Remove Signature from PDF – Here are the Easy Steps You Should Follow

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Tina Clark

Is it possible to remove a signature from a PDF? There are instances when you need to sign a PDF, but either you sign it inadvertently in the wrong place or someone else who was not supposed to sign the PDF document has already signed it! In such a scenario, you need to delete the signature from a PDF. If any of these apply to you, you can learn more about them from the guide and find the possible methods described below.


Part 1: Why Should You Remove Signature from PDF

Similar to a traditional handwritten signature, a digital signature within a PDF file identifies the person signing a file or document. What is more, the digital signature is extremely difficult to forge since it contains encrypted information. There are numerous reasons why users may be compelled to remove digital signatures on PDFs.

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1. You have forgotten the password for your digital signature or you are a novice user. You need access to your PDF files. You may be wondering if there is a way to remove a digital signature from a PDF file.

2. You work in the business sector and need to deliver PDFs to co-workers, but the PDF document contains a digital signature and you cannot recall its password and need to wipe out it beforehand.

Part 2: The Default Methods to Delete Signature from PDF with Password

How to Delete Signature Form Field on PDF

Deleting a digital signature on PDF in the same way as removing any other form field if you are the signer or otherwise have access to the private key. Here are 2 simple steps you should take.

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Step 1: Right-click the signature box and select the Clear Signature button from the context menu will delete a digital signature.

Step 2: To delete the field, click the Select Object tool, and then click the field to select it. After that, click the Remove Field button.

How to Request Access to Delete Signature in PDF

If you have the authorization to make changes to the PDF file, you can remove the signature fields after opening the PDF in the mode that allows for editing of forms. It is the most straightforward approach to deleting the digital signature from a PDF. However, in most cases, you do not have the privilege. When applying a digital signature to a PDF file, it is best practice to have a copy of the original file stored in a different location or under a different name from the one the original file is stored in.

Delete Digital Signature in PDF that was Signed Multiple Times

When a digital signature was initially added or applied to a PDF file is relevant to whether or not the signature can be removed from the file. If the signature was added during the initial preparation of the PDF, you will need to identify the signature field and clear the value from within it. As for the signature added to the PDF document after the document was created in PDF format, you will need to backtrack to an earlier version of the PDF document to remove it. You are only allowed to remove the most recent signature from the PDF file if there are multiple signatures already on it. This is to ensure that the validity of the other signatures is not compromised. To remove the most recent one, you will need to go back to the version that was in place before the signature was applied. When you need to delete an older signature, you will need to delete any future countersignatures that have been added.

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Part 3: The Ultimate Method to Remove Digital Signature from PDF

Is there an easy way to remove a digital signature from a PDF? PDFelement is the best of the bunch, which provides a professional PDF electronic signature platform SignX that gives you all the capabilities to securely and quickly sign your PDF files from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it includes seamless document editing, a centralized dashboard, access code protection, real-time notifications, and bulk send among other good features.

1. Remove and delete electronic signatures from PDF files within clicks.

2. Provide a professional PDF electronic signature platform to sign PDFs.

3. Add watermarks, signatures, annotations, and others to PDFs easily.

4. Eliminate the need for paper-based chores and generate cost savings.

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Step 1: Once you have logged in to the SignX platform, you can click the Start Document Signing button to remove a signature from a PDF file. You have to upload the electronic signature via the Plus icon. It will recognize the upload signature automatically.

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Step 2: To remove a digital signature from a PDF file, you need to select and highlight the signature beforehand. Once you have selected the file, you can simply delete the signature from PDF either by clicking the X in the upper right corner or choosing the Eraser button.

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Step 3: When you click the Clear button, it will remove the selected electronic signatures from a PDF. Moreover, it enables you to delete several signatures at once. After that, you can simply save the PDF file or add a new signature according to your requirement.

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After all is said and done, which one has the potential to work with your signed PDF file? It is dependent on the digital signatures of your PDF file as well as the manner in which you choose to destroy or delete it. But there is no question that the approach that was discussed originally can be successfully implemented to remove a signature from a PDF document. Always trust the best and most convenient, and check the features that each option can give you.