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9 Best TIFF Viewer to View TIFF File Format with Ease

Receive TIFF images and try to open it?

However, not all image browsers can open TIFF files.

Thus, you need to get a best TIFF viewer to display and turn pictures in various zoom proportions.

The following paragraphs introduces best 9 TIFF browsers, among from Windows computer to Android mobile phones. You can read and pick to apply on TIFF files.

TIFF Viewer

Top 1. WidsMob Viewer - TIFF Viewer for Mac

WidsMob Viewer is the best TIFF browser on Mac to view thousands of TIFF images in a fast and smart way. You do not need to open photos on Mac computers one by one.

Photo Viewer enables users to open photos within the folder and sub-folder by opening single photo.

Moreover, you can view TIFF images in incredible high resolution of Retina screen. The TIFF file viewer provides people to adjust TIFF photos in several parts.

You can adjust sharpness, exposure, temperature, saturation, tint, and contrast on the TIFF file browser. Moreover, you can also add multiple effects on those images too.

The TIFF image viewer offers five viewing modes for people to choose.

The first one is full screen mode, with which you can get TIFF photos in a zero-interface.

Library mode allows people to browses TIFF files according to different folders. You can view specific photos with ease.

Thumbnail mode is a good way to have a quick view to all photos.

You can also try slideshow mode to view TIFF pictures in full screen automatically.

The last one is EXIF mode, which can access the detail about the camera, ISO and other information.

Photo Viewer is an intelligent TIFF file converter as well. You can use batch function to rename, resize or convert photos TIFF files without repeating.

Moreover, it is easy to sort out TIFF images. You can collect them by data or name. If you need to select out photos, you can click the favorite icon to add photos together to the special folder. The favorite option looks like a five point star.

After that, you can share to Facebook and Twitter, or save as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Microsoft BMP or JPEG-2000 formats. In addition, you can adjust image quality during saving.

Download for Mac Version

Full Screen View


Download for Mac Version

Top 2. IrfanView - TIFF Viewer for Windows 10/8/7

As a powerful TIFF image viewer, IrfanView supports to view and save numerous file types. You can view and edit not only TIFF image format, but also other file types.

Moreover, IrfanView can view multipage TIFF files, and the TIFF file viewer on Windows is easy to use. You can open arbitrary TIFF page to browse, or you can also drag and drop TIFF files to view with ease.

IrfanView can be TIFF viewer browser plugin to work on Chrome, which means you are able to browse TIFF images without installing. To view TIFF image files frequently, you can download and use IrfanView for free in private and non-commercial way.

If you want to edit files in TIFF formats, you can use hotkeys add or remove pages. Or you can compress TIFF images individually.

In addition, IrfanView allows users to paint on TIFF format files. Drawing lines, circling or straighten images are all acceptable on the TIFF viewer Chrome during viewing.

Furthermore, IrfanView TIFF browser has 32 and 64 bit version for you to apply.


Top 3. File Viewer Plus - Multiple TIFF Viewer for Windows

File Viewer Plus can open TIFF image files. It has image editing tools, which include custom controls for adjusting the color, brightness and contrast of the TIFF image.

You can also use this program to save and batch convert TIFF images to JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP formats.

It is really a comprehensive image editor to let you open, edit, save and convert TIFF files with ease.

Moreover, File Viewer Plus supports over 300 file types. So you can use it to edit, save, print and quickly convert your image files easily.

File Viewer Plus

Top 4. BitRecover TIFF Viewer - Free TIFF Viewer

BitRecover TIFF Viewer is a free TIFF viewer to open, view and read TIFF images instantly.

You can view large size of TIFF images files with BitRecover TIFF Viewer without any modification of TIFF image.

Moreover, you can view number of TIFF files using this TIFF file Reader. With any number and any size of .tiff or .tif file this tool will effortlessly view all the file one by one and will read the tiff with exact information.

Along with the horizontal and vertical view of TIFF files, this freeware TIFF Opener also allow you to see the TIFF file with zoom in and zoom out option.

So if you want to find a free TIFF viewer, this would be one of your options.

BitRecover TIFF Viewer

Top 5. Evince File Viewer - Multiple Pages TIFF Viewer

Evince File Viewer is a document viewer designed for GNOME desktop environment. You can use Evince to open PDF, TIFF, XPS, DVI and PostScript format files.

You can use the TIFF viewer free to view multiple TIFF files by thumbnail mode as well. After that, you can print TIFF format photos, or edit them with complex filter tools.

Evince provides two TIFF pages for readers to view, by left and right. Or you can watch in full screen or slide show mode to deal with TIFF texts.

