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How to Blur Photo Background or Photo with Top Blur Photo Editors for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

Being the common usage of photo effects, there are many ways create blur images. You can blur a picture online for free, as Fotor, Canva, LunaPic and so on. Or you can also download blur a picture app to achieve blurriness consequence.

Actually, it is the normal ways for people whom shoot images with built-in cameras, and just want to add blur effects with ease. There are all common solutions to add blurry effect, no matter you use online photo editors or download offline blur makers. From this article, you can get something unusual, to create blur effect.

Part 1: Enhance Photos Before Applying Blur Effect

The latest technology development about smartphone lens is Portrait Mode. If you have looked at the photos captured in Portrait Mode, you will understand that this effect is not fresh for photographers at all.

That means anyone could get the photos similar to portrait mode on PCs. Actually, the secret is to photo blur. You can utilize some photo editors to blur photo and highlight the portrait on the photo. Moreover, photo blurring could also create some special effects, like high speed motions and more.

Enhance photos first

A photo with noise is not a good photo, even though you can blur photo, but the portrait is imperfect. Fortunately, WidsMob Retoucher could help you to de-noise and polish your photos. The built-in algorithm could detect the portrait on pictures and beautify your face automatically.

WidsMob Retoucher

WidsMob Photo Retoucher - Help you remove noise occurred by high ISO, low light, fast shutter speed, etc. by using custom information from each image and apply to your digital images the saturation, the contrast, and the grain of the most legendary grain of analog films to give your photo unique feel.

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How to beautify photos with Photo Denoise

1. Open Photo Denoise and load the pictures you want to enhance by clicking on the Import button. Or you can drag and drop the pictures into this editor.

2. After the picture loaded, you can adjust the sliders to reduce both Luminance noise and Chrominance noise.

3. If you want to highlight some details, you can use the Sharpen option.

4. The Auto Detect feature could scan the pictures and identify portrait on the pictures automatically. Then you can use Face Soften tool to beautify your portrait.

5. When you get satisfactory result, click on the Save button to save the result for photo blurring.

If you have multiple pictures to deal with, Photo Denoise’s batch editing feature could help you save a lot of time.

WidsMob Retoucher Screenshot

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Part 2: How to Blur Photo Effectively

Section 1. Blur Photo on Windows PC and Mac

1. How to Make Blur Effect with Photoshop

There are oceans of photo editor software on market. Photoshop is the most professional one. If you are an Adobe subscriber, you can use this best photo editor to blur photo and get the effect you want.

1. Open the picture you want to blur by the Open option in File menu. If it is the first time to blur a picture, you should make a copy and not modify the original one.

2. Go to Layer menu and choose Duplicate Layer to create a copy layer of the original picture. Make sure to put the copy layer over the original layer.

3. Unfold the Filter menu and choose Gaussian Blur option in Blur section. In the pop-up window, you can adjust the blur radii to get the picture blur effect you want. Generally speaking, the larger the radius is, the blurrier the picture becomes.

4. Then use Eraser Tool to remove the portrait area on the copy layer. When you erase the portrait area on copy layer, the same portrait on original layer will reveal.

5. Finally, go to Layer menu and choose Flatten Image to combine the two layers into one picture.

Use Blur Effect on Photoshop

2. Create Blurry Images in InDesign

Though you cannot get the “Blur” icon to blur a picture in InDesign, you can still use Gradient Feather to create blur effects. Moreover, the Drop Shadow option enables users to get similar result just like blur in Photoshop.

1. Choose images you want to blur, and then click Object to pick Effects option.

2. Click Gradient Feather icon and then tick Preview selection.

3. Drag the gradient stop to adjust, until you have covered the blurry area you want.

4. Decrease Opacity level to set transparency degree.

5. Insert another gradient stop under the gradient slider, and repeat the above steps as well.

6. Draw the place you want to blur, choose Effects from Object list, and then choose Drop Shadow.

7. Reset X Offset and Y Offset to “0”, and then higher Noise value.

8. Select Color from Windows, and choose Swatch to get Paper.

9. Choose Effects in Windows to adjust Fill from Normal to Multiply.

The steps to blur a picture in InDesign seem complicated to operate. However, it is similar to blur a picture in Photoshop. Though Adobe InDesign may not have more blur styles than Photoshop, you can still achieve most blur effects to blur photos in InDesign.

