Beauty Camera Editor

Top 5 Best Beauty Camera Editor for iPhone/Android/Online/PC/Mac

Actually, you can take your selfies to a new level without costing too much time. To get powerful and easy-to-use filters, you can try the following recommendations. Well, just choose one proper selfie editor according to your real demands. After that, you can get twice the result with half the effect. Now, let’s read together to see overviews of each beauty camera editor online and offline.

Beauty Camera Editor

Part 1: Beauty Camera Photo Editor – Snap Candy Selfie with Beauty Camera on Android

By using Beauty Camera (MaxAura) Photo Editor, you can take selfies in candy style for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat directly. Moreover, this beauty camera editor apk for Android offers the insert HD camera and related filters. Thus, you can shoot HD photos and videos with various makeup tools.

  • Take selfies with HD camera from Beauty Camera Photo.
  • Offer much editing filters for candy selfie, such as big eyes, charming lips, slim nose, small face and more.
  • Retouch face and apply animated stickers on your selfie.
  • Use filters and stickers while taking videos with the HD camera.

Beauty Camera Photo Editor

Part 2: BeautyPlus – Retouch Photo and Video Selfies with Natural Looking on iPhone

BeautyPlus can help you turn a portrait photo into a featured cover model. You can get many touch up filters to remove blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth and do other customizations. It is not difficult to get a flawless skin with the beauty camera editor app for iPhone and iPad.

  • Use the auto-beautification tool to retouch selfies and get a natural looking.
  • Get various editing tools to retouch face, hair and body.
  • Add AR filters to your selfie, such as flower crowns, cat ears, emoji and other stickers.
  • Apply magic brushes with different effects including stars, hearts, neon, etc.


Part 3: Beauty Cam – Create Lively and Colorfully Portrait Photo on PC

Beauty Cam is a good beauty camera editor for PC. You can get stunning selfie effects by using its shades and effects of each part separately. In another word, you can divide your portrait photo into different parts, and then balance the brightness, contrast and saturation.

  • Offer 3 broad categories of shapes, which are floral and panoramic shapes, romantic heart shapes and love quotes.
  • The beauty camera for PC is available on not only PC, but also HoloLens, mobiles device and hub.
  • Divide a photo to editable layouts with 9 different layouts.
  • Apply photo effects and settings on each divided part.

Beauty Cam

Part 4: LunaPic – Beauty a Photo Instantly Online

LunaPic is a beauty camera editor online, which contains various editing tools similar to Adobe Photoshop. You may not get much pre-designed presets. But LunaPic allows users to personalize selfies with more customizable filters.

  • Import a photo from your local folder or URL.
  • Beauty a normal photo with artistic effects by one click.
  • Get photo editing tools of many aspects, such as art, animation, effects, filters, borders, draw and more.
  • Compares the before and after beauty camera effects online instantly.

Enter Lunapic Art Styles

Part 5: WidsMob Portrait – Get Full Makeup Controls to Perfect Your Selfie on Mac Computer

Actually, you can run WidsMob Portrait to remove imperfections and add full makeup controls easily. Moreover, you can retouch photos from DSLR cameras and smart phones in high quality. Its intuitive interface allows users to retouch portrait images by moving parameters quickly. Thus, even beginners can remove blemishes and retouch selfies without too much effort.

Main Functions of the Best Beauty Camera APP

  • Detect and beauty each aspect of your portrait photo with an advanced algorithm.
  • Get comprehensive makeup controls including face, eye, cheek, noise, teeth, skin and more.
  • One click to remove blemishes and pouch smartly.
  • Adjust all portraits within the same image in batch with combined effects.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Retouch a Selfie to Get Fake Perfection as a Beginner

Step 1: Add your portrait image

Free download and install WidsMob Portrait on your Mac computer. Launch the beauty camera editor software after the installation. Then drag and drop your selfie to its main interface. It’s OK if you import several selfies together. Just switch to the certain picture you want to retouch at the bottom.

Import Photo to Portrait

Step 2: Retouch a selfie

All available filters display in the right panel. During this time, you can adjust skin color, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, remove blemishes, slim face, lift cheek and do other customizations easily. Just move the certain slider to view the change instantly.

Skin Whiten on Portrait

Step 3: Custom a preset for portraits (optional)

You can click the “+” icon on the top right corner to create a new preset if necessary. As a result, all your changes will be stored in this newly-created preset. Next time you want to apply the same selfie retouching effect, you can choose this preset directly.

Well, if you want to compare with the original photo, you can choose “Before/After” from the top “View” menu.

Before/After on Portrait

Step 4: Share or save the retouched selfie

You can see two options named “Save” and “Share” on the top right corner of the window. If you want to share the selfie, you can get various choices for different social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Mail, AirDrop and more. Well, you can also save the selfie as JPEG or TIFF format.

Save on Portrait

In a word, you can get a natural portrait image after retouching by using WidsMob Portrait. That’s all for overviews and tutorials for beauty camera editor programs on different platforms. Please share this article if it helps. Thanks for your reading.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version