DxO OpticsPro Review and 5 Best Alternatives for Analog Film

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Where can you download DxO OpticsPro you have purchased previously? If you search for the program from the website or go to the official website, you should find the image processing and editing program DxO OpticsPro 11 has upgraded to DxO PhotoLab. Should you update DxO OpticsPro to the new program? What are the best alternatives for applying analog film filters? Just learn more details from the article.

DxO OpticsPro Review

Part 1: Review of DxO OpticsPro

The Brief Review of DxO OpticsPro

DxO OpticsPro is a unique program for photo editing and image processing. It is not designed for image manipulations but takes images straight from your camera and corrects the whole host of aberrations, flaws, and defects. There are two versions of DxO OpticsPro. If you are using consumer-type cameras, you can use the Essential version. And you can choose the Elite version for professional model cameras. Here are the differences between the two versions.

1. High-quality PRIME noise reduction.

2. ClearView contrast enhancement.

3. An anti-moiré tool.

4. Support for color-managed workflows.

5. More control of presets.

Black and White Films DxO OpticsPro

In the Organize mode, you can locate the photos from the Source Browser Panel on the left of the Window. You can apply the Dxo FilmPack and make manual adjustments in the Customize mode. And you can also find that there are six panels: Histogram, Essential Tools, Light, Color, Detail, and Geometry. It empowers you to access the additional tools of DxO OpticsPro, such as auto redeye correction and Auto Micro contrast. Just download the trial version of DxO OpticsPro and see what it can do.

DxO Optics Pro 10

DxO Optics Pro V.S. DxO PhotoLab

Should you upgrade DxO Optics Pro to DxO PhotoLab? Just learn more about the differences between the two programs beforehand. The local edits should be the new and welcome feature. What else’s? Here you can have a detailed comparison.

Keyword management

The major difference between DxO Optics Pro and DxO PhotoLab is keyword management, in which you can sort the desired photos with effective tags, keywords as well as project hierarchies. Moreover, you can add GPS location, ratings, image content, and others for management.

Raw Management PhotoLab

Noise Reduction Preview

Different from the noise reduction feature of DxO Optics Pro, DxO PhotoLab has the unique DeepPRIME denoising feature with an instant preview. It enables you to adjust the chrominance and luminance noises with sliders. Of course, you can have an instant preview with a comparison.

Denoise PhotoLab

Advanced Portrait Editing

DxO PhotoLab also adds advanced portrait editing features to DxO Optics Pro. Besides the Red Eye removal features, there are repair features to touch up the portrait images with variable brush size, feathering, flow, and opacity to polish the portraits effortlessly.

Portrait Makeup PhotoLab

Easy Color Fine-Tuning

Provide lens correction profiles and camera renderings based on metadata, DxO PhotoLab has the most advanced processing method compared to DxO Optics Pro. Moreover, you can find the auto chromatic aberration correction, vignette correction, anti-moiré tool, and more.

Color Fine Tone PhotoLab

Part 2: 5 Best DxO OpticsPro Alternatives with Analog Film Filters

WidsMob AI Retoucher

Whether you need to remove image noises, apply the analog film, or even touch up portraits, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the best DxO OpticsPro alternative with advanced AI algorithms. It has a whole series of analog film effects as well as grain filters as DxO FilmPack. When you need to adjust the photo filters, you can find more HSL parameters and even AI filters. But it lacks the corrections for the distorted lens as DxO ViewPoint.

Compared to DxO OpticsPro, it has more advanced AI algorithms for Portrait retoucher, noise reduction, haze removal, lowlight recovery, AI style transfer, AI cartoonization, AI face mosaic, and others. Besides the RAW file formats, it also supports the latest APNG, AVIF, WebP, and animated files. You can always get the optimal effects with the program.

HDR Effect WidsMob Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

Powerful Noise Reduction

Besides removing chrominance and luminance noises, you can always apply the sharpness and use the AI retouching features. It includes AI noise reduction, AI lowlight recovery, and AI haze removal. Just use both methods to get the optimal effects easily.

Noise Reduction Auto AI Retoucher

Advanced Portrait Editing

Different from DxO OpticsPro, you can use the AI portrait algorithm to detect the portraits and have some adjustments for the skin and facial points, such as skin soften, skin whitening, shine removal, eye circles removal, blemish removal, and others for face cleaning.