Blur Image with InDesign

3. Design Blurry Photographs in Illustrator

Illustrator is also the product of Adobe, just like Photoshop. If you want to blur a picture in Illustrator, you can feather the existing colors around the edge without defining. Illustrator offers better features to blur background effect.

1. Choose Blur from Effect drop-down menu, and then choose Gaussian Blur selection.

2. Tick “Preview” and move “Radius” slider to see how blurry photos will be.

3. Select Effect and then find Stylize, click Feather.

4. Tap “Radius” arrow to view inward feathering effect of blurring a picture in Illustrator.

5. Set Value and preview blur pictures. Click “OK” if you are satisfied with blurred pictures in Illustrator.

This is the method to blur the edge of a picture. You can also use Adobe Illustrator to blur background in Photoshop too.

Blur Photo with Illustrator

4. Customize Blurry Photos in Publisher

You may not expect to blur a picture in Publisher. In many people’s mind, Microsoft PowerPoint is just the tool to create slides. Moreover, you can also make blur background effect in PowerPoint too.

1. Import the image and select it.

2. Choose Artistic Effects in the Adjust group.

3. Select Blur icon to blur a picture in PowerPoint.

4. If you want to deepen blur effect, you can choose “Artistic Effects” to repeat.

5. Set Radius setting to adjust blurriness.

6. Click Remove Background from Adjust group. Use Mark Areas to distinguish foreground and background.

7. Tap Keep Changes in the Close group to remove your background in Publisher.

8. Copy your foreground image to the blurred picture in Publisher.

As a result, you can get easy way to blur a picture background in PowerPoint. Moreover, there are other background effects for you to choose in Publisher.

Blur Picture in Publisher

5. Personalize Blurry Pictures in Microsoft Word

It is also unbelievable to blur a picture in Microsoft Word. However, things are always unpredictable, Microsoft Word has picture editing tools, which can beat online picture blur editor in some cases without Internet net work.

1. Choose Pictures from Insert menu to import a picture in Microsoft Word.

2. Find Picture Tools to get Format tab. Go to Adjust list to choose Remove Background selection.

3. Click Corrections to sharpen, soften, and adjust brightness or contrast.

4. Apply color effects to the blurred picture in Word.

5. Choose from Artistic Affects to pick suitable blur effect.

You can sue Compress feature to resize blur pictures in Microsoft Word too. By choosing “Apply only to this picture” or “Delete cropped areas of pictures” to remove or modify blurred photos.

Blur Picture with Word

6. Make photo blurry free via GIMP

For some people, Photoshop is too professional and unaffordable. One of the best alternatives to apply photo blur is GIMP. GIMP is an open source program and available to everyone.

1. Launch GIMP and import the image you want to make blurry. Create an image copy by clicking on the Save As option in File menu. If you do not satisfied with the effect, you can throw the copy to trash can at any time.

2. Go to Toolbox and choose Free Select tool to enclose the area you want to blur on the image.

3. Locate to Filters menu on top ribbon and choose Blur option to soften the selected area. You can apply Blur Filter multiple times to get the photo blur effect you want. Click on the OK button to save the changes.

4. If there are multiple discontinuous areas you want to blur, you can repeat step 2 and step 3 to blur other parts.

5. In the end, export the image with a new name.


These methods are all aims to blur a picture on Mac or PC, in case you need to blur in mobile phones, you should also know something about blur a picture app. Point Blur DSLR is the editor enables people to get blurriness pictures on Android app. And Touch Blur is the iOS picture blur app, which you can customize blur effect easily. Moreover, you can also blur a picture online for free. Nowadays many photo editors provide comprehensive online tools. Methods of blurring a picture is different from users, many makers can solve blurry photos without too much effort. Thus, no matter which you choose, you can always handle blur pictures.

