is the line of product showcase. Moreover, after placing your smartphone on a tripod, you can adjust the shooting angle more flexibly.



If you look at product showcasing on Amazon, you will discover that the product photos with the background are most attractive. There are many ways to decorate the photo background for your products. If you want to highlight the product, you can use a white background. White background can create a clean product photo and eliminate distractions. Of course, you can decorate a unique backdrop with some props. It is a great time to use your creativity.

Take Photos with Background

Step Two: Shooting


Light is essential to product photos. Although there are many options for lighting, natural window light is the easiest option. When you prepare to take product photos, you can place your product near a large window to enjoy the natural light. If you shoot pictures on a cloudy day, you’d better use a large lamp to compensate for lighting. The most important thing is not to use the flash on your smartphone when capturing product photos, whether on a sunny day or the cloudy day.

Natural Light


A product photo should put the product in the center; however, our eyes are not rulers. Smartphones have the feature to show gridlines when you take product photos. That could help you to make product photos more balanced. The methods to open gridline are a little different on iPhone and Android handsets:

iPhone: go to the Settings app and select Photos & Camera. Then turn Grid on.

Android handsets: open the camera app and locate to Settings. Find out Gridlines and enable them.

Grid Lines Android

Camera settings

Besides gridlines, there are other camera settings that we can use to take product photos. Firstly, make sure that you disabled the Zoom option, which will make images blur. You can turn on Live exposure mode when taking product photos. Your smartphone can adjust exposure. And another setting is Quality. So you can set the image quality to High. Finally, you can explore other settings in the camera app when shooting product photos.

Grid Lines Android

Step Three: Polish

Taking product photos is not as difficult as you thought. However, if you are an amateur photographer with limited skill and hardware, you may need a powerful photo editor to help you beautify your product photos. WidsMob Retoucher is such a powerful photo enhancer. Photo Denoise not only could minimize photo noise but also can keep the details in product photos. Photo Denoise could scan your product photos and handle the grainy, blurry, and other problems. The process to enhance product photos with Photo Denoise is simple.

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Step 1. Go to Photo Denoise on your computer and press the Import button to load the product pictures you’d like to polish. You can load multiple photos in a batch.

Open Denoise

Step 2. Photo Denoise could deal with the luminance and chrominance noise automatically. And it allows you to adjust these options manually.

Step 3. If you want to highlight details, you can adjust the value of Sharpness.

Denoise Image Process

Step 4. When you are satisfied with the result, press Save button to complete the process.

Then you can enjoy the perfect product photos on your computer or share them on social media.

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Based on the introductions above, you might grasp some tips to take product photos with smartphones. As you can see, taking product photos is not as complicated as you thought. When you prepare to take pictures, you should have some necessary hardware, like tripod and external lenses. When taking photos, you’d better set up your smartphone and utilize natural light. After you take product photos, you can use powerful software to enhance your photos and make the product photos attractive.