Convert PPT to PDF in High Quality – Here is the Ultimate Guide You Should Follow

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Is there an easy method to save PPT to PDF without losing the original quality? When you are using Microsoft Office to save the files to a PDF file, retaining the optimal image quality should always be a headache. What should you do to get the optimal images and texts within the PDF? Here is the ultimate guide for converting PowerPoint to PDF in high quality you should know.

Convert PPT to PDF

Part 1: How to Save PowerPoint to PDF Directly

Once you have finished a presentation with PowerPoint, you can save the PPT to a PDF file directly. To preserve the best file quality, here are some settings you should know.

Step 1: Once you have completed the presentation, you can choose the File menu and choose the Export option. Press the Create PDF/XPS Document option and choose the Create PDF/XPS button to save the PowerPoint as a PDF file.

Create Powerpoint PDF XPS

Step 2: In the Publish as PDF or XPS window, you can choose your desired location for the output PDF, such as the Desktop. After that, you can enter the file name in the File Name box. Make sure to set to PDF as the output file for the Save as type.

Powerpoint Save as Type to PDF

Step 3: In case you wish to print it, you can choose the Standard option. To make the PDF size smaller, choose the Select Minimum option. When you need to choose a specific number of slides to export, select the Current Slide option from the Options button.

Adjust Powerpoint to PDF Options

Step 4: It enables you to add frame slides, hidden slides, and more. You can also do it as Document structure tags or Document properties from the PDF option section. Once you have done the process, click the OK button, and then press the Publish button.

Part 2: Why You Cannot Convert PPT to PDF in High Quality

When you need to convert PPT to PDF for printing, you should find the files are poor in quality. Is there a method to retain the original quality of the PPT during the conversion process? Here is a small tip to you for the poor quality of the output.

Step 1: Launch PowerPoint on your computer and click the PowerPoint menu. You can select the Preferences option to adjust the image quality of the PDF presentation accordingly.

Step 2: In the PowerPoint Preferences dialog box, you can click the General option. Under the Print Quality option, you can set the Desired Quality to an option of your choice.

Even if you have set up the best print quality, you still cannot save the PPT to PDF in the original quality. The only high-quality option provided by Office is using the system registry to change the default resolution setting for PPT exported slides. But it saves the slide as a picture at the new resolution, even for 300DPI. When you set up the ExportBitmapResolution registry value in PowerPoint, there is a maximum DPI limitation to consider for some limited versions of PowerPoint.

Part 3: The Best Alternative to Convert PPT to PDF

Is there an easy alternative to convert PPT to PDF with the original quality? Even if you have set up the ExportBitmapResolution to save PPT to image with high quality, you still have to combine PNGs to a PDF afterward. If you wish to convert PowerPoint to PDF in high resolution directly, PDFelement is the optimal PPT to PDF converter that enables you to remain the original frame and quality. It supports batch conversion with multiple files to save your time. Moreover, it provides additional features to edit, annotate, and enhance the PDF pages easily.

1. Convert Word, Excel, PPT, image, and other files to PDF in batch.

2. Retain and tweak the original frame, structure, texts, and images.

3. Extract the texts and images from PDFs with the OCR algorithm.

4. Add and revise the files, add signatures, and print the PDF files.

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Step 1: Launch the PDFelement on your computer after installation. From the home screen, you can choose the Create PDF button to import the PPT file you want to convert. Moreover, you can drag-and-drop the desired file into the program directly.

Create PDF from Photos PDFElement

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the presentation, you can click the Save As option to convert PowerPoint to PDF. To get the optimal quality and frame, you can choose the PDF/A option, which retains everything from the file with the best quality.

Save PPT to PDFA

Step 3: Click the Edit button to edit your PDF to add more texts or images. You can also use the OCR algorithm to extract the desired files and make more changes, including adding signatures, applying fill-in forms, and combing different files.

Edit PDF before Conversion PDFElement Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF

1Why does the images disappear when converting PPTX to PDF?
Make sure you have already turned on the View Large Image option on your PowerPoint. You can also use the Print option to save the PPTX to PDF with a preview to find whether it works. If you cannot save the images, you can add them to PDF with the PDF editor.
2Is it possible to convert PowerPoint with attachments to PDF?
In depends. If you just need to convert PowerPoint to PDF, the attachment will not be available. But you can insert the files to PDF after the file conversion or even make some changes, including the links, annotations, images, texts, and signatures easily.
3How do I make a PDF from PowerPoint better quality via Adobe?
From the Default Settings menu, you can simply choose the High-Quality Print/Press Quality option. You can also click the Edit button to choose the right size for your PDF or image from the Adobe PDF Page Size drop-down menu to tweak the parameters.


Here is a detailed guide about converting PowerPoint to PDF, especially when you need to get the files with the original quality. When you use the default method or even use the plugin, you cannot retain the images or structures. Just choose PDFelement to get the best quality and further edit the files according to your requirements.

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