VSCO Cam Review – Create, Discover and Connect Photographs with Stunning Effects

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VSCO Cam is more than a powerful photo editor with stunning analog film effects but also enables you to take shots with a smartphone with advanced features. When you need to learn more about the all-in-one camera, such as shooting, editing, and sharing. When you need to know more about VSCO Cam, especially the wide selection of elegant film filters, you can learn more detailed information from the article.


Part 1: Key Features of VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is available on iPhone and Android and provides users with three aspects to deal with images. They are a VSCO camera, VSCO filters, and sharing. Whether you use the VSCO Cam app to take photos or upload images from the Camera Roll, the VSCO app can figure out in the same way.

1. There are multiple free VSCO presets on this iOS editor. Just purchase more VSCO Cam presets and themes to explore the camera profiles and analog film effects.

2. Edit and create photos to share the stunning photos on the VSCO Grid. It enables you to view stunning photos and communicate with other photographers in the VSCO community.

3. Work on multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Moreover, you can also use VSCO Cam on Windows, Mac, and online with stunning effects.

4. VSCO Cam updates refreshed icons and a gesture-based interface both for iOS and Android users. Just search keywords about tags to get images on the VSCO Cam edits.

5. Offer free beautiful filters for you to edit images in every detail and adjust the videos with advanced editing. You can move sliders or choose a selection of VSCO filters to modify.


As a result, VSCO presets and filters enable people to edit photographs from self-portraits to natural scenes. The well-known VSCO film can analog most film effects with one click. And if you purchase $19.99 per year, you can enjoy the new VSCO Cam tips every month.

Part 2: How to Use Presets and Filters with VSCO Cam

If you choose to use the VSCO camera to take pictures, you can set focus and exposure during shooting with the VSCO app. you can also set white balance or use flash to modify images. Or you can upload photos to Library to select. After shooting, it is time to use VSCO camera filters. You can get numerous VSCO Camera adjustment tools to edit online.

1. Apply VSCO Camera presets. You can adjust the film preset with the slider to increase or reduce the intensity of analog film presets.

2. Use VSCO Adjustment tools to edit VSCO photos to rotate, crop, resize, sharp, etc. All VSCO tools are on the bottom.

3. Exposure and Contrast are the two aspects for you to adjust. You are able to use VSCO sliders to adjust brightness and contrast.

4. Straightened icon allows you to regulate horizontal lines with the adjustable slider with the VSCO Cam app accordingly.

5. Provide flash controls, grid overlay, low light compensation, instant capture, white balance, screen contrast control, and more.

VSCO Cam Black and White

Additionally, Saturation, Highlights Save, and Shadow Save are easy to use on VSCO. Image Temperature, Tint, Vignette, Grain, Fade, Shadows Tint, and Highlight Tint can control with sliders and fixed options on VSCO.

Part 3: VSCO Cam Review

Though many online photo editors or downloaded apps are here, VSCO can still work better. You can use a part of VSCO Cam filters and presets for free. As for furthermore editing tools and sources, you can use them forever after purchasing. In addition, you can edit VSCO Cam RAW with ease as well.


VSCO has formed a platform for photographers and amateurs to share and communicate.

You can adjust photo settings with sliders to modify the degree more specifically.

It is easy to use analog film presets on the VSCO Cam app than other professional editors.


There are limited free photo edit tools and presets. The price of a single VSCO preset is higher than others.

Difficult to handle a large number of photos, especially for tweaking some large photos automatically.

VSCO Cam Filter

Part 4: Best Alternative for VSCO Cam Software

What should be the best alternative to apply VSCO Cam filters? WidsMob Retoucher renders emotional impact to digital photos and discovers the magic of analog film. It has dozens of color rendition profiles similar to VSCO Cam filters. Besides the analog films, there are multiple beautiful filters. There are advanced AI algorithms to make stunning photos, including AI Style Transfer, AI Cartoonization, AI Face Mosaic, AI Portrait, HSL Adjustment, and more features.

1. 4 different color rendition profiles, 28 camera profile types, 15 options for color modes, and 25 film-gain profiles.

2. Dozens of HSL adjustments with contrast, saturation, tint, temperature, sharpness, noise reduction filters, etc.

3. Reproduce classic films, such as Kodak Ektachrome, Fuji Velvia 50, Fuji Superia, Ilford HPS 800, and more.

4. Touch up the VSCO Cam filters with multiple HSL adjustments, like photo enhancements, RGB tones, and noise reduction.

5. Provide multiple AI algorithms to make cartoons, paintings, and stunning photos automatically with a single click.

Win Download Mac Download

How to Apply Film Simulation Effects as VSCO Cam Filters

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob AI Retoucher on your computer, you can click the Import button or drag and drop the desired photos into the program for further editing. You can import multiple images into the program for rendering analog films.

Import Photos Retoucher

Step 2: Double-click the desired image and choose the Filter menu to select similar filters as VSCO Cam. Besides the analog films, there are multiple presets to apply lights, HDR filters, old photo effects, psychedelic, frosted glass, and more.

Apply VSCO Filters Retoucher

1. Fuji Superia 200

Cold Dawn Fuji Superia 200

2. Ilford HP5 Plus 400

Cold Dawn Ilford HP5 Plus 400

3. Kodak Elite 100

Cold Dawn Kodak Elite 100

4. Original Toning Gold

Cold Dawn Original Toning Gold

Step 3: When you need to further edit the analog films, click the Adjust menu and choose the multiple HSL enhancements, Color adjustments, and noise reduction filters. Just move the sliders to apply the desired effect to make a special photo easily.

Color Enhancement Retoucher

Step 4: It also provides more advanced Al algorithms to make special filters, such as AI Cartoonization to turn an image into a cartoon. There are more AI Style Transfer filters to make paintings from the photos automatically with one click.

Photo to Cartoon WidsMob Retoucher Win Download Mac Download
Win Download Mac Download


When you need to use VSCO Cam on an Android phone, iPhone, or computer, you can learn more about VSCO Cam and its best alternative from the article. If you need to find some similar VSCO Cam filters or even adjust the parameters, WidsMob AI Retoucher is a versatile photo editor with advanced AI algorithms.