Is it Worth to Use Aurora HDR 2020 Version? Here Is the Latest Review

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What is the best HDR software for HDR photographers? Is it Aurora HDR? If you have no idea whether Aurora HDR can be your best HDR photo editor, you can check this article. Here’re the detailed overview, review, tutorial, comparison, and alternative about Aurora HDR software in 2020. Just read and see whether Aurora HDR is worth using or not.

Aurora HDR Review and Alternative

Part 1: Aurora HDR Review

What is Aurora HDR

Skylum Aurora HDR is the world’s most advanced HDR photo editor. You can combine images captured in different exposures into an HDR image, or you can create a tonal map of a RAW image using Aurora HDR as well. Well, you can get the entire palette of what human eyes can see, which is impossible for most single exposures. Therefore, you can expand the tonal range of an image for more than a single exposure using your camera only.

Aurora HDR

What You Can Get from Aurora HDR

The Aurora HDR latest version upgrades the Quantum Pro engine and releases many other advanced HDR editing features. Just put 3 or more different exposures of the same scene into Aurora HDR. Later, you can create HDR photography with ease. Here is a brief instruction of Aurora HDR.

1. Tone-mapping technology for not only single but also bracket images with the Quantum HDR engine.

2. Get the highest quality of bracket merging and color enhancement.

3. Auto-detect and batch process brackets.

4. Recognize and eliminate noise on HDR photos while preserving high quality.

5. Work as a standalone HDR photo editor or a plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, and Apple Aperture.

6. One click to apply over 80 looks to enhance and stylize RAW images.

7. 11 integrated LUTs packed with LUT mapping filters.

Aurora HDR Pros

1. Make HDR images with layers, masks, and blending modes, just like Adobe Photoshop.

2. Preserve all editing history and adjustments with the non-destructive history panel. Or you can save HDR as JPEG or TIFF without it.

3. Offer 20+ editing tools for HDR creation, such as HDR enhancer, lens correction tool, transform, polarizing filter, smart tone, and more.

4. An Aurora HDR license can use for 5 Windows or Mac computers.

Aurora HDR Cons

1. Aurora HDR works better with a high-end gaming computer. Otherwise, you will find that Aurora HDR is buggy while processing RAW images.

2. Beginners need to spend weeks to be familiar with the Aurora HDR interface and advanced filters.

3. Its tech support team does not respond promptly.

4. Many users complain that Aurora HDR can download on some newly bought computers.

Aurora HDR Software

Aurora HDR Cost

The price of the Aurora HDR full version is $99. You can use the Aurora HDR license on 5 computers. The Aurora HDR free trial is available for all new Skylum users. You can download Aurora HDR free trial to access all features within 14 days. As for existing users, you can get Aurora HDR to upgrade for $59.

Want to get an Aurora HDR discount or coupon code? You can get up to 50% off Aurora HDR from Macphuncoupon, Offers, ColorMango, and many other promoting sites. Even though you are not satisfied with Aurora HDR 2020 version, you can get a refund with the 30-days money-back guarantee.

How to Use Aurora HDR

If it is the first time you use Aurora HDR, you need to download and install Aurora HDR on your computer first. Just mentioned above, Aurora HDR can work as a standalone HDR editing software or plugin. The following will show you the easy steps to use Aurora HDR tools. If you want to get more details, you can check the Aurora HDR tutorial video from its YouTube channel.

Step 1: Run Aurora HDR. Drag and drop a photo into the Aurora HDR interface directly. You can have a quick preview in a new dialog window.

Step 2: Click the gear Settings icon. Turn on Color Denoise or Chromatic Aberration Removal to remove noise and purple/green fringe from the image.

Step 3: Click Create HDR to start editing an HDR image.

Create HDR Aurora

Part 2: Aurora HDR VS Lightroom VS Photomatix VS Luminar

1. Aurora HDR VS Lightroom

Not as Lightroom, Aurora HDR allows users to create HDR with layers, masks, and blending modes. You can process HDR images with both Aurora HDR and Lightroom. But compared with Aurora HDR, Lightroom provides fewer HDR functions. If you subscribe to Lightroom, you can run Aurora HDR as a Lightroom plugin. Even though you cancel the subscription, you can still run Aurora HDR as a standalone HDR image editing software.

2. Aurora HDR VS Photomatix

Photomatix requires less memory space, HDD, and a one-time purchase. The interface of Photomatix is a little outdated than Aurora HDR. Aurora HDR offers a right-hand toolbar, while Photomatix offers a left-hand toolbar. You can get more presets and other HDR editing tools from Aurora HDR.

3. Aurora HDR VS Luminar

Luminar has a clean interface with fast processing speed. In the comparison of Luminar VS Aurora HDR, Luminar offers easy photo editing tools. Aurora HDR focuses more on HDR merging, processing, and editing. The full-version price of Luminar is 2/3 of Aurora HDR.

Part 3: Aurora HDR Alternative

If you are not satisfied with the above HDR photo editors, you can take a look at WidsMob HDR. It can be your cheap Aurora HDR for Mac alternative. You can own this HDR photo editor for only $19.99, which is 1/5 of Aurora HDR's price. The user interface is clean. Once you import 3 images with different exposures, the program will recreate HDR images automatically. Later, you can adjust the tone length, tone saturation, brightness, and ghost suppression to make your HDR photo look better.

1. Create an HDR photo by combining a set of 3 different bracketed photos automatically.

2. Advanced tone mapping algorithm.

3. Enhance your HDR photo with HDR alignment, Ghost reduction, and tone mapping.

4. Adjust HDR photo parameters to get the best HDR results.

5. Support JPEG and RAW images took by DSLR cameras or smartphones.

6. Reasonable price with free updates.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Run WidsMob HDR. Click Import to add at least 3 images into the Aurora HDR alternative software.

Import Photo on HDR

Step 2: You can see the bracketed images in the main interface. Click Next on the lower right corner to move on.

Import HDR Photos

Step 3: Move the sliders of Tone Length, Tone Saturation, Brightness and Ghost Suppression freely. Those HDR parameters will show the real-time HDR result in the preview window.

Auto Align HDR Photos

Step 4: Adjust HDR effects with Color Filter, Color Opacity, Saturation, Contrast, Vignetting, and Effect.

Saturation on HDR

Step 5: Click Save to save your HDR photograph in PNG, JPEG, or TIFF format based on your need.

Win Download Mac Download

Aurora HDR is a high-end HDR photo editor for professional users. If you want to get the latest HDR editing filters and presets, you can free download Aurora HDR and try its free trial first. Don’t forget to search the Aurora HDR coupon code before buying its full version. But if you want to make natural or extreme HDR photos quickly, you can get the advanced HDR algorithm technology from WidsMob HDR as well. For beginners, WidsMob HDR might be a better choice than Aurora HDR. After all, you can spend 1/5 of Aurora HDR to get its permanent license.