10 Best Image Viewer for Mac/Windows/Android Phone of 2023

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You might use a smartphone to take photos more frequently than cameras now.

As for the case, the device might have hundreds or thousands of photos within a short period, especially when you have a travel or a family reunion.

What are the best photo viewers for Mac, Windows, or Android phones?

If you are still using the default JPEG viewer on Mac, Windows, or Android phone, it is time to update your photo viewing software now.

Whether you need open source photo viewer software or a fast RAW image viewer, you can always find the best image viewers from the article.

The initial choice to update the photo viewers should be the open-source photo viewers or free photo viewers.

There are many free Windows image viewers and Android photo viewers, but few for Mac.

Some best commercial photo viewers are also included in the article.

You can compare the features of these programs to find the best image viewer accordingly.

Best Photo Viewer for Mac

Part 1. Best Photo Viewer for Mac to View Image on macOS

WidsMob Viewer Pro is a versatile Mac photo viewer, with which you can view, convert and manage photos, and videos with ease.

The multiple viewing photo modes, full-screen mode, thumbnail mode, simple mode, slideshow mode, EXIF mode, and zoom mode provide an excellent photo viewing experience.

This photo viewer for Mac supports 35 photo files and RAW formats, including the Nikon, Canon, and other most popular formats. The program is available in 16 languages.

Main Features

1. Support most of the RAW file formats, photo formats, and even video files.

2. Browse photo in incredibly high quality with Retina-aware Mac photo viewer and zero-interface full mode.

3. Different photo viewing modes, manage the photos between different folders with ease.

4. Apply photo effects or further edit the photos with useful editing tools.

5. Convert RAW photo formats into JPEG or other general photo formats.

Win Download Mac Download

How to View Image with this Best Image Viewer on Mac

Step 1. Download and install WidsMob Viewer Pro on your Mac. Launch the program and drag and drop any video or image into the program. You can also click the Open… or Open Recent from File menu to import videos or photos into this Mac picture viewer.

View Photos by Folder Viewer Pro on Mac

Step 2. You can browse images as thumbnails on the main window. If you want to preview pictures one by one, you can double-click any one of the photos and you will lead to the preview window.

Tips: If you view a video file, you can click the Playback icon in the middle of the video to play. You can also adjust the audio volume to enjoy the video within the program.

View Photos with WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 3. You can also view pictures in Slideshow Mode by clicking the Play icon at the bottom of the main window or in Full-Screen Mode select View on the top menu and click the Enter Full Screen option.

View Photos in Slideshow Mode with WidsMob Viewer Pro

Part 2. Top 2 Photo Viewer for Mac to View Photos Easily

1. Xee - Photo Viewer for Mac to View and Manage Images on Mac

Xee Icon

Xee is a streamlined and convenient Mac picture viewer and browser.

It is a serious tool for photo viewing and management with a sleek and powerful interface. It is fast and uses less memory than most other image viewing tools on Mac.

With Xee, you can even display a large number of image formats, including PCX, Maya IFF, and Amiga IFF-ILBM.

What is more, you can also access the information about the images with the Xee photo viewer.

The shortcoming of Xee is that you might not able to edit or manage the photos within the program.

View Photo on Mac with Xee

2. ACDSee Mac Pro - Image Viewer for Mac to Organize Photos on macOS

ACDSee Icon

ACDSee Mac Pro 3 photo viewer offers a limited number of editing tools and a build-in photo organizer.

The Mac pic viewer helps you categorize and keep track of thousands of photos. As an excellent photo viewer, ACDSee Mac Pro is optimized for Retina Display and Patented Lighting & Contrast Enhancement to improve the quality of the photos to achieve HDR results.

The batch presets are also available to make the whole thing easy within the Photo viewer. Another plus feature for ACDSee should be the online cloud storage; you can store and share your shots on your personal ACDSee Online cloud space.

And the price of ACDSee Mac photo viewer is US$29.95.

View Image on Mac with ACDSee

Part 3. 5 Best Image Viewer for Windows to View Pictures on Windows 10/8/7

If you are using Windows PC, you may need photos-view software on Windows. You may wonder if you can find the best Windows photo viewer to browse and manage all your photos easily. Here you can check the following programs. We list 5 best Windows picture viewer for your reference. Hope you can pick one according to your need.

1. FastStone Image Viewer - Best Picture Viewer for Windows

FastStone Image Viewer should be an excellent choice of image viewing software for Windows.

FastStone Image Viewer has the superb user-interface in full-screen mode, different pop-up panels to reach, and withdraw any side of the screen.

There are some remarkable features of this open-source image viewer: the zoom system can magnify to a custom preset level, the batch processing option makes it easy to set up and run.

Of course, you can also achieve other editing features in the updated photo viewer with curves, levels, lighting, unsharp mask, and clone.

Photo Viewer for Windows - FastStone Image Viewer

2. FastPictureViewer - Best Free Photo Viewer for Windows

FastPictureViewer is a free image viewer for Windows XP and later and optimized for a full-screen, borderless preview of digital images.

It has full-color management with a simple process.

What is more, you can also access advanced batch file management, web upload, and culling for photographs.

