AirBrush Photo Apps

AirBrush – 5 Alternative Photo APPs for Retouching Selfies Easily

If you love taking selfies, then you should be familiar with beauty apps that can retouch your selfies perfectly. So which one does the best job among other selfies editors? Well, according to thousands of users, AirBrush is a good choice for touching up portrait photos.

Is there any way to get a perfect-looking photo quickly? In spite of AirBrush app, you can get other good photo editors that can airbrush selfies into fake perfection too. Now, let’s read together to know more about those AirBrush photo apps.

AirBrush Photo Apps

Part 1: AirBrush APP Review – What Can You Get

AirBrush works on both iOS and Android devices. You can search and free download AirBrush from App Store or Google Play Store. Not all photo editing filters are free to use. There are some in-app purchases locked. You need to subscribe AirBrush Black with monthly-updated premium filters at $2.99 per month or $17.99 per year.

By using AirBrush app, you can remove wrinkles, blemishes, acne and other imperfections within one tap. Moreover, it is also supported to reduce, enlarge, shift or stretch any area of the photo freely. Well, you just perform a plastic surgery on portraits within AirBrush app. In addition, there are many other photo effects, presets and templates you can get.

In a word, AirBrush photo editor offers various user-friendly and up-to-date selfie retouching filters. Though its file size may be larger than common photo editor apps.


Part 2: 5 Alternative AirBrush Photo APPs That Can Perfect Your Selfies

There are also other AirBrush photos apps for iPhone and Android. You can read and choose your best photo editor to retouch selfies on Smartphone from the following paragraphs.

1. Beauty Editor

Beauty Editor can help you get rid of annoying blemishes with the face charger effect. There are other beauty editing filters, such as face foundation, stickers, text, frames and more. So you can touch up all facial photos to be flawless. In addition, you can also blur background to make attention on your picture.

Beauty Editor

2. Golden Beauty Meter

Wanna know how a photo retouching app think of you? Golden Beauty Meter will scan your selfie and give you a score up to 10. Well, you can also upload a retouched photo to see how it scores according to the Golden ratio.

Golden Beauty Meter

3. CreamCam

Just as its name shows, you can make your face to be as smooth as cream. Once you take a selfie, most features can be applied automatically. To be more specific, CreamCam can enhance a portrait photo within few seconds instantly. Later, you can manually correct the skin tone and other customizable preferences.


4. Beauty Booth

Beauty Booth aims to bring life to your eyes. It offers more than 20 eye effects and 26 filter effects. Moreover, you can get skin smoothing and skin tone correction tools from Beauty Booth. To make your photo more attractive, you can add stamps, speech bubbles, borders and other stickers.

Beauty Booth

5. FaceLab

You can get more personalized filters from FaceLab to redefine your selfie. FaceLab offers eye-catching makeovers, teeth whiter, hair color changer and many other tools. Thus, you can get more than a flawless face by using the AirBrush photo editor alternative.


Part 3: Best AirBrush APP for Mac Computer

If you want to get a dazzling smile, then WidsMob Portrait can be your must-have photo editor. You can remove most imperfections and get full makeup controls within a second program. There is no need to equip technology background. Actually, you can retouch selfies taken by your smartphone or DSLR camera quickly. In a word, WidsMob Portrait is your idea AirBrush app for computer.

Key Functions of the Portrait Editing Software

  • Detect each aspect of a portrait image with full makeup controls.
  • Retouch your eye, cheek, noise, teeth, face, skin and even smile with easy-to-use sliders.
  • Remove blemishes and pouch by one click.
  • Adjust skin color tone with various customized choices.
  • Export the retouched portrait photos to JPEG or TIFF in high quality.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Airbrush Your Selfie to Get a Flawless Photo

Step 1: Add a selfie

Get the AirBrush app download for free on your Mac computer. You can register with your email address. Click “Open” to add your photo. If you want to touch up portrait photos from other devices, you need to plug into the computer first.

Import Photo to Portrait

Step 2: Custom presets for portraits

From the right panel, you can get various retouching tools in sliders. Just head to the certain function you need. Then move the related slider to view the photo effect instantly. For instance, you can enlarge eyes, lift cheek, slim face, perfect smile, highlight noise and apply other effects freely. If you want to compares with the original picture, you can choose “Before/After” from the “View” drop-down menu.

Before/After on Portrait

Step 3: Export your retouched selfie

There are 2 choices to export your portrait photo. You can choose “Share” or “Save” option on the top right corner of the window. If you want to save the retouched portrait to your hard drive, you can choose whether to export as JPEG or TIFF format. Well, adjust the output photo quality manually. Finally, click “Save” to finish the process.

Save on Portrait

From above AirBrush photo apps, you can retouch portrait photos easily and quickly. It is not hassle to get flawless selfies even though you are a beginner. If you have any other good recommendation about selfie editors, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Of courses, you can also lease questions in the comments below. We are glad to help you solve any question as soon as possible.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version