Color Photo Editor

[For Beginners] Best Color Photo Editor Online/Windows/Mac

Is there any way to apply color splash effect easily? According to different photo-editing requirements, this article offers some representative solutions. As a result, you can recolor any photo on computer effortlessly. What’s more, you can change the background to transparent without tech background too. Well, let’s read together to figure out the detailed overview and tutorial about each color photo editor.

Color Photo Editor

Part 1: Fotor Color Splash Photo Editor – Apply Rich Color Splash Effect for Photos Online

By using Fotor online color splash editor, you can highlight any part of an image freely. Therefore, you can adjust color to gray scale to get black and white photos with ease. Moreover, Fotor offers stickers and collage filters too. So Fotor is a color photo editor online that you can change color and edit photos online free.

Step 1: Search and open the Fotor color splash page on your web browser.

Step 2: Choose “Get Started” to access its color splash effects.

Step 3: Import one picture and highlight the certain area with your mouse.

Step 4: Find “Color Splash” from the “Effect” panel on the left.

Step 5: Select any color splash preset to recolor image online.

Step 6: Choose “Save” on the top menu bar to change colour of image online successfully.

Recolor Photo Online Fotor

Part 2: Clipping Magic – Remove Image Background Online Instantly

Clipping Magic can make your picture background transparent with basic editing tools. Therefore, if you want to sell products on Amazon or other online shops, you can run the background remover to solve the problem quickly. In addition, the picture color background editor allows users to adjust the colors, add drop shadows and apply other photo effects online for free.

Step 1: Launch Clipping Magic online background color photo editor.

Step 2: Click “Upload Image” to add a picture.

Step 3: Use the Green “+” icon to set the foreground.

Step 4: Choose the red “-” icon to mark the background.

Step 5: Zoom in the picture and use the “Scalpel” icon to specify the details.

Step 6: Choose “Download” to export the photo with transparent background.

Remove Image Background

Part 3: Adobe Photoshop – Recolor an Object with Color Effects

If you want to apply specific photo effects, then Adobe Photoshop can be your top choice. You can change color of image Photoshop professionally. Different from common color photo editors, there is no such pre-designed preset or template. So you can get more space to personalize your photo color.

Step 1: Add a photo to Photoshop

Run Adobe Photoshop on your Windows or Mac computer. Drag and drop a photo to its main interface. Choose “Adjustments” from the “Image” list. Then select “Replace Color” to prepare to colorize an image.

Step 2: Choose one preview option

Choose “Selection” to display the mask in the preview window. On the contrary, you can choose “Image” to put the image in the preview box instead. Later, use the “Eyedropper” tool to select the color you need in the preview box.

Step 3: Pick one color to replace

Open the “Color Picker” to choose the color you want to replace. Sooner, you can preview the changed color in the preview window. Move the “Fuzziness” slider to adjust the degree of the related color carefully. Furthermore, you can specify the replacement color including hue, saturation, lightness and other settings freely.

Replace Color with Adobe Photoshop

Part 4: WidsMob Retoucher – Retouch Photos with Color Opacity Easily

Just as its name shows, you can use WidsMob Retoucher to retouch and beautify photos. If you want to get rid of hassle filters, then WidsMob Retoucher is definitely the best color photo editor software you are looking for. You can adjust color opacity, apply color rendition profile, change color mode and do other changes with simple selections and sliders. What’s more, you can monitor every small change with a real-time preview window instantly.

Key Features of the Lightweight Color Photo Editor

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Easy Steps to Change Color and Apply Various Color Profiles

Step 1: Run color photo editor

Free download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your Mac computer. Launch the color photo editor. Click “Import” to add photos to WidsMob Retoucher. Well, you can drag and drop photos to its main interface too.


Step 2: Enter the photo coloring page

Choose “Next” on the lower right corner to move on. There are 5 different photo-editing sections in the right panel. If you want to access the color channel editor, you can choose the second icon from right to left at the bottom.

Enter Photo Coloring Page

Step 3: Colorize your photo

Find “Color Filter” on the top of the color effect photo editor software. Later, you can click the white rectangular icon besides. A new window pops up with 5 photo color editing sections. Just choose the one you like to colorize your photo. What’s more, you can adjust the color opacity by percentage freely.

Colorize Your Photo

Step 4: Apply color rendition and color mode (optional)

Choose the “Film Pack” icon. You can see 3 sections named “Color Rendition Profile”, “Color Modes” and “Film Grain”. Get a real-time preview window while editing. Well, you can zoom in the picture to view the detail information with the B/A slider at the bottom.

Apply Photo Editing Effects

Step 5: Export your colorized photo

After all customizations, choose “Save” on the lower right corner. Set “JPEG” or “TIFF” as the output photo format. Furthermore, you can move the quality slider below to adjust the output photo quality from the least to the best. Finally, choose “Save” to finish the process.

Insta Emoji Photo Editor

Well, if you import a selfie or portrait photo, you can also use the built-in portrait retouching filters. All in all, WidsMob Retoucher is a smart choice for beginners. You can apply color effects with the color photo editor quickly and easily.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version