How to Add Fog Effects to Images – Here are 7 Easy Methods You Should Know

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When you need to turn a landscape into a fairyland, how to add fog effects to images? If you just need to reproduce the smoky morning fog that you cannot capture in an image, what should you do? Photoshop is the most frequently used method to apply the desired effect, whether you use the texture effect manually or use the fog effect action automatically. Here are the 7 best ways you should read and follow.

How to Add Fog Effects to Images

Part 1: How to Add a Fog Effect to Photos via Photoshop

If you need to make some complicated filters, Photoshop is the desired choice for applying fog effects to photos. Take advantage of the fog or cloud brush of Photoshop to create a realistic sense of atmosphere and depth. Moreover, you can also tweak the different parameters and settings to make a stunning photo with the following steps.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop on your computer and click the File button. Select the desired image you want to add fog or smoke. After that, you can click the Background layer and choose the Duplicate Layer option to create another layer of the background.

Duplicate Layer Photoshop

Step 2: To add the fog effect to the image, you need to create a fog layer by clicking the Layer menu and choosing the New option. After that, you can set the white color for the background and the black color for the foreground before making any changes.

Add Fog Layer with Mask Photoshop

Step 3: Go to the Filter menu and choose the Render button. You can select the Clouds option from the drop-down list. It will create a layer with a black-and-white cloud. After that, click the Add layer mask option that enables you to further edit the fog effect.

Render Cloud Photoshop

Step 4: When you need to further edit the fog effect, you can select the fog layer. Just go to the Filter menu and tweak the slider of the Radius slider of the fog intensity. Choose the Screen option as the blending mode and adjust the opacity to get the optimal image.

Adjust Blur for Fog Photoshop

Step 5: Press the Ctrl + T keys to free-transform the photo. Right-click the photo and choose the Perspective option. You can drag the bottom right corner outward of the frame. Right-click the photo to choose the Free Transform button to drag the frame with the Shift key.

Free Transform Fog Effect Photoshop

Step 6: Select the Brush tool from the left tools panel, you can go to the top bar and set the desired opacity, such as 50%. Remove the fog away from the image with the brush tool. When you get the desired fog effect, you can save the image to your computer.

Brush for Fog Effect Photoshop

Part 2: 5 Best Fog Effects Actions for Photoshop

If you want some convenient ways to apply the desired effect, you can simply add a fog effect to your images via Photoshop actions. When you need to find some special effects, you can explore different actions before applying the desired one.

30 Real Fog and Mist Photo Overlays

It has stunning overlays for adding mood and drama to photos. You only need to change the blending mode of the image to screen, soft light, or overlay. The fogging action provides a fog effect that highlights the sense of the atmosphere of the image, and when used, the fogging layer has a sharpness of 6000px * 4000px. 30 files in JPG format are provided, which are compatible with any photos edited in Photoshop, and can be very good for creating a smog-like light effect.

Fog Overlay

Fog Photoshop Action

When adding fogging action to Photoshop, you can create a perfect foggy look effect to your images, not only by adjusting the colors but also by layering and moving the layers to which the fogging is added. It will create a unique look for your images. Moreover, you can also custom conversion of the light source, add an advanced look to the image, save more time and maximize the simplicity and fun of the Photoshop fog effect. The action will also create 10 color looks that you can choose from.

Fog Photoshop Action

Fog Animation Photoshop Action

The fog animation effect of Photoshop can be used in a variety of scenes to add a sense of atmosphere to an image. Whether it is the exhilaration of movement, the tranquility of an inn, or the loneliness of a portrait, all can be accentuated by this effect. It has an outstanding quality for the fog effects and provides PDF instructions and video tutorials for usage. But you should know that the fogging effect action is only available for the English version of Photoshop.

Fog Animation Photoshop

Fog Flow CS3+ Photoshop Action

When you brush your images with the fog effect action, you will be amazed by the mystery of fog flow. You can use your creativity to edit the photos with 4 different fog flow directions and 10 color filters easily. Besides, it enables you to brush over your object in the image, play the action with an instant preview, and remain the picture background untouched. The Photoshop action works with CS3 and the above Photoshop versions, in which all layers are named, structured, and placed in folders.

Fog Flow Action

Fog Effect - Photoshop Action

The fog effect is mostly used to highlight a single object or person. It can bring the eye to a single object with low tones and a high sense of atmosphere while highlighting the object itself with a very good sense of sophistication. It can be used to create highly detailed effects with just a few clicks, has a fixed placeholder for highlighting without the need for multiple adjustments, orange its layer organization, as well as ensuring neat layers, and is suitable for images of any resolution.

Fog Effect

Part 3: Best Method to Apply Fog Effect with AI Algorithms

If you need to apply some fog effects directly without complicated settings, WidsMob AI Retoucher is another choice you can consider. It provides multiple stunning filters and effects, converts photos to cartoons/paintings, adjusts HSL parameters, image noise reduction, and more. Moreover, you can also touch up the portrait images with AI cartoons, AI face-mosaics, and AI portraits easily.

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1. Provide frosted glass, paint, old images, chill, dark light, and more filters.

2. Reduce noise, recover low light, and remove haze with AI Retouch features.

3. Convert photos to paintings, cartoons, sketches, B/W photos, and others.

4. Compatible with WebP, JPEG, PNG, AVIF, APNG, and most RAW files.

Choose Color Negative Film Retoucher Win Download Mac Download


Whether you need to add fog effects manually or use the fogging actions, here is the detailed guide you should know about how to add fog effects with Photoshop from the article. If you need to edit the fog effect automatically with the best Photoshop alternative, WidsMob Retoucher is one of the most popular post-processing programs with AI algorithms.