How to Take Night Photos with Excellent Effects

Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Peter Wood

Taking night photos is a kind of photograph skill. All photographers understand that light is their best partner. So, even some professional photographers are scared to take night photos. Can you imagine that you have to pack up and go home after setting up the tripod and preparing to take the sunset? To some people, taking photos in dark light is suffering. But to other photographers, that is the time to produce magic and fantasy. If you grasp the tips about taking night photos, you can enjoy shooting in dark light. Therefore, this article will tell you how to take night photos.

How to Take Night Photos

Part 1. Necessary Tools and Equipment

If you want to take a perfect night photo, you have to prepare some necessary tools and equipment besides a camera.


A shaky camera cannot take a great night photo. Especially during long exposures, a tripod is much better than your hands. So a tripod is a necessary tool when taking night photos. On the other hand, the tripod could help you to get an accurate angle and keep the camera stable at the same time. If you prefer to take night scene photos, a carbon fiber tripod is a good choice since it is lighter.


Wide lens

A wide lens could produce incredible sharpness, for they are more tolerant in focus in the darkness. Wide lenses, such as F16, F18, and F22, are excellent for taking landscape or architectural photos. If you want to shoot a night photo, they are your weapons.

Wide lens

Flashlight & external flash

Darkness means it is short of natural light when you take night photos. Then a trustful flashlight is necessary. There are many flashlight productions. You can select one according to the cost and effect. A good flashlight is not only a supplement of natural light but also a helpful tool to set focus. Besides flashlight, an external flash is another way to supplement natural light shortage. You can shoot an external flash multiple times in different directions during exposure. That will illuminate dark areas manually.

External Flash

Part 2. Camera Settings to Take Perfect Night Photos

A good camera is also a necessary tool to take night photos. However, camera settings will affect the output as well.

Manual mode

You can control the aperture and shutter speed to nail exposure while taking night photos. So, all night photos should take in manual exposure mode. During sunset, the light changes fast. Almost every shutter needs you to adjust the camera’s parameters. And some features of cameras are unavailable in darkness, like meter readings. So although every adjustment is tiny, manual mode is the best choice when taking night photos.

On the other hand, the autofocus mode is available at night; but we recommend adjusting to manual focus mode. When you set your tripod and have a clear focus, the manual focus mode of the lens could keep the focus stable when your shoot continuously, although you have to adjust the focus every time you change the position.

Manual Mode

Aperture and shutter speed

Considering the meter readings of your camera are invalid in darkness, you have to set the exposure manually. However, calculating exposure for the dark scene is not a mathematics question. It needs to accumulate experience and practice. There are some tips to get exposure when taking night photos for beginners. When the light is weakening, you should keep your ISO in the stage, close your aperture down, and shoot a much slower exposure. We all know that the longer the exposure, the more the noise in the photo. Keeping ISO at a level and aperture close could reduce noise and sharpen focus. And longer exposure is necessary to take night photos because that will capture more light in photos. Exposure is usually as long as 10 to 30 seconds when taking night photos. That is much longer than usual. After preparations, you can start taking night photos in practice.

Camera Aperture Camera Shutter Speed

Part 3. Enhance Night Photos with Photo Denoise

After taking night photos, you may find some noises in your photos. Then you can use WidsMob Retoucher to enhance these night photos.

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Step 1. Open Photo Denoise on your computer and click on the Import button to load all the night photos you want to enhance.

Open Denoise

Step 2. Photo Denoise will detect luminance and chrominance noise in your photos.

Step 3. You can move the slider to adjust the value in each option.

Step 4. After settings, you can compare the original photo and the adjusted photo in the preview window.

Denoise Image Process

Step 5. Then click on the Save button to enhance your night photos and save them to your computer.

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This article has introduced how to take night photos. There are necessary tools and equipment to take a good night's photo. Tripod keeps your camera steady during a long exposure. A wide lens takes a sharper image in darkness. Flashlight and external flash offer light in the dark. You need to have a good camera and appropriate settings such as manual exposure and lens focus mode.

After taking imperfect night photos, you can use a powerful photo editor to enhance the images, like WidsMob Photo Denoise. Its algorithm will process the noise in your taken night photos automatically. Then you can share your perfect night photos with your friends and families.