How to Sharpen an Image with or without Adobe Photoshop in 3 Ways

Last Updated on November 17, 2021 by Peter Wood

Commonly, your image looks blurry or pixelated by camera shake, slow shutter speed, wide aperture, no autofocus, and more. But don’t worry about that. You can sharpen the image to make your blurry photo clear again. Adobe Photoshop is a well-known photo editor for almost all photographers. If you subscribe to Adobe Photoshop, you can make a picture clearer than before in Photoshop.

However, Photoshop is not friendly to beginners in both technical and economic aspects. Photoshop is too expensive and difficult to use. For people who look for a Photoshop alternative, there are two other ways to sharpen an image on your computer. You can get a similar sharpened photo with half effort.

Whatever, no matter which photo editor you choose, you can get three easy ways to adjust image sharpness and lens blur. Just read and sharpen your blurry picture in the following paragraphs show.

How to Sharpen an Image

Part 1: How to Sharpen Blurry Image with WidsMob Denoise

WidsMob Denoise can reduce the image sharpness, remove noise, soften face skin and optimize photos in different scenarios. Its batch noise reduction function is also powerful. You can reduce image noise and sharpen an image in batch in JPEG, TIFF, or RAW formats. It takes a few seconds to process blurry images. After that, you can get a distinctive natural look and high image quality in seconds.

1. Adjust image luminance, chrominance, and sharpness with sliders.

2. Sharpen image and reduce noise for pictures captured by smartphones, camcorders, and more.

3. Touch up and beautify portrait images with advanced algorithms.

4. Get the direct effect and before/after comparison.

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Step 1: Free download, install, and launch WidsMob Denoise on your Windows or Mac computer. Drag and drop your blurry image into the main interface. Later, you can start the image sharpening process.

Add Image Denoise

Step 2: In the right panel, you can see De-noise and Skin Soften sections. There is no portrait in this example. So the latter one is useless here. Now, move the Luminance, Chrominance, and Sharpness sliders. You can see the direct image change in the preview window instantly.

Sharpen Image Denoise

Step 3: If you want to view image details, select Zoom in from the View list on the top. Or you can drag the slider on the lower-left corner of WidsMob Capture. Furthermore, you can choose Before/After from the View drop-down list to have a check.

Before After Denoise

Step 4: To export your sharpened image, click Share or Save on the lower right corner. You can share this processed image to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and more and save it to your computer in JPEG or TIFF format. You can set the output image quality from the best to the lowest.

Save Image Denoise

Note: If you want to batch sharpen images, choose Batch Process from the File drop-down list on the top. Later, you can enter into the image batch sharpening window to complete the process.

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Part 2: How to Adjust Image Sharpen with Adobe Photoshop

As for Photoshop subscribers, you can sharpen an image with Adobe Photoshop. There are all kinds of image editing and processing tools in Photoshop. Thus, you can apply other image effects to make your photo look clear and professional. Here is the tutorial to sharpen an image in Photoshop CC you can follow.

Step 1: Run Adobe Photoshop CC. Drag the blurry image into the Photoshop workspace.

Step 2: Right-click in the Layer section. Choose Duplicate Layers to make a copy.

Step 3: Unfold the drop-down list. You can change it from Normal to Luminosity.

Step 4: In the Filter list, choose Sharpen followed by Smart Sharpen. You will be in a popping-up Smart Sharpen Photoshop window. Make sure to check the Preview option.

Smart Sharpen Photoshop

Step 5: Increase or decrease the amount slowly. If you are satisfied with the result, click OK to sharpen an image in Photoshop and apply it.

Sharpen Image Photoshop

Step 6: The image sharpen effect is applied to the duplicate layer. You can use the Marquee tool and press the Delete key to delete the filter effect on a part if necessary. Thus, you can sharpen part of an image in Photoshop successfully.

Part 3: How to Sharpen an Image Online

You can also sharpen a blurry image online with many other free image editors. There are many online image-sharpen editors, like Pinetools,, Lunapic, Onlinejpgtools, etc. This section will show you how to sharpen images online for free with Pinetools. You can replace it with other photo editors based on your choice.

Step 1: Visit Pinetools and head to its Sharpen Image page. Click Choose File to import a photo.

Step 2: Set the size of the convolution mask and strength. You can monitor changes in the main interface.

Step 3: Click Sharpen to get a sharpened image quickly.

Step 4: Select the output image format among PNG, JPG or Webp. The online image sharpen tool will download the final work instantly.

Sharpen Image Online

These are three workable ways to sharpen an image on Windows, Mac, and online. You can use the tools to unblur photos and sharpen their details. WidsMob Denoise is a quick solution to reduce noise and improve sharpness. And you can use Photoshop smart sharpen tool to make a blurry image clear.

Online image sharpens editors are available on both computers and mobile phones. You can make blurry images clear online for free. You can also use an unblur image app to sharpen images on iPhone or Android. De-blurring tools are on most image editors.

For instance, you can fix blurry pictures with Adobe Photoshop Express, VSCO, Pixlr, Fotor Photo Editor, and more. There is always a sharpen image app you can choose.

That’s all to unblur an image and make it sharpen. If you still have questions about image sharpening and un-blurring, you can feel free to contact us or leave messages below.

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