This best free photo viewer does not have image editing or enhancement features and cannot create and maintain a thumbnail database.

It has a relative Pro version, which has strong functions for image viewing and browsing. The disadvantage is still with no Mac OX S version currently.

Photo Viewer for Windows - FastPictureViewer

3. XnView - Best Windows Image Viewer to View Various Graphic Files

As one of the best Photo viewer programs, XnView can read over 500 types of graphic files and convert them to over 70 formats.

It is not only a full-screen photo viewer but also available as thumbnails, a slideshow, or the sorting out a result. The thumbnail mode can fit your preferences with several layout and sizes.

You can also find other customize options and plug-ins for this free photo viewing software. It makes the XnView the most versatile photo viewer but also a heavily weighted champion.

Photo Viewer for Windows - XnView

4. IrfanView - Photo Viewing Software to View Images on Windows PC

Another nice option of photo viewer program should be IrfanView. It does not only support the broadest photo formats, but also audio files and video files.

This photo viewer software can convert, optimize, scan, print, and create slideshows. The batch processing is also available on the Windows photo viewer to handle a large amounts of files at a time.

You can also access more features for image creation, painting capabilities, and also slideshow exporting. If you are not satisfied with the photo viewer program, you can check the plug-ins to find the desired features.

Photo Viewer for Windows - IrfanView

5. Adobe Bridge CC - Adobe Photo Viewer with Vesitle Edit Function

Adobe Bridge CC, which has automated cache management, on-demand thumbnail and metadata generation, option to import photos and videos from your mobile or digital camera on Mac.

And the batch-processing feature of the image viewer is available, centralized color settings, and drag-and-drop file flexibility.

If you have some panoramic files or HDR photos, the photo viewer can handle them without a problem.

Photo Viewer for Windows - Adobe Bridge CC

Part 4. Top 3 Picture Viewer for Android

Top 1: QuickPic Gallery - Photo Viewer App for Android Phone

QuickPic Gallery Icon

It is an excellent Android photo viewer that loads images at fast speed. QuickPic Gallery is an Android display that is easy to use, light, and very eye-plashing.

What’s more important, this best Android photo viewer offers 1000GB of cloud storage. Until Google finally opted to remove everything related to Google Plus from its native tool, QuickPic is the main photo viewer app on Android for a long period time.

Google Play Download

Just learn more detail about the great features of QuickPic as below.

1. Including and excluding folders. When you have sets of private photos that you do not want to share with others, the photo viewer for Android let you exclude folders from the image browser.

2. Managing hidden folders. If you need to hide the photos, you can toggle that with one button click as well as set a password to grant more security.

3. There are some simple editing features, such as crop photos, rotate images, and other small functions. You can use them handy without the need to open a separate application.

4. You can find more features besides the fast speed photo viewer for Android. QuickPic will add some new features for the program each time for an updates.

Photo Viewer App - QuickPic

Top 2: Focus - Photo Viewer for Android and iOS

AfterFocus Icon

Focus is another free photo viewer for Android/iOS, with optional pro features. And you have an eye for detail and you can also see the EXIF data here.

It is a complete photo viewing app that prioritizes ease of use, organization, and security.

If you have any queries about the application, you can launch up this best photo viewer for Android with a small tour.

Google Play DownloadApp Store Download

Just learn more detail about the features of the program.

1. By default the app gives more than 11 tags for a user to categories a photo. You can tag your photos to keep them organized like never before using first of its kind tagging features.

2. The photo viewer for Android can access any image, gif, or video files on your Android from the main screen, or dive into your collections to quickly find the photos by data.

3. Focus also has the hide features that lock focus from unwanted eyes with password protection. Of course, you can use Android Marshmallow with your fingerprint.

4. You can also use the amazing dark theme perfectly crafted, use the Android photo viewer as a source for Muzei Live Wallpaper, as well as the ability to change focus’s launcher icon.

Photo Viewer App - Focus

Top 3: MyRoll - Android Image Viewer to Organize Photos

Myroll Icon

MyRoll is an intelligent photo viewer for Android that organizes your photos and videos into moments. It also helps you easily re-live and share life’s best memory.

As a genius, smart, and well-designed Android photo viewer, you can find some excellent customization and personalization features.

Google Play Download

If you want to learn more detail about the special features of MyRoll, you can just read more detail below.

1. MyRoll is featured for finding the best memories from hundreds of precious photos and videos. And then you can organize them into meaningful moments and collect them to the times' places and events.

2. The Android photo viewer can use computer vision and data analysis to elevate the photos and videos that matter the most to you with smiling faces, great lighting, vibrant color, clear focus, and more.

3. Just use the share features to share a group of photos easily and elegantly. You can share privately with family and friends, or publicly over email, Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS.

4. The photo viewer for Android also has some advanced technology, such as big data techniques, behavioral analysis, and services integrations.

Photo Viewer App - MyRoll


When you need to enjoy the photos on Mac, Windows, or Android devices, you can check the list for the best photo viewers from the article.

What is more, you can find the features of the program. If you have other programs for viewing photos, you can leave a comment in the article.

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