Photo Studio Introduction and Review [Updated]

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

Photo Studio is the application to process images on Android tablets, with easy-to-use filters and high-quality outputs. The all-in-one photo editor has attracted many people; to deal with portraits, travel images, sceneries, etc. You will find that the interface of Photo Studio is well design and easy to find other settings. And it is also easy to find those filters. There are so many features for you to dig out, and now, let us start the travel of downloading the Photo Studio Android application.

Photo Studio Review

Part The Main Features of Photo Studio APK

Photo Studio Icon
  • Get more than 200 filters to edit images. There are a large number of photo editing filters you can use to edit. It includes image editing tools, but also stickers, textures, shapes, etc.
  • Combine several pictures to create photo collages. You can get wide selections to adjust backgrounds, templates, stickers, and more.
  • Use magic tools to offer selectable photo effects, masks, blend modes, color splash, clone stamps, and more other photo effects to beautify.
  • Offer text editing software to process and add specific text effects.
  • More than 50 content packages are offered to expand your photo editing experience into higher status.
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Part 2. How to Edit Images on Android with The Photo Editor

The first step to start photo editing is installing an application and importing images. No matter you want to batch process photos or to beautify pictures carefully. There are so many photo editing filters and effects to use of Photo Studio. Later, I will show you the detail using guides about related photo effects and filters to apply.

The Photo Filters and Photo Effects you can get in Photo Studio on Android

Part 1: Combine images to tell a story with those pictures.

Use the pen filters on the left pane to write down something to continue the whole story. Later, adjust the order of your importing images. There are ratios, borders, templates, and many photo editors for you to select. If you have no idea what the photo order is, use the random order tool to mix images freely. Click the Check option to finish this process.

Part 2: Use Photo templates to make your portrait like a Hollywood star.

You can see so many well-designed photo templates here. Just apply them with one click. If you meet something attractive, tap the Heart icon to add it to your favorite folder. Well, click the Check option if you are satisfied with the currently applied photo effects.

Part 3: Add texts and labels in a customizable way.

You can get text editing tools in Photo Studio Android application and place arrangements, radians, shadow, and many other editors. With which you can design and manage texts freely without limitations, to write down something attractive.

Part 4: Blend two images.

It means you can combine two images, to create a poster or something else. There is one filter for you to adjust the brightness and arrangement of the whole image.

Part 5: Select from over 200 filters and photo effects from the Photo Studio app.

The photo editing filters are easy to use, which contains specific photo effects to achieve. Some of them may need to download.

Of course, there are so many tasks Photo Studio can do. If you want to dig out deeper, then you can download and install by yourself.

Photo Studio Screenshot

Part 3. Users Comments about Photo Studio

There are already 32,125 user comments in Google Play under the photo editor. From the points they provide, it is clear that this photo editor application has gained the trust of most users. But there are still many people who give 1 or 2 points for it, which the best point is 5. To be more specific, Let’s see the judgments and experiences of those people.

Carol announces that she found Photo Studio is the best PicsArt alternative program. And Trina says that it can shape images well, with which she can easily capture time. Richey holds the opinion that it is perfect to create slideshows here.

While Can find it is hard to correct colors. Moreover, some filters or features are useless. But it still works well in most aspects. Well, Alex declares that Photo Studio is clear to find target filters because of the well-designed interface, and it is easy to learn how to use. There is something that needs to be played enough attention to, which is the charge problems. Audrey describes her recharge problem. Photo Studio requires her to reinstall the software, which costs her 4.99 dollars again. For people who do not have much spare money, it is annoying to pay for the application.

Part 4: Best Photo Studio Alternative on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

Try to find Photo Studio alternative on Windows and Mac? WidsMob Retoucher is the desired program to reduce image noise, touchup portrait, apply LOMO effects, add analog film filters, adjust and tweak color parameters and more. Just add the photos into the program; you can get the desired psychedelic files within clicks.

1. Basic photo editing features to touch up portraits and landscapes.

2. Remove the chrominance/luminance noise and adjust sharpness.

3. Apply LOMO effects with color filter, color opacity, vignetting, etc.

4. Add stunning analog film effects, color modes, film grains and others.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Install Photo Studio alternative

Just download and install WidsMob Retoucher, launch the program on your computer. Drag and drop the photo into the program to apply the special and psychedelic effects.

Apply Auto Action

Step 2: Tweak the color parameters

Choose the ADJUSTMENT option, which you can adjust and tweak the saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, tint, and more other parameters to find a suitable effect accordingly.

 Adjustment Retoucher

Step 3: Apply analog film effects

Select the FILM PACK option that you can adjust the color rendition profile, color modes, film grains, and more others to get an instant effect. After that, you can combine the photos with a photo effect.

Analog Film Trippy

Step 4: Export and share the photos

Then you can click the Save button to save the photos to your computer. Now you can click the Share button to share the trippy photos to social media websites.

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At last, Photo Studio is the program, which works well, with many photo effects and filters to apply. With the lasting upgrade and bug fix support, the user experience of this photo editor has improved. And as time goes by, Photo Studio will attract more loyal customers. If you want to edit images on your computer, you can choose WidsMob Retoucher mentioned above.