Section 2. Create blurry picture online

Blurry photos are not always the bad things. Sometimes you can create the fantastic photo effect through online blurry photo editor. It is true that the sharpen images can express the object successfully. And you cannot deny that blurry photos can create the specific photo effect.

There are many photo editors you can choose to manage online or offline. But for most people, using online photo editors to edit photos is enough. You do not have to download or register just for editing one blurry photo. And you can get quite good photo-editing filters through online photo editors.

Top 1: BeFunky Blurry Photo Editor

BeFunky should be the top photo editor, which enables users to edit photo-blurring effect with ease. You can take photo editing to manage blur tools. There are many filters of photo blurring you can use. For instance, you can create a dreamlike effect with professional quality blur image tool. Later, you can blur images and soften photos to art effects. There are the photo blur effects you can create, which can turn your photographs into ideal canvas.

The first step is to upload your target photo online. Later, select blur from the edit menu from BeFunky Blurry photo editor. Adjust the blur slider to get the best blur photo effect. You can use other photo editing filters to manage blurry photo. At last, save your artwork and share to Facebook and other social platforms.

Enter Befunky Photo to Art

Top 2: LunaPic Blurry Photo Editor

LunaPic may not have the well-designed interface than other online photo editors. You can get the Photoshop-like filters with easier operations. Though it looks simpler, you are able to get numerous photo-editing filters as well. You can adjust, edit, draw, borders, filters, effects, art, animation and other more features. Therefore, it is the easy to use online Blurry Photo Editor you can manage with. If you have no idea how to edit photo with, then you can use the provided model from LunaPic.

Click choose file button to upload your target photo from your computer. Or you can enter the URL to open the online photos. Actually, there are many photo sources you can choose from File menu including Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and etc. Later, open Adjust drop-down menu to choose blur photo-editing filter. Then you can use other filters to customize photos online for free.

Enter Lunapic Art Styles

Top 3: Fotor Blurry Photo Editor

Fotor enables users to blur backgrounds with linear and other filters with ease. You can highlight and focus your image to blur your background manually. There is normal mode you can use to blur the effect. And you can manage the brush mode to brush any part of the photo you wanna blur. There are other aspects Fotor offers including stickers, collage, text and HDR. You are able to use all range of stickers to make some incredible collages online for free. Moreover, you can add some texts on your blurry photo directly. The HDR photography enables you to create better photo effects.

To edit with the Fotor blurry photo editor, you can open the photo you wanna edit with Fotor. Later, choose normal or brush mode before you start blurring the photo. Apply the blur effect, distort and change your image with the maximum last, save your blurry photo to your computer or share to Facebook.

Open Fotor GoArt

Top 4: Canva Blurry Photo Editor

You can use Canva to blur and sharpen any photo online with ease. The preview window on the right pane enables users to view the blurry photo effect more clearly. Therefore, you are able to use blur filters to create the specific atmosphere. For instance, you can blur an image on the fly with the blur slider. It enables you to adjust photo blur effect easier. If you are tired of normal blurry photo effect, you can enhance a bit of blurring gently.

In addition, it is also supported to use a blur image as your background photo. For instance, the flat colored backgrounds are fit for phone books and DMV documentation. The Canva blurry Photo editor allows you to save the unfocused shot with the sharpen tool as well. And you can combine effects for endless possibilities.

Canvas Blur Photo Editor

Top 5: PicMonkey Blurry Photo Editor

PicMonkey enables users to create blurry photo effect online in more professional way. If you are the new coming user, then you can get the free trail. Or you need to pay certain fees to manage the whole filters provided from PicMonkey Blurry Photo Editor. You are able to get many filters to create the gorgeous effects to blur images with. Just combine sharpen and soften tools together to get the perfect blurry photos online.

You can use provided photo effects to get photo blurry effect. Or you can customize those filters to blur a photo online. Furthermore, the provided photo blurry filters allow you to create the funny photo effects without too much effort. All in all, PicMonkey offers professional photo blurry filters and well-designed interface. You can create any blurry photo in customizable way. If you have any question about the blurry photo editor, just feel free to contact us.

