Noise Reduction Software

7 Best Noise Reduction Software for Photography Lovers

What is the best noise reduction software to eliminate image noise? It is a difficult question even for professional photographers. Each top noise reduction program has some special features to attractive customers for its own.

When you need to remove noise for images for different gears. The article provides the features and functions of top 8 noise reduction software. Just read on the article to choose the desired program accordingly.

Noise Reduction Software

Part 1: Noise Reduction Instruction

The process to remove noise from certain photos is noise reduction. People divide reduction of noise into four types in audios. They are single-ended pre-recording systems, single-ended hiss reduction, single-ended surface noise reduction, and codec or dual-ended systems.

As for salt and pepper noise in photos, pixels in image have no relation to the surrounding pixels in color. These image noises looks like dark and white dots, as a result, you need noise reduction camera or choose photo beautifier to remove noise and preserve the high quality of digital photos. In order to have a better picture, you can use some noise reduction software instead.

Part 2: Best Noise Reduction Software for Computer

Top 1: WidsMob Denoise: All-around Noise Reduction Software

WidsMob Denoise should be versatile noise reduction software for images from both smartphone and DSLR camera. It has special algorithm for portrait and landscape. What is more, you can simply adjust the different parameters to remove image noises for moving stuff, lowlight environment, old image and more.

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1. The Batch function of the noise reduction software is a great help for eliminating a large amount of photos.

2. Versatile noiseware to reduce image noises for all types of files, whether RAW files or JPEG, landscape or portrait.

3. Deliver exceptional detail, outstanding image quality and a distinctive natural look.

4. Simple process to reduce noise and touch up different photos within few seconds.

Dark Noise

Top 2: Topaz Denoise: Superhero Noise Reduction Software

As for the most popular noise reduction software, Topaz De-Noise removes distracting image noise while preserving image detail. It can fix the JPEG artifacts, flurry photos in any situation with confidence. Topaz De-Noise is a simple to use noise reduction software, which takes only few seconds to fix the problem of image noise and other problems.

1. Multiple presets come with Topaz De-Noise reduce image noise in different categories.

2. Noise reduction application detects the areas for applying noise filters and keeping intact the areas sharp.

3. If you use the Plugin version of Topaz, you can also apply the Photoshop masking as well.

Topaz Denoise

Top 3: Imagenomic Noiseware: High-Performance Noise Reduction Software

Imagenomic Noiseware is another excellent noise reduction software to polish up noisy photos quite easily. You can use Noiseware for noise removal as standalone and plug-in versions. The advanced algorithm of noise reduction software retains more details and is 25% more effective and 4X processing speed increase with multi-core support technology.

1. New preset manager with unlimited of presets, multiple categories, notes and import/export.

2. History control over with unlimited number of history steps should be another plus of the program.

3. Built-in expert system uses artificial intelligence to analyze and recognize noise pattern without relying on camera profile.

Noiseware Screenshot

Top 4: Neat Image: Professional Noise Reduction Software

As for professional Noise Reduction software, ABSoft Neatlab should be one of best the noise reduction solution providers. Neat Image is able to minimize the film grain, JPEG compression artifacts and other imperfections. It should be handy and professional noiseware to remove noise from luminance and chrominance channels.

1. Powerful batch processing and background processing features to reduce noise for multiple photos in few seconds.

2. Many presets of noise profiles within the noise reduction software for reducing the noise of digital cameras or scanners.

3. Advanced noise filter with complete control over the noise reduction and smart sharpening filters.

Neat Image Screenshot

Top 5: Photo Ninja: Photo Converter with Noise Reduction

Photo Ninja is more than noise reduction software, which is able to provide professional-grade RAW converter that delivers exceptional detail, outstanding image quality. The noise filter of noise reduction software contains both luminance noise reduction and chrome noise reduction with multiple adjustments for automatic noise profiling.

1. Filtering automatically adapts to the different noise levels in the shadows, midtones, highlights, and in different color channels.

2. Smart presets mode can remember the settings and identify the ISO and camera model from EXIF metadata in the image.

3. Advanced noise Ninja reduction algorithms with both luminance noise reduction and chrome noise reduction with multiple adjustments.

Photo Ninja

Part 3: Best Noise Reduction Software for Smartphone

Top 1: Photo Noise Reducer Pro – Noise Reduction APK Android

The photo noise reduction APK is able to beautify images while removing noise. If your have any improper behaviors to cause noise, Photo Noise Reducer Pro can also produce spotless images in few clicks. Moreover, you can apply it not only on Mac or Windows, but also download into iPhone and Android devices. Thus, the noise reduction software is easy to use.

1. You can use smooth slider to adjust noise to get the spotless images. Things become easy and fun to denoise spots and grain.

2. There are pre-designed noise reducing levels of light, medium and custom. You can select from these noise reduce degrees to adjust.

3. After you have denoised images, you can use comparison panel to contrast noise reduce after effects.

Photo Noise Reducer Pro

Top 2: Noise Master – Effective Application to Remove Noise from Photos

Noise Master is an application for iOS to produce clean, smooth, noise free images while preserving important details. It is able to eliminate all types of photos noises, such as high ISO, chroma, contrast, low light, film grain and more. Just load the photos from album or camera, after that you can save the optimized photo to “Photos” with ease by the noise reduction software.

1. Soften and eliminate wrinkles from portrait images and optimizes noises for landscape pictures.

2. Slider to adjust level of noise reduction and preserves all the details and edges for image files.

3. It works with all types of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions.

Noise Master


Whatever noise reduction software you choose, you can select the best one according to your requirements. Of course, you can also use Photoshop or Lightroom to reduce noise of image. You can always find the best noise reduction software to turn noise images into neat pictures. If you have any query about best noise reduction software, you can inform more detailed information in the comments.

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