How to Retouch Photos and Remove Unwanted Item with Snapheal and The Best Alternative

Snapheal is a photo-retouching app with 3 excellent features, Erase, Clone and Retouch. It enables you to touchup the photos, remove an unwanted object from the image and duplicate it to another part. The Erase is always an excellent feature of Snapheal, which uses crude cut-and-paste techniques to remove unwanted people from black and white photos. Just learn more details about the unbiased review of Snapheal, as well as the best alternatives from the article.


Part 1: A Brief Review of Snapheal

Just as mentioned above, Snapheal is a photo editor to remove objects, heal skin imperfection and enhance your image. Just select the annoying object and fill the selection, or use the clone and stamp tools to erase it manually. Snapheal is a built-in feature that similar to the spot heal tool in Photoshop Elements 5. Here is how to use the healing brush to highlight the unwanted objects and erase it simply.


1. Adept at removing large elements from smooth or mottled background.

2. Export the on par or even better than what you can achieve with PSE.

3. Provide a simple user interface with four buttons to control the selection.

4. Share the completed images via email or social media platforms easily.

5. Editing tool for color adjustment, crop, rotate, flip, sharpen, denoise, etc.

6. It works as a standalone photo editor or a plugin to Photoshop and more.


1. The simple route with many advanced options for fine-tuning are absent.

2. Lack of filters, such as the brush shape selection and curves adjustment.

3. Cannot edit the photos, such as applying filters, adding features and others.

4. Exclusively available on Mac and no plans to release a Windows version.

Snapheal Interface

How to retouch photo with Snapheal

Step 1: Once you have installed the Snapheal on your computer, you can launch the photo-retouching app and click the Load Image button to load the image into the program for further editing or erasing. Moreover, you can also touch up the photos with ease.

Step 2: Click on the Erase button at the upper right corner to open the Erase panel. There are several methods to select the unwanted object. The Brush icon, for example, is used to colorize the removal area. The Selection tool can enclose the unwanted area.

Apply Erase Snapheal

Step 3: After selection, you can click the Erase! Button to start processing the image. You can also complete the process since Snapheal had to sort of guess what it looked like behind the advanced algorithm. The removal may be not very precise. You can use the Clone tool to edit the detail.

Erase Snapheal

Step 4: After removal, click the Retouch button to open the retouch panel. Here you can optimize any area and select the Brush tool and adjust the parameters to the desired values, brush the area you want to change, and adjust the tunes, such as Sharpen, Clarity, etc.

Adjust Snapheal

Step 5: Click the Folder icon and you can store the completed image to your hard drive. As mentioned, Snapheal also allows you to share the result image to social media or via email. Click the Share icon at the upper left side and select the proper channel.

Note: Snapheal is able to export an image in JPEG, PSD, PNG, GIF, and more. If you want to edit the image further, select Photoshop from the Format menu. To upload the image to social media, JPEG and PNG are the best options.

Part 2: 2 Best alternatives to Snapheal

1. WidsMob Retoucher – Best Snapheal Alternative to Touchup Photos

WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile photo retoucher as Snapheal alternative that removes noise, adjusts parameters, optimizes portrait, adds LOMO effects and applies analog film filters with ease. Moreover, you can also combine the different effects into a stunning one.

1. Provide legendary analog films with dozens of digital photo emotions.

2. Adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, tint and others.

3. Reduce the noise, enhance the portraits and apply LOMO effects.

4. Before and after mode to preview the applied effect with ease.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Adjustment Retoucher

2. Background Eraser – Best Snapheal Alternative to Remove Background

Background Eraser is a powerful background remover based on your powerful machine learning and AI technology. It is also an automatic online tool as Snapheal alternative to make the background of your image transparent and leave the pixel work to the advanced AI system.

1. Provide 100% clean and free service to remove background of your photos.

2. Get high quality results when removing photo background within seconds.

3. No red and green marks required removing the background as Snapheal.

4. Easy-to-use online tool to get photos with transparent or white background.



The article shares a brief review of Snapheal, which is one of the best photo-retouching programs. It is an ultimate method to simplify the task to remove unwanted object from photos within clicks. Moreover, you also share the best alternatives to Snapheal to apply filters and remove the background. If you have more questions related to photo retouch software, please leave the messages below.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version