The Simple Guide for Making Digital Signature and Signing a PDF on Mac

Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by Tina Clark

Signing a PDF on a MacBook is much more convenient than signing paper documents. It is a straightforward method of determining the legitimacy of a document and the identity of the signer with the existence of online work in their daily lives. What are the best methods to sign PDF documents? Here are the 4 best methods to digitally sign your PDF files on Mac.

Sign PDF on Mac

Part 1: 2 Default Methods to Sign a PDF on Mac

MacBook has some pre-built apps to sign PDF files on Mac directly. Learn more details about how to sign on to a MacBook using Preview and Camera applications.

How to e-Sign a PDF on Mac via Preview

Step 1: Right-click the PDF file and choose Preview to open the PDF file that you wish to digitally sign on your MacBook. Click the Edit button in the Preview window. Choose the Signature icon to sign PDF on Mac.

Step 2: Choose the Click here to begin option from the Create Signature option. With the trackpad selected, the window will open. Sign the PDF file on Mac using the associated trackpad.

Step 3: Click and drag the Signature picture to the desired location once you have completed it. As it is an image, it may be resized and placed anywhere inside the page.

Sign PDF with Preview

How to Digitally Sign a PDF with Camera

Step 1: Open the PDF file that you want to sign on Mac in the Preview. Just navigate to the Edit button in the Preview window to access the toolbar for editing. Then, click on the Signature icon.

Step 2: Select the Camera option from the Create Signature menu from the drop-down menu. It will activate the computer's camera to make a digital signature on the PDF with your MacBook.

Step 3: Sign a piece of paper and bring it up to the camera for a snapshot. Moving the paper slowly will result in the signature following the line on the screen.

Step 4: After that, you can click the Accept option to save the photo to your PC then you can sign your PDF with this image. Once you have finished the PDF, you can export the file accordingly.

Camera Sign PDF

Part 2: How to Sign a PDF Online on Mac

DigiSigner is an online method to sign your PDF documents on Mac. It not only enables you to sign PDFs as you see fit but also provides 3 different methods to create an electronic signature.

Step 1: To upload a PDF document that you want to sign on Mac, select the choose file option from the drop-down menu, or drag and drop the desired PDF file into the blue box.

Step 2: Select the type of modifications you wish to make to your document beforehand. Go to the Sign & Edit column and choose the My Signature option to add an e-signature to the PDF.

Sign Edit PDF DigiSigner

Step 3: Place the pointer of your Mac device over the areas of the document where you wish to sign it. After that, click on the PDF document to complete the signing process.

Step 4: After that, you can sign the PDF on Mac in any way you see suitable. Create electronic signatures using one of three options available through this signature generator.

a. Sign the PDF with your name

Sign with Name DigiSigner

b. Make electronic signatures using a mouse or a touchpad

Draw Sign on Mac DigiSigner

c. Scan and upload the signature

Upload Signature Online DigiSigner

Step 5: When you're finished, click the Done button to proceed. Simply click on the DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT button and save the PDF file with your e-signature on your Mac.

Part 3: The Ultimate Guide to Sign a PDF on Mac

PDFelement is another versatile PDF editor that is both extensive and easy to use to sign a PDF on Mac. You may easily alter text and pictures, as well as organize PDF pages, thanks to the program's powerful editing features. Also, it has an OCR tool that allows you to produce searchable and editable PDFs from scanned photos, which you may then share with others. PDF documents may be formed from a variety of other document formats, and the reverse is also possible on this application.

1. Sign a PDF on Mac for scanned files, DRM-protected PDF, and others.

2. Create and customize a digital signature with a mouse or pad-track easily.

3. Provide OCR features to extract the desired texts and images from a PDF.

4. Add checkbox, radio button, text field, list box, digital signature, etc.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Launch PDFelement to open the PDF file you want to sign on Mac. Click the Open files button on the toolbar. Moreover, you can also pick the Open button from the File menu in the upper-left corner of your screen to import a PDF file.

Open PDF for Cropping PDFElement

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the PDF, you can click the Markup button in the toolbar's highest part to begin adding a signature. From the drop-down option, select Signature as the font style. Then, using the options that are provided, create your signature.

Sign PDF PDFElement

Step 3: To add a digital signature to a PDF document, you can pick the Form menu from the toolbar's menu bar and then click the Digital Signature button on the toolbar. Provide and add your electronic signature to the PDF in the pop-up window that appears.

Create Digital Sign on Mac PDFElement Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: How to Make a Digital Signature on Mac

Another great option to sign PDF on Mac is with the integration of your phone. Using the Preview application of your Mac device, there is an option there that allows you to sign using your iOS device.

Step 1: Click the Show Markup Toolbar button in the Preview application on your Mac to see the Preview Markup icon. If the Markup toolbar is not visible, select Show Markup Tool from the View menu. After that, you can select the button labeled Create Signature.

Create Signature Preview

Step 2: To generate a signature using your iPhone or iPad, select the iOS or iPadOS device you wish to use by clicking the Select Device option. Use your finger or an Apple Pencil (iPad only) to sign your name on your device, then tap the Done button.

Signature from iPad

Step 3: Once you are satisfied with the results, you may click the Sign button again and then click the signature to add it to your PDF. Select the desired signature, drag it to the desired location, and then use the handles to alter the size and other parameters


Although Preview for Mac offers an excellent electronic signature option, it is still restricted. You can only sign a document using the camera or trackpad. There are no choices to enter your signature or utilize a previously stored image. When the camera app is malfunctioning and you have several documents to sign, it might be a bit of a nuisance. It is why PDFelement is the best option for signing PDFs on Mac.

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