Microsoft Word to PDF – 3 Easy Methods to DOCX to PDF

Last Updated on September 22, 2022 by Tina Clark

PDF is a frequently used file format for business. If you have already made some documents in Word, what are the best methods to convert Microsoft Word to PDF? Microsoft Word has the default option to save the DOCX files to PDF directly. But there are some restrictions, such as form recognition, OCR algorithm, annotation, and signature. Just learn more about the 3 easy methods to convert Word DOC to PDF from the article.

Microsoft Word to PDF

Part 1: The Simple Method to Convert Word to PDF

It is not difficult to convert Word to PDF, you can use the default Office Word to save a Word Document as a PDF or simply choose an online Word to PDF converter to get the desired files. But when you need to get the optimal PDF files, PDFelement is the versatile choice. It not only retains the original frame and quality of the Word files, but also provides extended features, such as the OCR algorithm, annotation features, and more.

1. Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other files to PDF and PDF/A files.

2. Retain the original frame, structure, texts, images, and more of the original.

3. Provide an OCR algorithm to extract the texts and images of the Word files.

4. Turn the Word file into a fillable and searchable PDF with form recognition.

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Step 1. Launch the PDFelement once you have installed the program. Click the Create PDF button located to select the Word files you want to convert to PDFs. Click the Open button to upload the file automatically. You can drag and drop the desired Word file for conversion.

Create PDF PDFElement

Step 2: Once you have imported the Word file, it will convert the Word file to a PDF automatically. If you just need to share the Word file with others via PDF format, you can simply click on the File button and select the Save As option to save the file in your local folder.

Save Word to PDF PDFElement

Step 3: If you need to make the converted PDF fillable and searchable, you can click the Form menu and choose the Recognize Form option from the More button. It enables you to recognize the form of field texts and make the PDF fillable and searchable.

Recognize Form PDFElement

Note: To make modifications easily, it permits the addition of annotations, bookmarks, bates numbers, watermarks, passwords, and the printing of PDF documents. Moreover, you can add extra PDF pages or split the PDF pages into different files.

Step 4: When you need to highlight important details in PDF, you can click the Comment menu and choose the Highlight option and pick the desired text, which you can apply the desired tools and parameters. Select the Properties button to modify the converted PDF.

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Part 2: How to Save Microsoft Word to PDF Directly

Just as mentioned above, Microsoft Word has a built-in choice to save Word documents to PDF format. But it is difficult to remain the original image quality without the image DPI settings. Moreover, there are limited features for editing the PDF files or encrypting the document.

Step 1: Once you have finished the Word document, you can click the File menu after opening the Word file you want to convert as PDF. After that, you can choose the Save As button from the left-hand menu to save the Word file to a PDF directly.

Export Word as PDF

Step 2: Pick up the location where the PDF will be saved. Then, select PDF (*.pdf) from the Save As Type drop-down menu by clicking the arrow on the right side of the Save As Type box. You can click the More options link to adjust more parameters.

Choose PDF as Output

Step 3: Enter the filename of the output PDF. When the process is completed, you can select the Save button to convert Microsoft Word to PDF. When you saved the PDF, it will direct you to the Word program and the converted PDF will open in your default PDF viewer.

Part 3: How to Convert Word to PDF Online

When you need to convert Word to PDF online, PDF2Go is the versatile way you should know. It not only enables you to import the Word files from Cloud services but also provides the OCR algorithm to extract the texts from the PDF for further editing.

Step 1: Once you have entered the PDT2Go on your web browser, you can import the PDF files from a cloud storage service or select the files from your computer by clicking the Choose File button. It also supports other file formats, including images and other Office files.

Step 2: When you need to convert Word to an editable PDF, you can check the Convert with OCR option and even select the source language of your file before conversion. It is an excellent feature available to the accounts with subscriptions only.

Step 3: Select the Word file you want to convert, and click the Start button to start the Word to PDF conversion. After the conversion, you can download, save, or make further modifications to your PDF file. It will retain the original frame of the PDF accordingly.

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Part 4: Why the Images Not Showing for Converting DOC to PDF

If the images do not display after converting from Word to PDF on your Mac, what should you do? It might relate to the specific local environment of Word, or it may be a problem with the system as a whole. Here are some steps you should take to fix the problem.

1. Delete anything in the cache folder for Word. After quitting the Word app from the dock bar, launch Finder and press the Command + Shift + G keys. Navigate to /Library/Containers and drag the Microsoft Word folder to the desktop. Launch Word again to find whether it works.

2. Run Mac in Safe Mode. When you need to locate the problem by isolating any potential influences from other third-party applications or the background programs that may be incompatible with the Word app. It should be an easy method to get the program to work.


There are 3 different ways about how to convert Word to PDF that you can try. Choose the DOCX/DOC file and save it as a PDF directly. Of course, you can use the online Word to PDF converter to get the PDF with the OCR algorithm. PDFelement is more than a Word to PDF converter but also recognize the converted Word formats, texts, and others.

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