PicMonkey Blur Photo

How to Create Photo Blur Effect Online

The above online photo editors we mention have the ability to make picture blurry. The process to create photo blur effect with online photo editors is similar. And we use iPiccy as the example in this part.

1. Go to iPiccy in any browser. If you have an account, you can log in. iPiccy allow people to blur photos without registry as well.

2. Hit the OPEN button on top ribbon and upload personal photo you want to blur from your computer.

3. After your photo loaded, navigate to left side menu bar, scroll down and find out the Blur option in Filters section.

4. Adjust the value of the Strength option to blur the whole photo.

5. Then press the pen icon, go to the Original tab and check the box of Reverse effect. Use the brush to remove blur on the portrait area.

6. When you are satisfied with the output, click on the SAVE button to share it on social networks or download to computer.

iPiccy Blur Photo

Section 3. Add Blurry effect on iPhone and Android

Not everyone have enough time to blurry photo on computer with Adobe Photoshop slowly. In most cases, people just need something to blur without several steps. Thus, using blur photo app for Android and iOS is a nice choice to save time on blurring photo.

Blur Photo on Phone

Photo Blur Editor is the image blur editor, which can work both on iPhone and Android. You can blur photo backgrounds with several photo blur tools. Photo Blur Editor enables you to share blurred photo with friends. You can use blurry tools from Photo Blur Editor to modify blurry effect little by little. The blur effect app for iPhone and Android offers blur brush path to magnify blurry effect accurately.

1. Select the photo you want to add blurry effect.

2. Apply blurry tools to blur image on iPhone carefully.

Note: You can get over 10-premium blur effect after effects, and there is magnifying box for you to precise editing result. Adjust the blur brush size and blurry intensity get blur photography. If you operate something incorrect, you can achieve undo and redo to adjust editing speed.

3. Click the Save icon to save blurry photo. You can reopen the blurred image to edit again on the blur effect app for free.

Blur Photo on iPhone or Android


Based on the tutorials above, you might grasp the various ways to make photo blur. Such photo creativity could create many unexpected effects, like highlight some subjects in the photo, create high-speed motion effects and more. If you want to make your ordinary photos unique and attractive, you can try photo blur effect.

There are many photo editors could help you achieve such effect. Photoshop, for example, has multiple blur filters, including normal blur, Gaussian blur, lens blur, motion blur, radial blur and more. GIMP is a free alternative for Photoshop that could help people create photo blur effect. Moreover, many online photo editors also provide photo blur filters.

No matter which way you choose to blur photography, simulating blurry processing can be included into three steps. The first is importing photography, next use blur slider or tool to apply. The final operation is downloading blurring photo. In addition, blurring photography will express some magic atmosphere. Thus, if you want to show others different photos easily, you can try to blur images online or offline, with so many image-blurring processes above.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Part 3: How to Blur the Background in Photos

Blurring background means you want to highlight leading roles and set others into transparent. It is a good way to emphasis your focus. Sometimes you can also create lively or mysterious atmosphere after you blurring background effect.

You can choose to shoot with blur background effect camera to achieve this goal directly. Or you can also use third party apps to create blurry background effect. Of course, using blur background effect app cannot enable you to get delicate blurry photos. Thus, you should also learn skills of blur in Photoshop, which is the universal photograph editor.

Section 1: Blur Background Effect APP

In most cases, people use the cameras based on iPhone or Android devices. It is obvious to understand that mobile phones are easy to take and operate. Though you have certain photo beautifier filters during shooting with iPhone or Android, it is not enough to get blurry effect.

Blur Background Result on iPhone

AfterFocus Icon

AfterFocus is a depth of field (DoF) lens after effect that can blur background to bring DSLR-like photography. Compared to the other blurring apps, AfterFocus is able to keeping the draw out part remains sharp and adjusting the blurring effects. It is a must have application to create a blur background to have a smart focus, create active image using blur motion or create aesthetic night view using bokeh effect.

