DxO Filmpack And Alternatives – Apply Best Film Simulation Effects

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What is the best film simulation software other than the DxO Filmpack? If you shoot some landscapes, portraits, or architecture photos, you need to reproduce the color and tone of the camcorder. DxO Filmpack is one of the best film simulators to replicate the feel of traditional films. Is there any DxO Filmpack alternative to produce other film effects? Just learn more detail about DxO Filmpack and other similarities from the article.

DxO Filmpack And Alternatives

Part 1: Review of DxO Filmpack

$79.00 (Edition Essential) | $129.00 (Edition Elite) | Mac & PC

DxO Filmpack 5 provides 44 filmpack camera profiles for the Essential version and 82 profiles of the Elite one. DxO Filmpack includes Black and white films, positive films and negative films. Except for the presets of Filmpack, you can also adjust the designer presets, toning, filters, and creative effects. For the DxO Filmpack, the Plugin version is also available. You can use the program with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, and DxO OpticsPro.

To apply film simulation effects on RAW formats, you have to purchase DxO Filmpack Elite version. It is a pity that the Essential version does not work with the RAW files.

DxO Filmpack

Part 2: WidsMob Retoucher

$12.99 | Mac & PC

As the most competitive DxO Filmpack alternative, WidsMob Retoucher supports JPEG, TIFF, and popular RAW files. There are 28 camera profiles with 4 film profiles, 25 film-grain, 8 toning methods, and different types of contrast and saturation. When you install the program, you can enjoy unique styles to your photos with the advanced calibration technology.

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1. Except for the traditional Color Positive Film, Color Negative Film, Black and White Film, you can also access the Cross Processed Film.

2. The excellent black and white film photography are much more gorgeous than the effects of DxO Filmpack. When you custom grain, dust, and scratches enhance the traditional photograph feeling.

3. Bring out thousands of stunning film effects from the film simulation software with different settings for toning, noise, and film effects.

4. What is more, you can also share stunning photos on social media, send them to your friends or use Airdrop to sync to your smartphone directly.

Black Filmpack

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Part 3: VSCO Film

VSCO Essentials $59.00 | 2.Modern Films $59.00 | 3.Alternative Process Films $59.00 | 4.Archetype Films $59.00 | 5.Eclectic Films $59.00 | 6.Classic Films $59.00 | 7.Slide Films $59.00 | 8.Instant Film $59.00 | Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw

VSCO Film is another frequently used film simulation program. The film simulation program supports JPEG and RAW formats. Instead of dividing into different film profiles of DxO Filmpack, it provides 8 film emulation themes with about 20 camera profiles each. If you are looking for custom camera profiles for Canon, Fuji, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony, VSCO Film should be the DxO Filmpack alternative.

It should be hard to decide the correct theme. And to use all the camera profiles for film simulation, you have to purchase all with $472.00. The whole film pack will cost you much more than DxO Filmpack or another program.


Part 4: Nik Collection

Free Analog Efex Pro | Free Silver Efex Pro | Free Color Efex Pro | Free Viveza | Free Sharpener Pro

Analog Efex Pro can explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses. You can choose from all 14 available tools to develop your image. When you want Black and white film effects as DxO Filmpack, Sliver Efex Pro helps you master the art of black and white photography with darkroom-inspired controls. There are over 20 popular film types of Sliver Efex Pro to control the process. Of course, you can also use 55 filters of Color Efex Pro for color correction, retouching, and creative effects.

To achieve similar effects as DxO Filmpack, instead of applying different photo effects directly from the film simulation software, you have to combine photo effects of the 5 programs of Nik Collection.

Analog Efex Pro

Part 5: Alien Skin Exposure

$149.00 Exposure X2 | $199.00 Exposure X2 Bundle | Win & Mac

Just as the name of Alien Skin Exposure, digital photographers of all styles have relied on Exposure to create stunning images to access Dxo Filmpack effects in Presets. 25 photo styles and hundreds of DxO Filmpack similar camera profiles, color filters, brushes, and file settings rediscover the gorgeous photo effect. Besides the special photo editing features, you can also manage and organize photos. What is more, cloud storage enables you to sync files between computers and collaborate with others. When using the Exposure X2 Bundle, you can convert photos into watercolor or other Snap Art.

Alien Skin Exposure Win Download Mac Download

Part 6: Replichrome

$99.00 REPLICHROME I: ICON | $99.00 REPLICHROME II: SLIDE | $99.00 REPLICHROME III: ARCHIVE | Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

REPLICHROME I: ICON contains 13 different films with 152 total presets based on the most iconic, modern films made, such as Fuji 400H, Kodak Portra 400, and Kodak Tri-X. And REPLICHROME II: SLIDE has 19 different film effects as DxO Filmpack with 199 total presets inspired by modern and discontinued slide (reversal) films. The REPLICHROME III: ARCHIVE version includes 22 films with 183 total presets based on rare, expired, and eclectic films stocked from across the world. If applying the different film packs, you can enjoy accurate presets with all cameras in Lightroom and ACR.

The three Replichrome film packs can use with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. If you need the standalone version or do not have Lightroom installed, you need another DxO Filmpack alternative.


Wrapped Up

When using the same camera profile of different FilmSim programs, you can't combine the film effects. More importantly, there are adjustments for Contrast, Saturation, Tones, Filters, and Grains that you can bring out the best result. These are the reasons which are difficult to define the best DxO Filmpack alternatives.

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