AI Painting Generator Review – 10 Best Methods to Make Stunning Painting

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When you need to turn some photos into stunning paintings, what are the best AI painting programs? It is not difficult to search for an AI painting maker. But finding a suitable one to make the desired painting is not easy. Since there are many painting styles, such as renaissance paintings, impressionism paintings, cartoon paintings, and others, it is difficult to find an all-in-one AI painter to get the desired files. Here are the 10 best AI painting generators to make stunning paintings from any photo in the article.

AI Painting

Part 1: 3 Best AI Painting Generators for Windows and Mac

Top 1: WidsMob AI Retoucher

If you need to turn any photo into multiple painting styles easily, WidsMob AI Retoucher is a versatile AI painting generator to make cartoons, candy filters, painting styles, mosaic effects, and more. There are multiple filters to enhance photos, adjust colors, and reduce noise. Moreover, you can also find some basic editing features to crop, rotate, flip, and compare photos.

1. Provide AI painting styles to make photos into paintings automatically.

2. Make portraits and landscapes into cartoons with AI cartoonization.

3. Touch up the photos with AI noise reduction, AI face-clean, and more.

4. Polish any photo with enhancements, color adjustments, and others.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob AI Retoucher and click the Import button to upload the photos. Of course, you can drag and drop photos directly to the program for a batch process. Select the photo and click the Edit button to enter the editing windows.

Import Image Noise Retoucher

Step 2: Go to the AI Cartoonization menu on the left side, you can choose the Classic option to make cartoons for landscapes or animals. There is a stunning AI painting filter for portraits that generate portrait into cartoon files with the Portrait option.

Landscape to Cartoon Retoucher AI Selfie for Girl Retoucher

Step 3: Besides the AI algorithms to make beautiful cartoon paintings, there are multiple painting styles in the AI Style Transfer menu. It enables you to make dozens of painting styles in AI algorithms automatically. Moreover, you can also combine it with other filters.

Retoucher Photo to Candy Painting Photo to Nero Light Retoucher Photo to Mosaic Retoucher Photo to Udine WidsMob Retoucher Photo to Starry Night Painting Retoucher

Step 4: It also enables you to turn the photos into sketches, touch up portraits, reduce image noise, and adjust the color of images. Once you have done the whole process, you can click the Save As button to export the painting photo to your computer.

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Top 2: NVIDIA Canvas

NVIDIA Canvas is an AI painting generator designed specifically for artists to transform ideas into visual reality by using AI algorithms to make simple brush strokes, into realistic landscapes. It provides 9 styles that modify the look and feel of a painting and 20 different materials ranging from sky and mountains to river and stone.


1. Provide AI painting tools to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic images.

2. Pick your palette and paint on different layers to customize the paintings.

3. Smart media library contains 5 million images to train the network easily.


1. Limited parameter setting that leads to the lower resolution of images.

2. Support environment and landscape design, other styles of painting only.

NVIDIA Studio Canvas

Top 3: Luminar AI

Luminar AI is another complete AI painting and image editor that enables you to edit images through automated editing plus simple manual processing. The program consists of 4 primary workspaces, such as Catalog, Templates, Edit, and Export. It enables you to analyze the content of each photo and suggest the best presets with AI algorithms.


1. Built-in AI filters for the body, face, skin, structure, sky, composition, and iris.

2. Provide a variety of preset templates, including painting, features, and more.

3. Polish portraits and landscapes with AI algorithms for Adobe Lightroom.


1. Difficult to view the metadata of the image or check in the information query.

2. Weak basic editing functions for processing files, especially for an upgrade.

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Part 2: Top 3 AI Painting Makers to Generate Arts Online

Top 4: AI Gahaku

When you need to convert portraits into a masterpiece, AI Gahaku is the online AI painting generator you should try. It enables you to explore the 50 different styles from the AI Gahaku art filter library. The app observes the facial expression features and then implements online conversion into oil painting-style portraits within one click.