AI Portrait Touchup Retoucher

Concrete HSL Adjustments

Whether you need to further edit the filters for the film pack or simply adjust the HSL parameters, you can have dozens of HSL parameters to touch up photos, including exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, tint, temperature, vibrance, RGB, opacity, vignette, etc.

HSL Adjustment Retoucher

AI Cartoons and Paintings

Besides the above features, you can also use AI cartoonization and AI Style Transfer, which enables you to turn the photos into cartoons or paintings automatically within one click. It includes dozens of style transfer rendering methods, you just need to explore the different AI features and get the optimal effects.

HSL Adjustment Retoucher Apply AI Style Transfer Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is another standout choice in image editing software. The DxO OpticsPro alternative handles colors exceptionally. And you can turn every RAW file shines directly from the camera. What is more, you can apply favorite visual styles and asset management tools to your images. Of course, you can also access the simulated film grain and noise reduction features of the excellent program of Phase One. The program has many tools to take control of all aspects of the editing process to achieve perfect results.

1. The intuitive color balance tools make color grading precise. And the color editor and skin tone editing of Capture One Pro delivers powerful tools to achieve your vision.

2. Multiple customizable tools and keyboard shortcuts for graphic acceleration and instant tethered capture. The program can customize and build workspaces that support your workflow.

3. Asset management is the most important of Capture One Pro, which helps all photographers’ management of images from individual day-to-day jobs or collections with thousands of photos.

4. As a DxO OpticsPro alternative, it also provides a tool to optimize details and lens profiles, such as sharpening, clarity & structure, film grain, and noise reduction.

Capture One Pro


LightRoom is an All-in-One photo editor. Like DxO OpticsPro, it can include the DxO film pack plugin and other alternative programs. When you purchase Lightroom CC 2015, you can enjoy Lightroom mobile version and cloud service. And Lightroom 6 is a standalone version for your Mac or PC only. Just as you know, Lightroom is an excellent program for photo editing as DxO OpticsPro. You can find dozens of features, and here are some helpful features listed.

1. Custom presets of your style to save time and develop a style. If you have some favorite colors or effects, you can apply the effect to other photos within one click.

2. Apply Quick Develop panel for batch process images. When you have a group of photos overexposed, you can select them all and correct them simultaneously.

3. Multiple creative adjustment tools, such as the graduated filters, adjustment brush, post-crop vignette, and more. And you can create similar effects as DxO OpticsPro presets.

4. If you have already spent some time customizing one image, you can transfer the adjustment to the other image with a single click. This one feature alone allows you to cruise through groups of photos effortlessly.

Lightroom Win Download Mac Download


RawTherapee is a powerful cross-platform program for editing digital photos in RAW formats. As an open-source alternative of DxO OpticsPro, RawTherapee comprises a subset of image editing operations specifically aimed at RAW photo post-production. To achieve the similar effects of DxO OpticsPro, you can apply the graduated filters. RawTherapee involves the concept of non-destructive editing to that of some other raw conversion software. Just learn more detail about the features of RawTheapee as below.

1. RawTheapee provides high image quality. When you apply the most details and artifacts for RAW photos with advanced demosaicing algorithms, you can also access multiple denoising methods.

2. Quick thumbnails, batch process, editing features to ensure the program has a high performance. RawTherapee can utilize modern processor features, like SSE.

3. Like the other similarities of DxO OpticsPro, you can use a wide range of supported cameras. And have control over the algorithms with many fine-tuning parameters and curves.

4. More importantly, RawTheapee is under the GNU General Public License Version 3. It means that you can use the program without any charge.



Photoscape is another DxO OpticsPro alternative free of charge. The program provides everything you want to edit photos. The program has many features to adjust the color levels, resize, add frames, light correction, and more. And you can also apply all the editing tools in Photoscape to a group of photos instead of one image only. And you can learn more detail about the excellent features of Photoscape below.

1. As a featured color picker, the color correction is similar to DxO OpticsPro. You can extra RGB color codes by using the zoom feature and other tools that support a standard color code insertion.

2. The features for Animating GIF. You choose the frames to make up the animated sequence and assign a different time interval to all photo frames.

3. Similar to the other DxO OpticsPro alternatives, it is also a RAW image editor, which allows you to compress RAW images and the other photo files.

4. It also helps you create a collage or split the photos. You can adjust the images according to your requirements with ease.

Photoscape Screenshot


Once you want to find DxO OpticsPro or alternatives to apply analog film effects, you can still download DxO PhotoLab or the other alternative programs from the article. When you need to apply some stunning AI algorithms, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the all-in-one choice you should not miss.

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