Key Features of AfterFocus

  • Smart Focus, it is a feature to sharp the stuff with a blur background, you can simply draw on the stuff roughly around the edges.
  • Blur Background, you can draw on the part to blur it as a background or make a blur motion to sharp the moving stuff.
  • Bokeh Effect, it allows for various shapes of bokeh, just as the ones of DSLR and analogue camera lensed produced.
  • There are other features, such as a liner fading background tool, various monochrome, and color filter and vignetting.

The Pro version of AfterFocus also offers the Double Photo feature, which is able to draw the focus area automatically if take a picture of one object and move slightly to the right to take another picture of the same object, and it will analyze the images and recognize the nearest object.


  • Easy to select the part to stay focus or add blur background.
  • Different styles of blur effects, such as blur background, blur motion and boken.


  • It should be difficult to use Double photo without any trial.

The smart focus area selection of AfterFocus will recognize emphasis area automatically. You can draw any certain place to blur background effect on iPhone with ease. Moreover, the photo blurry app has many other filter effects too. Thus, you can customize blurred background effect photos later.

1. Take images with built-in camera. (You can click Take Photo to shoot directly, Take Two Photos means you can shoot in various. The Select From Album icon allows you to upload images from Camera Roll as well.)

2. Choose Manual when you see the dialog “Which method do you prefer …”.

3. Tap Focus and then use the small brush to paint as foreground. (You can get small, medium, large and extra-large brush size to use.) Select Pan&Zoom icon to eraser the place you draw out by mistake.

4. Click the arrow to move on. Choose “Blur” option and then adjust intensity to blurry effect on background with slider. (You can choose whether to apply “Lens Blur” or “Motion Blur”.)

AfterFocus Blur Background

Of course, the blur background effect app enables you to edit photos in furthermore degrees. You can choose to share or save via email or SNS simply.

Blur Background Consequence on Android

Blur Image Background is the editor to blur background effect on Android, just as its name has shown. You can blur the unnecessary part of images, or you can also unblur image background if you want. There is also brush option for you to select blurry background area. With the zoom in or zoom out feature, you are able to blur a picture in detail.

1. Import images to blur from gallery or using camera to shoot.

2. Click the Blur icon to add blurry effect. You need to adjust brush size and blur intensity. Click Undo or reset options if necessary.

3. Save or share blurred background effect on Android to social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and so on.

Blur Image Background App

The installment of the blur background effect Android app has breakthrough 50 Million users. You can use this blur background effect apk for free with user-friendly interface as well.

Section 2: Creating Blur Background Effect Online

BeFunky is the online blur editor with various filters. You can use BeFunky to blur background effect online with interesting experience. The whole process of blurring effect about image background can be included into two steps, finding the blurry focus and then use blurry filters to create. You can get photo-blurring experience similar with blur background effect camera as well.

1. Click Get Start to begin. Because of the certain blur effect requirement, you will be transported into blur part in BeFunky directly.

2. Click Adjust to blur the whole image, the Amount slider enables users to adjust blur intensity smoothly.

3. Or you can choose Paint to set blurry focus manually. Move with Brush Size, Brush Hardness and Brush Strength sliders to adjust blurry background with ease.

BeFunky Blur Background

If you blur wrong places, you can use the Eraser tool to undo it. Click the check icon after you finished blurred free background effect online. As BeFunky has many other online filters waiting for your apply.

Section 3: Personalize Blur Background Purpose via Photoshop

Photoshop is the represent photo editor, which distinguish amateurs and professions. Actually, it is not difficult to blur background effect; you can use many photo editors or online image blurry maker. Sometimes you can even create blurry effect for free. Though these image effect editors can offer easy to make photo blur service, Adobe Photoshop is still the classical tool to create blur background effect. Here aims to explain methods to blur background in Photoshop CC or CS6, with which you can equip photo blurry skills to process images more easily.