1. Improves skin and brings out an atmospheric, natural portrait look easily.

2. Create beautiful paintings without registration or downloading the program.

3. Transform your selfies into Renaissance portrait paintings with 50 styles.


1. Limited to face editing only, and only able to create oil paintings.

2. The choice of styles is relatively small, with no more than 10 kinds.

AI Gahaku Online

Top 5: Toongineer Cartoonizer

Toongineer Cartoonizer is an online AI painting service to turn photos into cartoon pictures. Besides, you can cartoonize photos and get amazing print-level cartoon pictures of landscapes, pets, food, and more. The Smart Draw feature relies on millions of cartoon images from around the world to create unique animations for photos.


1. Make paintings from portraits and landscapes with amazing technology.

2. Generate realistic and high-quality images based on powerful features.

3. Work with JPEG, PNG, JPG, and other photo formats within 2.8MB.


1. Cannot save images with high quality and the processing speed is too slow.

2. Generate some similar portrait paintings even if you use different portraits.

Toongineer Cartoonizer

Top 6: Night Café

Night Cafe is a surrealist, transforming text into a painting by typing the text, which enables you to put through an analysis for AI painting, transforming the text into visual art. It will generate different styles when you enter the texts to make the paintings. Just choose the desired one accordingly before exporting it to your computer.


1. Apply cubism, oil painting, steampunk style, and more painting styles.

2. Add modifying symbols, including artists, cultural genres, and others.

3. Refine and customize multiple settings, like aspect ratio, resolution, etc.


1. Take too long to process the photos and setting up various information.

2. Need points or subscriptions to download large-resolution paintings.

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Part 3: 4 AI Paint-Making Apps for Android and iOS

Top 7: Painnt

Painnt is another AI painting maker that turns photos into masterpieces of various styles by using advanced AI technology. It provides more than 120 filters, including classic styles, such as Van Gogh, Picasso, modern, abstract designs, and beautiful mosaics. Moreover, it enables you to preview settings for unique results in high resolution.


1. Provide more than 120 painting filters and styles for you to choose from.

2. Create paintings via varied beautiful color palettes and sharp brush strokes.

3. Play with multiple settings of each filter to tweak it to your liking with clicks.


1. Require a subscription for maximum resolution and more advanced filters.

2. More ads and watermarks will appear when there is no subscription.


Top 8: Wonder

Wonder is a must for transforming words into fascinating paints of art. With a simple prompt, animations will be generated instantly, turning your ideas into reality. You can always make something cool with poems, song lyrics, unique word combinations, movie characters, star signs, monuments, and more with the AI painting generator.


1. Generate animations intelligently and describe what you want in the paint.

2. Provide multiple styles to choose from, and support one-click sharing.

3. Pick a style for painting, such as cubist, Dali, synth-wave, steam-punk, etc.


1. Lack of portrait editing features, mostly for landscapes and animals.

2. Too many advertisements, a certain obstacle to using the software.

Wonder AI Painting

Top 9: Starry AI

To create art or paintings with AI algorithms, StarryAI is another AI painting maker to turn art into words and photos. It enables you to create on the go and get really beautiful compositions. Moreover, you can also choose from a variety of different models, styles, aspect ratios, and even initial images to customize your creations.


1. Create stunning paints and transform words into art with AI algorithms.

2. Provide 16 art forms and canvas sizes to customize image constructions.

3. Set up the output resolution and enhance the paintings before sharing them.


1. Earning points requires watching ads or going to social media to share.

2. Large images are not supported for download and require points to redeem.


Top 10: Wombo

When you need to create some special AI painting styles, Wombo is another frequently used app to turn your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds to create an unlimited artistic paradise. It has already covered with an array of selected styles and turn paintbrush to your artwork. Moreover, you can also use Wombo Dream to expand art to the masses.


1. Make a stunning painting by making something darker and more dystopian.

2. Provide fast conversion speed to generate painting with AI in a short time.

3. Create harmonious combinations, like asking for an alien in a sci-fi style.


1. Provide limited AI transfer-styles such as love, baroque and dark fantasy.

2. Need to subscribe to the services to download high-quality printings.

Wombo AI Painting Win Download Mac Download


When you need to make some special paintings from your photos, here are the 10 best AI painting programs you should know. Whether you need to make some special paintings on Windows, Mac, online, Android, or iOS, you can always find a suitable choice from the article. If you need to select different painting styles, WidsMob AI Retoucher is one of the best AI painting generators you should use.