How to Add Artistic Photo Effects Online and on Computer Free

Last Updated on November 26, 2022 by Peter Wood

When you need to find an easy tool to create artistic photo effects for your photos without Photoshop, what should be the best alternative? Is there any alternative method to add the desired effects within one click with advanced AI algorithms?

Here you can find the best art online photo editors and AI photo editors to help you out. Whether you need to explore artistic effects like Photoshop or use some special filters, you can always find one of the 4 artistic photo effect makers from the article.

Add Artistic Photo Effects

Part 1: How to Use WidsMob Retoucher to Transfer Photo to Art on Windows and Mac

WidsMob AI Retoucher provides multiple artistic photo effects with AI algorithms. It enables you to use AI retouch to reduce image noise, remove haze, and recover low light. Choose the AI cartoon to turn both landscapes and portraits into cartoons in different modes. When you need to find artistic photo effects, you can use AI Style Transfer, which is similar to Photoshop to get the desired one within one click.

  1. Enhance HSL, adjust image colors, and reduce noise settings manually.
  2. Provide artistic effects with cartoons, style transfer, analog films, etc.
  3. Apply filters with HDR filters, light lenses, sketches, Lomo, and others.
  4. Add textures and grains, cut out the desired parts, and polish portraits.
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Step 1: Add the desired photo for artistic effects

Download and install WidsMob AI Retoucher on your computer. Launch the program and click the Import button to add your photo to the program or directly drag and drop your image into the interface. It enables you to edit JPEG, AVIF, PNG, as well as RAW file formats.

Import Photos Retoucher

Step 2: Adjust HSL and colors for an artistic effect

Whether you need to have some basic touchup or further edit the photos, you can click the Adjust menu and choose the 3 types of adjustments, such as color tones, exposure, Vignetting, contrast, highlights, saturation, vibrance, temperature, and more.

HSL Enhancement Retoucher

Step 3: Choose AI Cartoonization for artistic effects

If you need to turn some photos into artistic cartoons, including portraits and landscapes, you can simply choose the different AI modes for cartoons. It will turn the photos into a cartoon automatically. Make sure you have the portrait images for the selfie for conversion.

Photo to Cartoon Classic Retoucher Convert Portrait to Cartoon Retoucher

Step 4: Select artistic effects from AI Style Transfer

When you want to have the same artistic photo effects as the neural filters like Photoshop, choose different styles to touch up the image, such as neon light, candy, mosaic, pointillism, starry night, Udine, and more. It will apply the artistic effects automatically.

Photo to Candy Effect Retoucher Photo to Neno Light Retoucher Photo to Mosaic Retoucher

Step 5: Get the artistic photo effects from Filters

Of course, you can also find some artistic photo effects from the Filter menu of WidsMob AI Retoucher. There are multiple filters, including LOMO, old photo, painterly, color superimpose, super B/W, pencil sketch, analog films, soft light, psychedelic, and others.

Color Superimpose Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

Besides the above features, you can also touch up portraits via minimizing freckles, whitening teeth, and smoothing skin. Moreover, it supports multiple file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, AVIF, WebP, and more with optimal photo quality.

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Part 2: How to Use Fotor GoArt to Add Artistic Photo Effects Online

Fotor GoArt is a free art photo maker and editor online or on iOS and Android. It is the world's first AI technology-based artistic effects app to export 8M Pixel images and print the art. With these photo effects creating apps, you can make ordinary photos into extraordinary photos.


Step 1: Open the online Fotor GoArt or download the app on your mobile devices

Here go to the browser and enter to start online photo art editing or you can download the GoArt app for iOS or Android from the App Store or Google Play. It is free with in-app purchases in the app.


Step 2: Choose the photo and apply artistic effect to your photo

Click Get Started on the center of the webpage to choose the image to add artistic photo effects. Then you can select the photo artistic effects on the bottom of the webpage. There are lots of artistic photo effects you can select.

You can preview the effect after applying immediately and change the intensity of the photo effect. You may need to register for the account or get the watermark in the center of the photo.


Step 3: Save the artistic effect photo or share it directly

After creating, you can save the artistic effect photo to your computer by clicking the Save button or share it with your family and friends by clicking the Share with Friends button on the top right side of the page through Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr.

Part 3: How to Use BeFunky Photo to Art to Create Artistic Photo Effects Online

BeFunky Photo to Art feature can let you go from photo to art like painting, cartoon, sketch, and more with ease online.

Step 1: Visit Befunky Photo to Art webpage online

Enter on the browser and find its Photo to Art webpage. Then click the TRY THEM NOW button on the top of the webpage to enter the photo artistic effects editing interface.


Step 2: Add photo and choose photo artistic effect

Click UPLOAD on the top toolbar to select your photo from your computer, webcam, BeFunky, Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Then select the artistic effect on the left toolbar and click the one you like to apply.

You can adjust the effect density with the slider under the photo. There are more other editing tools on the left toolbar of the page.


Step 3: Save the artistic effect to the photo

After finishing editing, you can save it directly to your computer, BeFunky, Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Or you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Part 4: How to Apply Lunapic Artistic Styles to Your Photos Online

Lunapic offers a lot of artistic styles on its website. You can easily choose an instant effect and apply it to your photo to get the artistic photo effect.

Step 1: Choose the photo artistic effect

Enter on the browser and find its Famous Art Works under the Art category. Choose an artistic effect you want to apply to your photo from various styles.


Step 2: Upload your photo to apply the chosen artistic effect

Click the Choose File button to select the photo from your computer or directly enter your online photo URL on the open URL form. You can adjust the density with the slider on the top of the photo.

You can also choose to Undo the effect on the top of the page or change it into other artistic effects. With its editing tools on the left side of the page, you can also edit the photo in aspects.


Step 3: Save artistic effect to your photo

After applying, you can click Save to directly download the artistic effect photo or share it on Facebook, Imgur, EzPhoto, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter to your family and friends.


When you are looking for some easy methods to apply some stunning artistic photo effects, here are the 4 best photo editors you should know. All those tools offer various artistic photo effects. You can choose the one you like to create your artistic photo effects photos. WidsMob AI Retoucher is a nice choice to apply some AI cartoon effects and AI style transfer effects within one click.

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