Adobe Photoshop Blur Tools Introduction

Before you get blurred background in Photoshop, why not take a minute to be familiar with blur styles. There are 9 blur effects you can choose. Average tool enables users to smooth transition. You can take fuzzy scenes with Average in Photoshop. Blur or Blur More allows users to enhance blurriness on the original images. Box Blur is the tool to smooth blur areas. You had better to set large radius to get smoother blurry effect. Gaussian Blur enables you adjust blur number directly. And Motion Blur is the magic tool, which helps you to make the staid objects into moving condition.

As for Radial Blur, you can get its feature just from the name. Of course, Radial blur is the blurry effect, aims to adjust radial blur from 1 to 100. Smart Blur means you can precise during blurring background in Photoshop. Surface Blur provides service to blur images certain, while sharpens the edge of photos, to create different atmosphere far from others. The last one is Lens Blur, which offers faster, blur focal distance and invert lens blurs for people to blur part of images. At length, the methods you use them to blur background in Photoshop online or offline depends on your choices.

Photoshop Blur Background

Blur Portrait Background in Photoshop CC

The key point of blurry photos is to sharpen your focus. Thus, you can enhance sharpness to blur background in Photoshop CC. it is very normal to blur portrait background in Photoshop, because portraits are always the emphasis of the whole photos. When your background was blurry, you can express better atmosphere about your models. Sometimes, people just need to select out to blur certain part of background in Photoshop CC, though you have to cover whole background if necessary.

Create Part of Background in Photoshop CC

You can regard the process of blurring background into two main steps. The first one is to select out your objects, and then you can start to blur a picture as normal.

1. Choose Focus Area from Select list in Photoshop CC. click View Mode after you see the dialog. Tick Preview option and then you can pick the certain mode you like, I prefer to use Marching Ants.

Photoshop Focus Area

2. You can use Auto selection to blur background in Photoshop elements. Use Parameters and then adjust In-Focus Range slider if you need to customize in detail.

3. Go to Select list to choose Inverse tool, with which you can defocus the background.

4. Turn to Blur option from “Filter” list. And then use Lens Blur from various photo blur effects. You need to set Radius in concrete or move the Radius slider.

You will see the natural blurry background in PS with lens blur. If necessary, you can try Refine Edge to smooth the tough edges.

Photoshop Set Parameter

Design Certain Portion Background with Photoshop CC

There is also another easier way to blur background in Photoshop CC. you can use this skill to handle pictures, which do not have too high requirements towards blur effect. As a result, blurring background in Photoshop CC at this time will be much easier.

1. Open images and then choose Blur Gallery from Filter drop-down list.

2. Choose Iris Blur to define the certain focus point, which is the only place out of blur effect to be sharp.

3. Click the image to set your focus, and then enlarge your circle with your mouse.

4. Set blur amount on the right pane.

5. Adjust the blur transition by moving the small pins in the blur effect circle.

Photoshop Blur Gallery

After that, you can compare blur background in Photoshop before and after to get specific blurry effect. This way is suitable for situations aims for high emotion.

Blur Photo Background in Photoshop CS6

It is also not difficult to blur background effect in Photoshop CS6. This time you need to combine layer masking and blur filter together. Or you can also see it as blurring out background in Photoshop. To blur in Photoshop, you need to read the following steps for few minutes.

1. Duplicate a separate layer from the original background layer in Photoshop CS6.

2. Create a mask. You can use a Lasso tool to select the certain place to add hazy effect. After that, use Feather to smooth.

3. Select the new layer to use brush tool. Set the foreground color to black.

4. Choose Blur effect to apply from Blur Gallery.

5. Use a large soft brush to refine the layer mask.

Blur Background CS6

Blurring background in Photoshop is the simple process, compares with other photo editing skills. Thus, you can choose the one you like to create blur photos with ease. Moreover, Photoshop is the combination of basic photo editing tools; you can do other image beautifier by the way.


No matter you use Adobe Photoshop or other blur background effect apps, you can achieve the similar blurry photo effect. As for someone who prefers to create blurry background effect with DSLR cameras, you need to set a large aperture, which can offer you blurry effect directly. If you just need to blur image background for fun, the above background blur tutorial is enough in most cases.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version