Moreover, Evince is able to open encrypted PDF documents. If you do not want to read all TIFF text, you can search the keyword with the Windows TIFF file browser to get references.

You can get integrated search showing the number of found results with the TIFF viewer and printer. Evince used to have DRM restrictions of PDF files, however, you can choose to turn it off at present by optional.

Evince File Viewer

Top 6. Inline TIFF Viewer - TIFF Viewer for Chrome

Inline TIFF Viewer is a free TIFF web viewer plugin for Chrome. It enables you to browse single and multiple TIFF/TIF images in your browser.

Once you installed the add-on for Chrome, the TIFF viewer is able to recognize various techniques used to display TIFF files. What is more, it also recognizes AlternaTIFF objects.

If you do not want to use TIFF files, you can also convert TIFF files into PNG to display inline. It will intercept a number of different requests for TIFF images, capture the data and render it appropriately in the browser.

When you view TIFF files within the Chrome browse, you can use the Mouse-wheel zoom feature.

Wherever there is a page you go to that has a TIFF or TIF, the program should auto convert and display the image in the place where image was designed to be. You can zoom in and zoom out with the mouse.

Inline TIFF Viewer

Top 7. TIF, TIFF Viewer with Drive - TIFF Web Viewer Online

TIF, TIFF Viewer with Drive allows you to view multi-single page color TIFF, various image files. You can open TIFF files from Google Drive directly.

This TIFF Viewer allows you to view multi-single page TIFF files, and various image files.

It will open TIFF files, either single or multi-page and display them in an easily viewable JPEG format.

You can open TIFF files from Google Drive directly. It supports a wide range of image format and compressions.

This app has the option to navigate pages or jump to the beginning or the end of the document.

You can also save separate images (JPEG format) to your computer.

TIF, TIFF Viewer

Top 8. Fast Image Viewer - TIFF Viewer for Android

In order to view TIFF pages on smart phones, you can try Fast Image Viewer. The TIFF viewer app can work not only on Android, but also on iOS devices.

You are able to try TIFF viewer Android for free. However, iPhone users need to cost few dollars on iTunes. As for FIV TIFF opener, you can view large bitonal images with highly optimized codes.

You do not have to upload TIFF photos to local storage. Just open from the camera roll or cloud storage service, and then you can open TIFF files without any temporary data.

FIV can open single or multiple TIFF pages, as well as other image format files. Remember to decompress those pages.

You can use Fast Image Viewer to browse black and white scanned images, with incredibly fast decoding and readable scale-to-grey views.

In addition, FIV supports to animate GIF, PNG and FLI in the file browser and main window. The most important key is that the TIFF converter can open image files faster than other TIFF view software.

Fast Image Viewer

Top 9. Multi-TIFF Viewer Free - TIFF Viewer App

Multi-TIFF Viewer is a free image viewer for single and multi-page TIFF files.

Many currently available image viewers do not support TIFF files or have some restrictions.

Multi-TIFF Viewer is one of the few applications that have the outstanding TIFF format support.

The TIFF file can be opened using the built-in file browser or called from external applications such as: Internet browser - HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported, cloud services clients, etc.

The Multi-TIFF Viewer is fast, secure, convenient and it is for free!

Multi-TIFF Viewer

Extended Reading: What is TIFF format?

TIFF (Tag Image File Format) has been one of the widely used file formats around the world, originally developed by Aldus (acquired by Adobe).

At beginning, the format became popular among professionals in the publishing industry, including photographers and graphic artists, due to its ability to be edited and re-saved without losing image quality.

Moreover, TIFF is also adaptable, supporting lossy and lossless compression options and vector-based clipping paths.

Then other two image formats - JPEG and PNG, which aim to preserve colored photos, surpassed TIFF over the years.

Nowadays, as TIFF can store bit-mapped files with lossless compression, it is a raster-based format commonly used for images that come from optical scanners, graphics/photo editing applications, etc.

In addition, the images stored as TIFF formats are generally recognized as TIFF or TIF extension. Therefore, TIFF and TIF can both represent tagged file format files.


In order to view TIFF files on different device, you can find the top 9 TIFF viewers for different devices.

WidsMob Viewer should be the best TIFF/TIF viewer for Mac, IrfanView, File Viewer Plus, BitRecover TIFF Viewer for Windows, Inline TIFF Viewer and TIF, TIFF Viewer with Drive for web browser, Fast Image Viewer, Multi-TIFF Viewer Free and Evince File Viewer for smartphone.

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