Top 8 3D Photo Editors to Create 3D Photos from 2D Images

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How to make a photo alive? 3D photo, just like Live Photos, is another great method to make the photo vivid. If you were a professional photographer, you can use Photoshop or other 3D editors to design one by yourself. Is there a 3D photo editor that turns a 2D image direct into 3D one?

The article shares the 8 frequently used 3D photo editors, which help beginners or newbies to create 3D photos within a few clicks. Just check out the details about these programs from the article, download the desired one to have another try now.

3D Photo Editor

Part 1: 4 Best 3D Photo Editor Apps

It is not difficult to change a 2D image into 3D one. You only need to change the depth of the image. Here are 4 recommended 3D image editor apps for your iPhone or Android phone.

Top 1: DPTH – AI 3D Photo Editor

DPTH is a 3D photo editor that adds some depth with AI magic, changes the focus of existing pictures, and makes a photo alive in awesome 3D. In this case, you can turn any 2D photo into 3D one.

  1. Automatically generation of depth data for any single camera image.
  2. Different parameters to adjust the focus distance for 3D effects.
  3. 3D photogenerations with parallax effects as well as blur effects.
  4. Detect foreground and background in an image with AI technology.

Top 2: 3D Photo Effect – Glitch Editor

If you just need to apply 3D photo effects for the 2D photos, 3D Photo Effect is the 3D photo editor that has more than 28 different kinds of 3D filters. It is the easiest method to get 3D photos from 2D ones.

  1. Instant preview for all the 3D photo effects within the application.
  2. Create glitch photos, trippy photos, 3D photos, and more others.
  3. Special 3D photo effects that can be used with 3D glasses.
  4. Save and share your 3D photos to computer or social media sites.
3D Photo Effect

Top 3: 360cam – Capture 3D Images

How about capturing a 3D 360-degree photo? Different from the pseudo-3D effects, 360cam is the 3D photo editor that records 360 videos and photos with the real 3D effect from every angle.

  1. Remote control to record videos, photos, and time lapses on your 360cam.
  2. 3 different 3D view modes for photos: panoramic, 360, and the little planet.
  3. Push and play the photos with a better experience via a mobile VR headset.
  4. Easily share the 360 videos and photos to social media websites.

Top 4: Fyuse – 3D Photos Creator

Fyuse is another 3D photo editor and creator, which captures space, not time in interactive 3D images. It should be a special and funny experience to view the 3D photos from all angles.

  1. Allow you to click and view the 3D photos from different angles with ease.
  2. Basic editing features to trim photos, add texts, and adjust the different parameters.
  3. It is a spatial photography app that allows you to capture space.
  4. Easily share the image within the Community or social media websites.

Part 2: Top 4 3D Photo Editors Online

Different from the 3D photo editor apps, you can also edit the 2D photos to pseudo-3D ones with the online 3D photo editors. Just learn more about the 4 frequently used online tools as below.

Top 5: 3Dthis

3Dthis is the online 3D photo editor app that allows users to get 3D photos easily for fun. From morphing to 3D models, you can get large choices from the free online app in clicks.

  1. Multiple filters in the right panel that you can customize images with.
  2. Intensity slider to adjust the soft, strong, or normal 3D effects online.
  3. Provide image adjust, light effects, and animation to do more editing.
  4. Share your 3D photo with Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Top 6: Omnivirt 3D Photo Creator

When you need to make the Ads much more attractive, Omnivirt 3D Photo Creator is a 3D photo editor online to create 3D images for Facebook Posts and Banner Ads from existing 2D images.

  1. Create 3D effects with a source image and depth image for Facebook.
  2. Turn existing Ads into 3D (and remove 3D watermark) or build 360 creative.
  3. Stunning and attractive that can be used for social media websites.
  4. Support a maximum resolution of up to 6000 pixels by 6000 pixels.

Top 7: Photo Fun Maker

Photo Fun Maker provides many interesting photo editing templates and filters. Compares with other 3D photo editor apps, you can get many themes to create 3D photo effects within the online tool.

  1. Create 3D photos for children, weddings, Christmas, wood, cards ad, etc.
  2. Turn any 2D photo into 3D onewith the selected theme and effect.
  3. Choose the different patterns for the 3D photos with customizable edits.
  4. Apply special color, glow, clipart, and other elements for the output.

Top 8: Convertimage

Convertimage is the 3D photo editor that creates a stereoscopic image online or a 3D anaglyph stereogram. The red and blue color gives you the illusion of depth as 3D photos (also called increased 2D).

  1. Create a stereoscopic image online for any image within 3 steps.
  2. Support the original image files with PSD, GIF, CUR, and more others.
  3. Convert 2D images as large as 2441MB from different channels.
  4. Further edit the 3D photos with other online tools within the program.

Recommended Photo Viewer for computer

Even if you use some 3D vision photo viewer device, you also need some photo viewer for your computer instead. WidsMob Viewer Pro should be the program you need to try. It is a versatile program to view, edit, and manage photos within Mac with ease.

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  • Add one image or folder to WidsMob Viewer Pro to preview all photos and videos smoothly with your mouse or arrows.
  • Support RAW files from SD card or external drive and JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and other image formats.
  • View photos in thumbnail mode, library mode, slideshow mode, favorite mode, or EXIF mode.
  • Apply multiple editing features to crop, flip, rotate, delete and do other customizations.
Full Screen Mode Viewer


How to get a 3D photo with ease? The article shares the methods to create 3D photos with 3D photo editor apps as well as online tools. Just check out the special features of the above programs and choose the desired one according to your requirements.

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